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Ten Signs You’re a Gamer

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gamerBecoming a gamer has become more prominent in mainstream media now more than ever. Even people who don’t own consoles or gaming PCs are considered gamers. Whether you play Call of Duty for eight hours straight or you play Candy Crush for 16 hours throughout the day consider yourself a gamer. Still can’t figure out if you’re a gamer or not? Here are ten signs that you’re a gamer.


•You barely see the sun

Dead battery

•Your phone isn’t used for calls or texts anymore

Gaming tv

•You spend your Saturday nights alone in your underwear with your eyes glued to the screen.

Thumb muscles

•Your thumbs are the strongest part of your body

Second life party

•Your only friends are NPCs (Non-playable Characters).

Scott pilgrim

•You suffer from Games Transfer Phenomena

Neck Spasm

•You suffer from neck cramps

Mountain Dew

•Your fridge is stocked with Mountain Dew

Candy Crush

•You deny being a gamer because you’re only addicted to Candy Crush or Words With Friends.


•You procrastinate (but that’s a separate list)

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