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Talib Kweli X AllHiphHop.com X SXSW Showcase

The good people over at AllHipHop.com put on one of the best Hip-Hop showcases at SXSW 2013. We got a chance to see up and coming artist like Clyde Carson, Problem and DoughBeezy but watching the legendary Brooklyn MC Talib Kweli roc the mic was the icing on the cake.

Eventhough Talib is prepping for the release of his “Prisoner of Conscious” lp, he blessed us with classics like “The Blast,” “Thieves In the Night” and “Never Been In Love.” Although I haven’t kept up Talib’s recent work, I was reminded of his lyrical dopeness as he spit the lyrics to “Distractions” : “how you keeping up with my rapping? You barely keeping up with Kardashians.”

After hearing some of the collaboration songs with Bun B, I was reminded of how much love the Brooklyn native has for Texas. This was a very dope performace. BTW, he closed his performance with “Get By.”