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As technology has improved I’ve often found myself listening to internet radio more than the local stations as there’s a wider variety of music available, and it’s pretty damned convenient if you’re on the move. We thought it was about time to take a look at a few good streaming radio Android apps, and there are a lot of them to pick through. We picked 4 Android apps we feel are the best of the best, so without further ado we proudly present you with’s Top Streaming Radio Apps for Android.


Unless you’re a cave dweller you’ve probably heard on Pandora Internet Radio as it’s one of the most popular audio services around. Pandora lets you create stations based on artists or songs you like, and it then chooses similar music based on your preferences. You get to skip (some) tracks you don’t like, and can even give the thumbs up to those you do. There’s a full featured free version of Pandora you can use, and if you like it I highly recommend subscribing to the service as its cheap and well worth it. You can checkout Pandora Internet Radio for free on Google Play.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is another super popular app that’s been around for awhile, and it was a very strong contender for the top spot on our list. Slacker Radio lets’ you “personalize” your listening experience with its selection of over 100 expertly programmed stations. If you prefer to get a little more in-depth with things you can also make your own stations from their library of millions of songs. This one is also similar to Pandora where it’s free to use and full of features, but you can get more if you opt to go with a premium subscription. You can pick up Slacker Radio on Google Play for free.


iHeartRadio is all popular digital music service that gives listeners more than 1,000 live stations to choose from coast to coast. There are more genre’s than you can shake a stick at, and you can create your own customizable stations as well. There are well over 14 million songs to choose from and your custom stations will be commercial free which is a nice change of pace. It’s easy to use, looks great, and does exactly as advertised. If you’re ready to give it a go you can pick up Clear Channel Digital’s iHeartRadio on Google Play for free.

TuneIn Radio

Most streaming radio apps work by choosing similar songs or nationwide channels whereas TuneIn Radio puts an emphasis on the global side of things. TuneIn Radio lets you listen to a wide variety of music from a selection of over 70,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs. The app allows you to search for a song, show or artist to find a radio station that’s playing it anywhere in the world. There are free versions and pro versions of TuneIn Radio available to download on Google Play.


Slacker Radio


TuneIn Radio

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Myxer, a top U.S. mobile destination for free, ad-supported social entertainment, announced today a groundbreaking programming streaming radio product, Myxer Social Radio, with the launch of two new weekly interactive music shows “Inside The Artist Studio” and “Indie Spotlight.”

Building on the success of its unique Song Stories? social music feature, Myxer is evolving Myxer Social Radio as a video platform for cultivating a community of users who are accustomed to quality content in a social listening environment. The groundbreaking show titled “Inside The Artist Studio” hosted by MTV’s Brenna Ehrlich will showcase a new artist each week with a special selection of songs from the artist or band being profiled. Listeners will log in each week to hear selections from their favorite artists interspersed with video segments from Brenna’s interview with a new artist or band each week. Listeners will also be able to chat live with the artist during the show.

A senior writer for MTV’s O Music Awards and former contributor at, Ehrlich will be delving deep into the music by conducting artist interviews and chatting with users via Myxer Social Radio’s chat feature. Combining video interview clips with song playback, “Inside The Artist Studio” gives users a best of all worlds with a viewing, listening and social experience. A first for internet streaming radio, the show brings artists and fans together in real time, fostering an open dialogue via chat while the featured artist’s songs are being played.

A 30 minute show, “Inside The Artist Studio” will air Tuesdays on Myxer Social Radio at 7 P.M. (ET) premiering June 5th with special guest French Horn Rebellion. Artists scheduled to appear in the coming weeks include The So So Glo’s, Ben Folds, and many more.

In addition to “Inside The Artist Studio,” Myxer recently announced “Indie Spotlight,” a weekly show where independent artists stream their latest music and fans can interact with them in real time during the show through chat. The platform allows independent artists to reach their fan base and interact with them directly showcasing their latest music. Myxer has already conducted beta programs with The Resolvers, Gramps Morgan and Bushwood. The “Indie Spotlight” show runs Thursdays at 7:00 P.M. for 30 minutes on Myxer Social Radio.

“We are excited to provide Myxer fans a VIP All Access pass to their favorite artists in a social setting,” said Mike Carson, Myxer’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Today’s milestone launch of these two innovative programs for Myxer Social Radio is indicative on the increasing demand among consumers, brands and advertisers for live, socially relevant content that brings people together and boosts overall engagement. ”

With more than a Million downloads of Myxer Social Radio since launching in November of 2011, the app was recently nominated by MTV’s O Music Awards in the category of “Most Addictive Social Music Service.” The O Music Awards honors achievements in the digital music realm. Fans can cast their vote by visiting:

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Eventhough Pandora has dominated the streaming radio business for while, times are changing swiftly. There are slew of young and innovative services that are mixing social and human elements to transform traditional and web radio. Here are four of my favorite streaming radio services that I feel you should definitely check out.

Jelli is a popular streaming radio service that puts users in control of what they are listening to 100% of the time. The social radio service has partnered up with some of the best radio stations in the world to give listeners the ability to interact and influence radio broadcasts in real-time. Some of the premier Hip-Hop and rock stations in the U.S. like Power 106 in NY and KITS-FM in San Francisco are partnering up with Jelli to intergrate traditional broadcasting with digital infrastructure.

TuneIn is another popular streaming radio service that partners with over 20,000 radio broadcasters to deliver the best in traditional radio, sports radio, and talk radio. TuneIn offers premium content from popular programmers like BBC, NPR, ESPN and local stations like KEXP 90.3 in Seattle. The streaming radio service is available on over 150 different platforms including Android, iOS, in-car dashboards and online.

iHeart Radio is a streaming radio service created by broadcasting superpower Clear Channel Communications which is one of my personal favorites. When I first launched this site, I posted a article titled ‘iHeart Radio is the Future of Radio’ which explains why I think this is the direction radio should be moving in. iHeart combines 24/7 live streaming radio from 850 of the best local radio stations and gives users the option to create their own channels like Pandora.

WahWah.FM is a mobile music app that allows users to create their own streaming radio stations via their iPhone in minutes. WahWah has over 7 million songs available via it’s database and allows users to share their radio station with friends via their Facebook timeline with Twitter intergration coming in the near future.

TuneIn is a massively popular mobile streaming service that broadcasts local radio stations, sporting events, niche radio shows from around the world.

The company has a list of over 50,000 + global radio partners which makes it easy for you to find something that suits your listening tastes. With its huge amount of content TuneIn makes discovering great music easy by delivering accurate station recommendations that can easily can easily be synced to your iPhone, iPad, or android devices. Here is a an interview that I had last week with the “mobile super power.”

What inspired the creation of TuneIn?
A love of listening lies at the center of TuneIn. Our founder loves radio and wanted to create a way to share it with the world.

How would you explain TuneIn to someone that is unfamiliar with the service?
TuneIn is a free service, available on over 150 platforms including smartphones, in-car dashboards and online, that lets you listen to music, sports and news from around the world, wherever you are. Whether you want music, sports, news or current events, TuneIn offers the largest array of stations imaginable for you to choose from, bringing you to where you want to be.

How does TuneIn differ from services like Pandora and iHeart Radio?
TuneIn provides the ultimate lean-back experience, with an unmatched variety of content (over 50,000 stations) and on-demand programs (over 1 million). With TuneIn, there is always a real, human taste-maker behind every listening experience. Unlike many other services, TuneIn is international, reaching 270 countries and territories. Beyond just music, TuneIn offers sports (e.g. ESPN and talkSPORT) and national news (e.g. NPR, BBC). These are just a few of the reasons why TuneIn is the most used, highest-rated mobile streaming service in the world.

Can you explain the discovery process on TuneIn?
Radio is still the #1 way to discover new music. If you’re in the mood to discover something new on TuneIn, you can listen to amazing taste-makers like KEXP Seattle, KCRW Los Angeles, or internet-only stations like DMPulse to find out about great new artists before anyone else. You can also browse the “Recommended” section and TuneIn will take you to a new station you’re sure to enjoy. If you know what you want, simply search for an artist, song, show, or team to get a list of stations playing what you’re looking for at that very moment, anywhere in the world.

What is the long-term vision for TuneIn?
TuneIn’s mission is to inspire and delight people by surfacing great content from the widest selection of stations to deliver the best listening experience possible. We’ll continue developing new features, forming new partnerships and expanding our offering to ensure that we keep empowering people to find what they’re looking for and to discover new favorites from all around the world.