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Team Usher Heats Up On The Voice Monday Night

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Adam Levine Calls Usher Crazy

After two nights of battle Usher still had all his steals leaving him with the perfect opportunity to steal Team Blake’s Country Duo Alaska & Madi. Though he thought about pushing his button he let the girls walk away leaving Adam Levine as he says “pissed off” because Adam was upset he didn’t have any more steals. Before leaving the stage to speak with Alaska & Madi Adam looked at Usher and said, “you are crazy” and stated they could have won the whole thing.

The duo lost to teammate Audra.  Blake said it was an “easy pairing because they all are good singers.” With no help from the other judges Blake had to make a tough decision sending the Oklahoma natives home.

NBC Photo

NBC Photo

Usher Finally Steals

Usher has been waiting for something amazing. He finally pushed his steal button after Team Shakira’s battle round picking up Music Box.  Music Box is a mother who has overcome stage fright by using an alias.

Before the steal Shakira asks Usher, “who would you pick?”

“You will see in a second,” he responds. Usher knew he was going steal before Shakira chose the winner.

Music Box and teammate, Deja Hall sang “Eternal Flame.” Usher said Music Box’s “anxious voice was incredible” and has the potential to go far in the competition with good coaching.

Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake Steal Ex-NFL Cheerleader From Team Usher

Blake Shelton fell in love with Tess Boyer, ex-NFL Cheerleader, after singing Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” in her battle against Bria Kelly. Blake felt Tess did a better job than Bria and stole the show. The judges knew what Bria could do already and Blake was surprised with Tess’ performance.

Team Adam Electrifies Crowd With Pharrell’s Happy

The battle between Team Adam’s Austin Ellis and Josh Kaufman was full of energy. All the judges thought it was a great performance.

Usher called Ellis a “caged beast,” but gave the battle to Josh.

Shakira said the battle was one of the most oscillating battles while she moved back and forth amused by both artists.

Adam Levine picked Josh as the winner.

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