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Ten Must Know Facts On ASAP Mob

Everyone knows who they are and can be heard almost everywhere on the radio. I’ve got “Shaaba Raaanks!” stuck in my head because of them. A$AP Mob is the latest hip-hop group to rock the world and many members don’t even rap. Without a debut studio album (yet), they’ve managed to release some hit records. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about A$AP Mob




There are currently ten members of A$AP Mob. One member A$AP Dom, has since left the group.

Not every member of A$AP Mob raps. Some members are fashion designer, music video directors, and producers.

Their debut mixtape, Lords Never Worry, was critically panned.

A$AP Yams met with A$AP Bari and A$AP Illz to form A$AP Mob in 2007.

The group gained recognition in 2011 for A$AP Rocky’s music video Peso, which was produced by A$AP Ty Beats. Later that year Rocky signed a $3 million
deal with Sony.

$1.3 million of that $3 million dollar contract was to fund A$AP Worldwide with A$AP Yams.

The majority of all members of A$AP hail from New York while only a select few, like A$AP Ant, grew up elsewhere. A$AP Ant grew up in Baltimore.

A$AP Illz

A$AP Rocky is a vegetarian.

A$AP Bari

A$AP Ant was almost in a beef with Tyler, The Creator but things has since died down since A$AP Rocky is affiliated with his crew.

Before becoming famous: A$AP Yams sold weed in school, A$AP Bari was skateboarding in his neighborhood, A$AP Ferg helped his father run a printing press, A$AP Ty Beats was playing basketball and making beats, A$AP Nast was selling pot, A$AP Twelvy was affiliated with Bloods, and A$AP Ant was the popular guy in school.

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