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Ten Reasons to Buy South Park: The Stick of Truth

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The Stick of TruthSouth Park: The Stick of Truth came out earlier this week and it’s been receiving some critical acclaim. Out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, South Park: TSoT may very well be the definitive South Park game. There have been other South Park games to come out in the past but they didn’t really capture the essence of the show. The closest may have been the tower defense game that came out a few years ago on Xbox Live Arcade. Here are ten reasons why you should buy yourself South Park: The Stick of Truth.

City Wok

•The series creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, wrote the story of the game. This makes the game as close to the series as possible

•If you live in the US or North America, the game is completely uncensored. Sorry Europe. But what this means is that for the duration of the entire Stick of Truth experience, you hear every curse, see every act of violence, and every anal probe. Yes, there are anal probes in the game.


•The developer, Obsidian isn’t a fresh-faced third party game developer with ambition and nothing more. No, they have a exceptional list of games in their repertoire including, Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – The Sith Lords

Princess Kenny

•Not only did Trey and Matt write the script but they actually created a map of South Park exclusively for the game. The town of South Park on the show was never fully constructed. However, for the game they had to create a geography for the town for gamers to walk around in.


•The style and look of the game is modeled after the show itself. After some 3D rendered games to have come out in the past, SP:TSoT, features 2D paper Mache cutouts like those seen on the show.

SPSToT Screenshot

•Though we may be in the next generation of gaming, many of us haven’t yet fully upgraded. Fantastic since the games released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

•Trey and Matt voiced all of their South Park counterparts from the show.

Matt and Trey

•Trey and Matt directly went to Obsidian to develop the game. They were hands-on with the project since day one

•Both Trey and Matt have been writing and developing the story of the game for over four years.


•The game is an RPG or Role-playing Game. Like Final Fantasy or Fallout: New Vegas, you create a character and level him up as you progress throughout the game.


•Like traditional RPG games, there are four classes to choose from to play as. Among the classes are Mage, Thief, Fighter and Jew.

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