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The Ten Best Sites for Moms (and Dads Too!)

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When it comes to being a parent, perfection is not attainable. Sometimes you cave at the end of a long week and let the kids eat popcorn and candy while watching a movie. Sometimes you give in to their temper tantrums and just give them what they want instead of standing your ground. The Internet and social media is a great way to stay connected to other moms (or dads!) and know that you are not alone in this thing called parenthood. The following are my personal picks for the ten best sites for moms—be it informational or just downright funny—to go to for advice and a good laugh to distract them from their exhausting blessing of having children.


1. Mommy Shorts

Created by a mom of two young girls, Mommy Shorts is a blog that chronicles stories of this mom’s girls, short videos featuring celebrities doing random things (such as Idina Menzel having to match baby socks while answering questions), and loads of contests. This mom is the creator of the ever popular “baby mugging”—yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, where everybody puts their baby in a mug…kind of.




2. The Honest Toddler

Ever wonder what your toddler is actually thinking? The Honest Toddler is written from the perspective of a toddler. They also have a Twitter and Facebook page that you can follow. And trust me, you want to.


3. The Ramblings

Tori Nelson is a mother with a penchant for sarcasm and humor. Her blog covers just about everything, but a little distraction never hurt anyone. Just ignore your child’s screams and read on.


4. NickMom

Nickelodeon is now catering to moms; their website contains funny videos, articles, photos, and games. They’re “motherfunny” and is naptime appropriate…with the headphones in.


5. TheBabyGuyNYC

This guy (Jamie Grayson) is an expert in all things baby gear. He gives you reviews on products, but coats everything with humor to make it less boring.

6. Reasons My Son is Crying

This is a website containing photos of children with a caption reading as to why they are crying. One of my favorites is that the child is crying because his parents tore the cheese in half. Kids take their cheese very seriously. Don’t take this site too seriously. Visit it when you need a laugh, especially if your child is losing it because you cut the cheese. See what I did there?


7. Mamapedia

Mamapedia is an informational site where moms can go for advice and chat in forums. The site also contains a timeline that is categorized into stages of your child’s life. Click on the stage of life that your child is in and it will take you to popular topics discussed on the site.


8. Suburban Turmoil

Another mommy blog; Lindsay Ferrier does tend to stray off the topic of children, which admit it, you will gladly welcome with open arms.


9. Engledow Art Photography

Photographer Dave Engledow has chronicled his days with his daughter with hilarious photos depicting him as the “World’s Best Father,” such as holding his daughter sideways as he squirts her bottle into his coffee. His antics will brighten your day and make you want to replicate his photographs. But you probably shouldn’t.




10. Pinterest

Shocked to see this on my list? Pinterest, though a black hole of crafts that you’ll stockpile but never actually complete, is a great site for moms (and dads) to find great family activities to do. Plus, it is a great distraction and time-waster while the kids are napping. (But seriously, why aren’t you napping? Stop pinning!)

Riley McDaniel is an aspiring writer with a love for children, writing, music, and movies. She has her BFA degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University and hopes to use her work to instill a love of reading and writing in others. Though she has a passion for writing, her passion for chocolate is almost just as strong.