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Taylor Swift is known for songs of romance or lack thereof. We’ve heard word in the past of how big of a heart she truly has but it has become more evident now. On her way to a Taylor Swift in Chicago back in August, Grace Markel, a young seven-year-old, was involved in a car accident. The accident caused two skull fractures in the young girl, a concussion, a rash across her face and body, and multiple other injuries.

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Last night was the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and it didn’t get off to a stellar start.  Here’s what you may have missed at this year’s celebration of music.

Taylor Swift kicked off this year’s Grammys with a strange performance of her song “We Are Never Getting Back Together”.  The song turned into an Alice in Wonderland meets circus act complete with a jab at her most recent ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles.  I’m not sure what T-Swift was going for, but it was one of the worst performances of the night.  While some of the other performances of the night were just as disappointing, they were at least able to sing on pitch.


Swift’s less than appealing performance was followed by an awkward speech by LL Cool J.  As far as presenters go, LL Cool J is not on my list of favorites.  He wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t amazing either.  He did, however, manage to incorporate the word “hashtag” more times during his presentation than I would have thought possible.

Thankfully, there was some talented performances of the night to make up for the atrocious beginning.  The Elton John and Ed Sheeran duet that I had long been looking forward to didn’t disappoint.  Though he may not have won his Grammy for the night, Ed Sheeran proved that he was indeed a talented musician.

Fun.’s following performance was sight to behold. According to the twittersphere, not everyone loved their performance, but their high energy and all-around amazing stage presence nearly made up for the opening act we had to endure and proved why they were able to take home the Gramophone for Song of the Year and Best New Artist.


Adele took home Best Pop Solo Performance (to no one’s surprise) followed by a Wiz Khalifa and Miguel duet.  Miguel showed off his silky, smooth vocals.  Though he may have been snubbed this year, Miguel has a big future ahead of him.

Wiz Khalifa

Justin Timberlake showed the world that he’s still got it with his performance of “Suit and Tie”.  We may have waited far too long for his new album, but his Grammy performance gave me complete confidence that it will be worth it.

While Frank Ocean may have surprisingly lost many of the awards he was nominated for excluding his collaboration with Kanye and Jay-Z for “No Church in the Wild”, he still managed to be one of the most talked about artists of the night.  Ocean’s feud with Chris Brown continued during the awards ceremony when Chris Brown refused to stand during Ocean’s walk to receive his award for Best Contemporary Urban Album.

Chris Brown’s snub, whether it was because of his ongoing fight or because he lost the award to Ocean, was completely classless.  Ocean later performed his song “Forrest Gump” and it was rather bland.  I expected more from Ocean after all the hype surrounding him and was highly disappointed when I received a thoroughly mediocre performance.

The night continued with a completely unexpected Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys collaboration, an incredible performance by Rihanna, and an awkward Bob Marley tribute by Bruno Mars.  Mumford and Sons snagged the final award for Best Album and the 2013 Grammy Awards concluded with an Adam Yauch tribute by LL Cool J.  His performance was better than his hosting, but barely.  At least we have next year’s Grammys to look forward to.


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Country /Pop music starlet Taylor Swift recently released her latest album titled RED. In just a week alone, Swift’s new album has seemingly gone platinum, with over 1 million copies sold in seven days time.

In publications from Entertainment Weekly to The Wall Street Journal and even on NPR, Swift has been garnering lots of positive attention, press and critical acclaim for her latest opus that shows her growth as a singer/songwriter and her increasing power as a force in popular music. And it actually got me to thinking about other notable albums throughout history that are named after colors.

Here’s just a taste of some of the most well-known and successful albums (be they pop music sensations or cult classics) that are known for their curiously colorful titles. Yes, some of them might be a stretch, but just go with it:

Miles Davis – KIND OF BLUE (1959)
The Beatles – THE WHITE ALBUM (1968)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – GREEN RIVER (1969)
Joni Mitchell – BLUE (1971)
Prince – PURPLE RAIN (1984)
Public Enemy – FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET (1990)
Metallica – THE BLACK ALBUM (1991)
David Grey – WHITE LADDER (1998)
Mos Def – BLACK ON BOTH SIDES (1999)
Backstreet Boys – BLACK AND BLUE (2000)
The White Stripes – WHITE BLOOD CELLS (2001)
Danger Mouse – THE GREY ALBUM (2004)
Amy Winehouse – BACK TO BLACK (2007)
Radiohead – IN RAINBOWS (2007)
Game – The R.E.D ALBUM (2011)
Frank Ocean – CHANNEL ORANGE (2012)
Taylor Swift – RED (2012)
NeYo – R.E.D (2012)