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Ten Must-Know Facts On Lord Infamous

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Lord_Infamous-pictureOne-sixth the member of Three 6 Mafia died last week at the young age of 40. He was known to be the ‘darker’ member of the sextuple group with his lyrics that dealt with murder, Satanism, torture, and suicide. He’s been with Three 6 Mafia since the very beginning in 1991 when they started out and released a number of solo albums throughout the years. To celebrate his career here are ten interesting, must-know facts about the late horrorcore rapper.

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• Lord Infamous is the half-brother of DJ Paul.


• Suffered a heart attack and stroke in 2010.


• Lord Infamous released his debut album, Lord of Terror, in 1994 a year before the debut of Three 6 Mafia’s album.


• Was absent from Three 6 Mafia’s most popular album, Most Known Unknown, because he was in jail.


• Self-recorded rap tapes of him and DJ Paul before they blew up. The first known tape was entitled Portrait of a Serial Killa; it was released in 1992.


• DJ Paul and Lord Infamous met with Juicy J in 1993 and formed a group called The Backyard Posse.

Smoked out loced ou

• The Backyard Posse was later known as Triple 6 Mafia. Under the new moniker, they released their first underground album, Smoked Out, Loced Out in 1994.


• Left Three 6 Mafia in 2006 after a stint in jail lead him to breach his contract with Sony. He left on good terms.


• Earlier this year he reunited with four original members to form Da Mafia 6ix. They released a mixtape in November.

Hustle and Flow

• His group won the Oscar for writing the song It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp for the film Hustle and Flow.

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