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Music from 2004 That Needs To Be Revisited

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20042004 was a great year in general for all forms of media including movies, tv shows and even video games. The amount of outstanding albums released that year was absolutely staggering: Eminem, Usher, Cee Lo Green, N.E.R.D., and Kidz Bop Kids, if you’re into that sort of thing. Many of the music today, throughout all genres, were, in part, influenced by the music of 2004. The meld between genres became prominent in this year of music. While I could be able to pick out a ton of album from the year that needs a revisit, here are ten albums from ten years ago that are worth a revisit.


Llboys10. Los Lonely Boys by Los Lonely Boys

There’s nothing that brings a smile to my face then when Heaven comes on the radio or on the intercom on many department stores. There hasn’t been much of Los Lonely Boys today but travel back ten years to give this a listen.



Cee-Lo.IsTheSoulMachineCover9. Cee Lo Green…Is the Soul Machine by Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo wasn’t as popular ten years ago as he is today but he still managed to sell some records. Coming off of Goodie Mob, and two years after his solo debut, Soul Machine contained two hit singles including The One.



DC_Destiny_Fulfilled_low8. Destiny Fulfilled by Destiny’s Child

After the supposed breakup of Destiny’s Child, Destiny Fulfilled was released. The album was a huge success with huge singles like Lose My Breath and Soldier. It was also the final album of the trio but we can all wish for another, right?



Elephunk7. Elephunk by The Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas were known in the hip-hop community but not really known in the mainstream culture until the introduction of Fergie. With hit songs like Hey Mama and Shut Up, Elephunk remains the best album of BEP history for a long while.


Mario-winans-hurt6. Hurt No More by Mario Winans

Mario Winans was the other brother of the Winans Christian group. Mario, however, released an R&B album under Bad Boy Records. This wasn’t a great album but one you should listen to.



LAMB5. Love. Angel. Music. Baby. by Gwen Stefani

The solo album of Gwen Stefani after coming off of No Doubt was a huge hit. Hollaback Girl still rings in the heads of twenty-somethings running on the treadmill at the gym.



In_the_Zone4. In the Zone by Britney Spears

2004 was the year that Spears began her controversial transformation. Toxic is still one of her biggest hits of her career but In The Zone may just be her best album. The album may have been overshadowed by her minute-marriage and her breakdown for all to see.


D12_World3. D12 World by D12

Two years before the death of Proof, D12 World reintroduced the world to who D12 are. My Band was a comedy song but the album had deeper tones that dealt with death and passing away.



Encore_(Eminem_album)_coverart2. Encore by Eminem

Encore is Eminem’s worst album but going back and listening to it you realize that some parts are really misunderstood. Listen again to Yellow Brick Road or We As Americans.



Kanyewest_collegedropout1. The College Dropout by Kanye West

The College Dropout is the best album West has done by far. The entire album is worth a listen in one sitting. He was, still is, a smart lyricist, musician and was having fun doing it.