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10 Must Know Facts About DJ Rashad

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DJ-Rashad2This past weekend music, mainly the hip-hop industry, lost another legend. Just under a month ago hip-hop, and the world, lost DJ Frankie Knuckles due to complications from type-II diabetes. This time around we lost footwork pioneer DJ Rashad. DJ Rashad’s expertise was in footwork, a hyper form of dance music with chopped up loops from hip-hop, pop, and R&B. Though he’s been in the game for over twenty years, Rashad was gaining traction with mainstream audiences only recently, according to People, with the release of his fifth album, Double Cup, which released late last year. To honor the legend, here are ten facts on DJ Rashad.

rashad042714•DJ Rashad was born Rashad Harden on October 9, 1979.

rashad•His love of music began when he was just a youngster. When he three years old, he would mimic Thriller convincing his parents of his musical abilities. Due to this, they enrolled him in music lessons.

dj-rashad•Because of his training, Rashad learned to play the guitar, keyboard, and the drums.

djrashad•Oozing wit

h raw talent, when it came to playing in band where he was assigned closer for school concerts

Dj Rashad•Auditioned to become a DJ at WKKC in Chicago were he was ultimately chosen.

rashad-spinn•Met good friend DJ Spinn in Thornwood High School in 1996. The two would go on to make music both together and separate.

dj-rashad-2•Rejuvenated and reinvented the Chicago house music scene with juke and footwork subgenres, along with friend DJ Spinn and DJ Clent.

spinn and rashad•Released his first official LP in 2006. The album was named Juke Trax Online Vol. 3

dj-rashad•Released only five albums in total and died shortly before the release of a new EP. He also has one other album coming posthumously.

DJ_Spinn_Portrait_Full_Res•Was a co-founder of group Ghettoteknitianz with DJ Spinn, DJ Manny, and DJ Gant-Man.

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