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Tamar and Vince Season Finale December 6, 2012

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Tonight was the season finale of one of the most talked about reality tv shows of the year. Tamar and Vice’s hit show on WE has been the topic of conversation in every beauty shop and social media site for the last month, and I promised myself I wouldn’t miss out on the last episode.

Even though this was my first time watching the show, I tried to make a serious attempt at making sense of all the hype. The show started off with Tamar working with her choreographer as she was prepping for her long awaited debut. After watching a gang of shirtless male dancers grinding like Ciara, I was utterly disturbed. Tamar’s hubbie Vince expressed his displeasure as well…

One of the wackiest moments of tonight’s Season Finale was watching Vince and Tamar renew their vows in Las Vegas with an Elvis Presley impersonator. Hearing Elvis sing the classic hymn “Amazing Grace” was nothing short of epic.

After watching Tamar practice her dance routine with her dancers it was clear that she is rhythmically challenged. Vice and Tamar had a pretty heated conversation about her audition and Tamar was feeling like Vince wasn’t fully supporting her career. In my opinion, Vince was trying to protect his wife because she is clearly not as talented as her sister Toni and some of the other artists that he has worked with.

As Tamar was getting ready to perform during her showcase she got a cool plug from the reigning “Queen of Pop” Lady Gaga and drama queen Wendy Williams. After seeing Tamar’s performace, I felt that I truly underestimated her talent and I believe that she has a shot at having a music career after the reality show is done. Done……

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    Yes, you truly underestimated my girl!!