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10 Interesting Facts About J. Cole

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J. Cole may be the smartest rapper in the game right now; I mean literally.  He’s a communications major and has two studio albums under his belt (you can read the review for Born Sinner here) with countless mixtapes.  He’s signed to Jay-Z’s record label and admires 2Pac and Nas as his idols but here are ten facts you may not have known about J. Cole.

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1.  He was born to a white mother and black father in Germany.  His father was a member of the US Army.

2. He commonly refers to his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina as Fayettenam.


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3.  In his recent Reddit IAMA, he said he listens to Eric Clapton.


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4. Attended St. Johns University on an academic scholarship and graduated magna cum laude.


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5. Claims that one of his favorite songs on his album Born Sinner is Runaway.


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6. Over on his Reddit IAMA, he said he songs recorded with Kendrick Lamar but he hasn’t had the chance to work on a project.  I do hope that happens real soon.


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7. Once again on his Reddit IAMA, he says his mother wanted him to take a safe career path.  He says, “Just the fact that I went to college was already making her so proud.” He continues,  “She knew I was heavy into music, but I don’t think she knew how serious I took it until college graduation was coming up and she would hit me with the ‘soooo honey, what are you gonna do now?’ questions. And when I hit her with the super confident “I’m about to go and get signed” answers. She never told me NOT to, but she definitely tried to encourage me to take the safer path”

8. Moved the release date up for Born Sinner from June 25th to June 18th to compete with Kanye’s Yeezus.

9. Recorded the track Let Nas Down after Nas expressed disdain over his hit Work Out.

10. On his Reddit IAMA, he says the toughest thing about being a rapper is who is mainstream without losing himself.


Want to read more about J. Cole, check out his Reddit IAMA here.

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