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Ten Signs You’re a New School Hip-Hop Head

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Hip Hop HeadHip-hop has been around for about forty years now and has millions of fans around the world. You can tell the difference between those that only love rap music and a hip-hop head. For one, a hip-hop head is someone who dedicates themselves to knowing anything and everything about the culture and the music while rap lovers just love the music. Newer self-proclaimed hip-hop heads and are often not taken as seriously as older HHH simply because all they know is hip-hop from 2010 and on. Here are ten signs you may be a new school HHH.


You have a yeast infection from wearing your little sister’s jeans.

Large Headphones

You have the smallest iPod but the largest headphones


You have no clue Ice Cube was a rapper.




Lil’ Wayne is the greatest rapper of all-time.



You get all of the new mixtapes via downloads.


You think only Dr. Dre makes headphones.


Worldstar Hip-hop and Dj Vlad is your only sources for news and entertainment.

The four elements of hip-hop

You don’t know the four elements of Hip-Hop.


You don’t represent a coast.


You think (insert rapper here) is totally underrated.

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