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Tap Rhythm in a Futuristic setting in Rayark’s Cytus for Android

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Tap Rhythm

Every time I browse Google Play looking for new Musical Android games, I’m amazed that there’s always a new game or an old one I hadn’t noticed before. This week it was a gem of a game called Cytus by Rayark, and it’s unlike any other Rhythm game you’ve ever played…

As mentioned Cytus is a bit different from other games out there, and it’s actually got a bit of a storyline which explains the Robot Chick (kind of) in the title screen. Apparently the game is set in the future in a world ruled by robots where human emotions have taken a back seat to technology. The robots started converting their emotions to music to keep them from fading away and they stored them in a place known as Cytus. Even though it has some obvious Sci-Fi elements Cytus is a tap-rhythm game at its core, and it’s one that’s guaranteed to make your fingers ache as the gameplay is fast and furious.

When you first fire up a song you’ll have a bar that scrolls from top to bottom then back again, and your job is to tap the notes when the bar comes across them. Some notes simply need to be tapped while others require you to tap & drag or tap & hold. As with other games you’ll get combos for nailing several notes in a row and you’ll get a score/grade at the end of each song. As for the songs, I’ve never heard of any of them, but they suit the game to a tee and work well with the layout and feel of the game itself. The game and music have a very obvious Far East/Anime style going on, and it can be a bit hard to really understand what’s going on with the chapters and levels at times, but the actual gameplay is about as solid as you’ll find on a mobile device. Cytus also lets you do a little stat tracking, uses Openfeint, and has two different modes of difficult with easy and hard.

Cytus is definitely unique, and it’s one of the toughest (and funnest) tap-rhythm game’s I’ve ever played on a mobile and I’ve played damn near everyone out there for Android. I also thought it was cool to have the songs broken down into chapters, and instead of going the old in-app purchasing route for new cuts you’ll get a new chapter (10 songs) for every 100,000 players that download the game. I played it on my tablet and honestly couldn’t imagine playing it on a small screen device although I’m sure thousands of people do. Either way, it’s a great little game and if you’re looking for a Rhythm game that’s different and challenging Cytus is just the game for you. If you’re got your fingers stretched out and are ready to give it a go you can pick up Rayark’s Cytus for free on Google Play.


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