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With the advent of digital music, the concept of album art may seem a little outdated. But, judging by the backlash over the questionable art on the cover of Ab-Soul’s forthcoming project These Days…, album art isn’t completely dead yet.

Even though it’s not dead yet, that doesn’t mean lots of people haven’t done their best, intentionally or not, to murder it over the years. I’m not talking about so-bad-it’s-good masterpieces like the cover of Big Bear’s Doin Thangs. I’m talking about album covers with no redeeming qualities that were slapped on top of projects by otherwise talented artists. As you take in these five breathtaking pieces of art, try to keep in mind how at no point in the production process did anyone recognize how bad they were and insist something else should make the cover.

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The #1 songs of this week were:

2000 – Santana – Maria Maria (17 years ago)
2005 – Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl (9 years ago)
2011 – Katy Perry ft. Kanye West – ET (3 years ago)

May 11th

In 2007, The Game was arrested in Los Angeles following an altercation at a basketball game in February. It was alleged that he threatened a man with a gun. He was released the next day after posting a $50,000 bail.

May 13th

In 2007, Ne-Yo was #1 with his song “Because of You”, which was his second #1 hit.

In 2008, Rapper Remy Ma is sentenced to eight years in prison for assault, weapon possession and attempted coercion in conjunction with the shooting of a woman outside a Manhattan nightclub.

May 15th

In 1982, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder team up for the song “Ebony and Ivory”. The song goes to #1 today in the US.

May 16th

In 2000, Britney Spears’ second album, “Oops!… I Did It Again” sells 1.3 million copies in its debut week, setting a new record for highest debut by a female artist.

In 2004, Frankee went #1 in the UK with ‘F.U.R.B. (F U Right Back)’. The song was a “reply” to by Eamon’s #1, Fuck It, I Don’t Want You Back. This is the first time that a record and its reply have both made #1.

May 17th

In 1966, Janet Jackson was born.

In 2000, ‘The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” publicly announces he will go by his name again.

In 2005, Akon was at #1 in the UK with ‘Lonely’, Gwen Stefani was #1 in the US with ‘Hollaback Girl’ and Snoop Dogg ft. Justin Timberlake was at #1 in Australia with the song ‘Signs.’

In 2012, Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco, passed away.

This was a pretty slow week in music history. Check out what happened in music history last week, May 4 – May 10.

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7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

At this point I’m sure everyone has heard the news that late night host David Letterman has announced his retirement. Marvel Comics has already launched a campaign for their list of comic book characters that would make for strong replacement candidates. It’s only an entertaining fantasy as we all know, none of these fictitious characters are in line for the job, but never the less I have a more realistic approach.

 7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

Why don’t we bring something new and fresh to late night television? It will never happen but one can dream. Just what if we could spice things up a bit?

The question is what if the new host of late night was someone from the hip-hop community. Someone who would attract a younger audience and bring a vibe like never before. If a rapper was to get this job who would fit the bill?

I asked the question and now I’ll give my short list. Here is my list of MCs that would make great late night host candidates.

7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

  1. Ludacris

Well qualified is the Atlanta born MC that got his start as a radio personality under the name Chris Lover Lover. Not a bad bullet point for his resume. He has strong acting background and a personality that lights ups the room. He’s been known to crack a joke or two and we all know that the late night host must possess a strong sense of humor. He defiantly ranks high on our list of candidates.

 7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

  1. Snoop Dogg

With his record sales fading and popularity not what it once was, the legendary Snoop Dogg is still a household name. True the studio might be foggy and filled with smoke and this may turn away some anti marijuana viewers, but I figure we’re heading in the direction of legalizing it so why not. Everyone knows his familiar face and lingo. He’s sure to bring a charisma that will make young America tune in.

 7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

  1. T.I. (Tip Harris)

Another Atlanta-based MC with a strong resume and acting background. If you’ve never seen a T.I. interview, I suggest you watch one. His personality always steals the moment and he’s very comfortable in front of a camera. How could you not at least consider T.I. for the job?

7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

  1. EVE

I had to throw a female MC in the mix and though EVE isn’t as relevant as she once was you can’t deny her charm and resume. She spent time starring in her own sitcom and it’s sounds like the perfect time to start a new chapter in career.

 7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

  1. Ghostface Killah

This Wu-tang original may not have the comedy and acting background that the other candidates possess but his character is unmatched. If you’ve never listened to a Ghostface album in its entirety or seen one of his extended interviews you may be scratching your head at my choice. The quality that I look forward to is the fact that the audience will die from laughter and I don’t think Ghost will think it’s funny. I have the feeling that Ghostface is serious about his words of wisdom even though most of time he makes no sense to his listeners.


Honorable mention

 7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

  1. Eminem

I would love to see Eminem get the job and we all know his sense of humor and charisma, but lets be honest that’s a lot curse words to bleep out. His unpredictability could be a problem for primetime television. I can only imagine his interview for the job. When asked if he could watch his mouth on air he replied with “What? Take my f$c#in% eyeballs out and turn them around”. It’s probably not going to work.

 7 Rappers Qualified to Replace David Letterman

  1. Kanye West

I’m certain he wants the job more than any other candidate, but no network wants to be at risk for Kanye moment. I can only imagine the lawsuits and controversy he would bring to the network when he gets the urge to speak his mind. With that said I’m sure ratings would be through the roof. We would have to tune in because no one ever knows when Kanye is going to snap and give us a surprise.


Now let’s be honest with our selves no rapper is going to take over for David Letterman but it’s always fun to dream.


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With Hip Hop having dominated the mainstream music lexicon for so long, it’s only natural that the genre would subsequently dominate the biggest and most popular music festival in the country, SXSW. For the last few years some of the biggest names in Hip Hop have converged on Austin, TX and truly taken the city and the festival itself by storm. Artists like Lil Wayne, Raekwon the Chef, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Mob, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Snoop Dogg and tons more have made SXSW a Hip Hop affair. 2014 seemed to be no different. Here some of the top moments from SXSW 2014 that happened while you may have been sleeping:


We’re still not entirely sure whether Jay Z and Kanye West will be releasing Watch The Throne 2 any time soon, but an appearance at SXSW is a pretty good indication. And the fact that it was a Samsung-sponsored showcase may mean that there could be yet another surprise album release in the near future.

The only thing these two needs to do now is release an album together. But until then, Snoop and Wiz treated the Austin crowd to their hit song “Young, Wild And Free” and announced that they’ll be releasing part two of their indie movie. Once could say their making a strong case for the Hip Hop’s new version of Cheech and Chong (watch out, Meth and Red!)

Ever since he severed ties with Interscope and declared that he’s going out on his own, Fif has breathed at least a little bit of new life into his otherwise stagnant music career. Always the consummate businessman, he took the opportunity at SXSW to debut his new single “Hold On”, dropping next week, and is more than likely building on his popular appearance at the festival from last year by hawking his headphone brand.

Yeezy’s army was in full force at this year’s SXSW. Big Sean, Travis Scott, Pusha T and CyHi The Prince, Teyana Taylor and more, on the heels of an impressive 2013 for the crew/label and the release of CyHi’s Black Hystori Project mixtape, made their presence felt at a closed show down in Austin. Unfortunately the crowd apparently waited in vain for an appearance from the Louis Vuitton Don himself. B’ah well.

In front of a sold out crowd, these Top Dawg Entertainment representatives helped to bring the iTunes festival to U.S. Soil for the first time. Attendees should consider themselves pretty blessed to see some of the biggest up and coming names in Hip Hop, with Schoolboy and Rashad having dropped Oxymoron and Cilvia Demo earlier this year, respectively, and K. Dot probably not far behind with sophomore effort.

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It’s a new year and a new batch of music is being served up fresh for us courtesy of the music industry. This time of year is always slow in the business, but like I promised it speeds up from week to week. I consider this the first real review of the year so here is the week in review.

 Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Angel Haze – Dirty Gold – Hip Hop

A very rare find in the industry today is a female MC. In 2014 there are few coming. This album actually dropped on Dec 30th, which was in my opinion was the stupidest thing a label could have done. This album flew under the radar and will have a hard time competing with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot and Iggy Azalea, who have albums anticipated to drop this year. It’s a shame because Angel murdered this album. Lyrically she held her own, the production was crafted well and creatively she impressed me. This is an album you shouldn’t sleep on.

Score – 8.5

Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Tink – Winter’s Diary 2 (mixtape) – R&B

A solid R&B release from Tink. She delivers a project that you can literally listen to from start to finish. R&B is a tough sport to play these days and hard to stand out but this one is a complete project for free download. She doesn’t give us a bunch of originality but solid production and her lyrical content is serviceable.


Score – 7

 Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Abrasions: Stitched up (EP) – Hip-hop

Well-crafted classic gritty New York music. All about the lyrics and heavy samples over the boom bap drum sound. It’s always a good feeling to know that style of hip-hop still lives. The downfall of this project is that it is over in 5 tracks.


Score – 7

Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Natalia Damini – Beautiful – Pop

Starting off the album with a handful of double time dance club tracks she eventually calms down for an R&B sound and some attempts at depth. Nikki Minaj, Jim Jones and Gucci Mane all show up for guest spots and the features are the highlights of the project. Sounds like the formula for success but there is one problem, she can’t sing! She is exposed all over the record. She begins the record and I think to myself she is not a very strong singer. It gets worse as the album progresses. She falls in and out of key and has terrible harmonies. Who is funding this disgrace, it’s like nails screeching across a chalkboard.


Score – 2

Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Jennifer Nettles – That Girl – Country

Every now and then I like to throw a curve ball in the line up and switch genres on you and this was a good easy unplugged ride from Jennifer Nettles. A good country release that stood apart from recent country albums I’ve loaded on the playlist. It’s very mellow and slow but good music. It has an old school feel and pleasing is to the ear. A great job lyrically.


Score – 7

Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Cap 1 – Caviar Dreams (mixtape) – Hip Hop

Speedy flows and street beats from Cap on a free download. 2 Chains, Ace Hood and Jim Jones all show up for features and Cap1 delivers a decent release. The production is on point and he does what is expected of him.


Score – 6

 Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Kokane – Shut da F Up & Cut da Checc – Hip Hop

The west coast veteran starts off the album claiming to be the most featured artist in the history of the game. It may or may not be true. He has been on almost every Snoop Dogg record and had an era in his heyday where he got around a little bit. I was skeptical about this record. I thought maybe his time was over but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. One thing that Kokane has in the bag is creativity. The album sounds like no other west coast beats and appearances from legends like Busta Rhymes, Daz and Kurupt, and Richie Rich. A good release.


Score – 7

 Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Switchfoot – Fading West – Alternative

Not much to say about this album other than I expected more. The album was boring, cliché and an overall a disappointment. This one can and should be skipped.


Score – 4

 Music Week in Review January 7th - 17th: Tink, Switchfoot, Angel Haze and More

Zion I – The Masters of Ceremony (EP) – Hip-hop

Better releases have come from the conscious bay area dual. The EP is mediocre but should be enough to hold over their core fan base. It doesn’t hold a flame to their 2013 release Shadow Boxing but it is worth the listen. Zion I remains creative and all of their releases are quality.


Score – 6.5


Not a bad week especially for January. I’ll continue to look forward into the year. That’s all I have for this week and there was plenty to load the playlist with.





Rating System

10 – Instant Classic – must have

09 – Great Album just short of classic

08 – Good Album recommend checking out

07 – Above average more upside then down

06 – Worth the listen, has a few moments

05 – Average, maybe core fan base will enjoy

04 – You’re not missing much if you skip this one

03 – Bad album- let down

02 – Trash- don’t waste your time

01 – Everyone involved in this album needs to reevaluate their life

November 5th is definitely heating up the fourth quarter. All the big dogs come out to play at the end of the year for that holiday money. If you’re wondering how I form my own opinions about the albums, here are a few points I like to take in to account when listening. First, I think about previous works and how much the artist has evolved. Second, I take in to account the genre and what is expected from the artist to deliver within that genre. Third, I look for creativity and originality. In other words, what makes this album stand out from the rest. The last thing and most important things are lyrical content and production. Where did this album take us as far as content and production is concerned? Let’s get in to it.


Eminem – Marshall Mathers 2

Eminem has been through hell and back. He brought classic albums that shocked the world and then dropped off the face of the earth. Since his close encounter with death, it has been like learning how to walk all over again. He has shown flashes of his old self, but overall the last two albums were just missing something. That something that made him who he is to Hip-Hop. On This new album, he holds nothing back and gets back to having fun. More Eminem doing what he does and less talking about what he’s about to do. The production is on point and his word play is the best it’s ever been.

Score – 9


Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

Avril is one of those artists that I feel has the talent, fan base and status to experiment and really push the envelope. The problem is she has not done it yet. Something you may not know about Avril, is she started off singing country music in her birth country Canada. Her introduction to America was as a pop/punk singer. Unlike most pop artists, Avril really writes her songs. Her first album Let Go, she had the help from a man I respect Peter Izzo. She nailed a classic album for the genre, though she took a lot of slack from critics and other bands for claiming to be punk. Her second album Under My Skin was decent but her third album The Best Damn Thing; she colored her hair and went straight Mickey Mouse Club, not a good look. Her 4th album Black Star had its moments but I’m still not getting the artistry I expect from her. As this album began I thought here we go again, but as I get to the middle of the album I found some attempts to break the monotony. An appearance from Marilyn Manson and a few tracks outside of her element. She’s heading in the right direction, but as a whole I still expect more from you Avril. It’s time to think outside of the box and write your name in history.

Score – 7.5


James Blunt – Moon Landing

Moon landing is 12 Tracks of slow love ballads. No surprise here, I am trying to stay awake. It’s not a bad album and his voice is phenomenal, reminiscent to Elton John. The problem is he’s boring and every song sounds the same. If James Blunt came on to the scene in the 90s, he would have been a one hit wonder. He would have struck gold with his hit single “Your Beautiful” and then faded in to the black. If you love ballads and James Blunt, well he gave you exactly what you expected, but for me it was average at best.

Score – 5


Snoop Dogg and DJ Drama – That’s My Work vol. 2

Snoop Dogg brought his a game this week with his new mixtape. All original beats and yes it is a free download. Snoop took this project to his West Coast roots. The mixtape is very West Coast from the production to the lyrics. If his core fan base was wondering if Snoop Dogg was coming back from his reggae vacation, here is the answer. It’s not ground breaking, it’s not his best work and it’s not even close to a classic but it is necessary.

Score – 6


Lloyd Banks and DJ Drama – Failure’s No Option

I was just searching milk cartons look for this ex G – Unit member and here he is with a new mixtape. It has a 90s New York feel. There is something refreshing about that but if your looking for the aggressive G – Unit sound it’s not there. His flow is consistent, but I feel he has lost a little confidence. Then again who wouldn’t? He went from G – Unit to that one guy. The mixtape is at a slow tempo, no upbeat tracks and raps with heads hanging down. He’s not moving forward, but it’s worth a listen. I’d call it just above average.

Score – 5


M.I.A. – Matangi

M.I.A.’s album has been pushed back more times then the Wonder Woman movie. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but no worries because it well worth wait. She’s always been great at themeing her albums as far as production and content. Thus making them stand apart from each other. She hit with the big single Paper Plans and taught American Hip-Hop a new English slang word “Swagger”, which we all know hip hop took and ran with it.

Her last album pissed off club DJs all over America, because she purposely distorted the production. It made it hard to play, mix in and sound good on a quality sound system. This is M.I.A. though. We all know her music is her music. She is artistic and unique and Matangi is no exception. The production starts the album off using primarily sounds of her home country India. It then takes many twists and turns through different genres and sounds and she murders the tracks lyrically. You have to have an open mind, but my opinion of the album as a whole is that it is phenomenal and DJs can feel at ease because there is no distortion on this one.

Score – 9


Tech N9NE – Therapy

Tech N9ne may be the most successful independent rapper of all time. If you don’t believe me check the charts and stats. However, he has released fifteen studio albums and that is not counting the countless EPs, side projects and mixtapes. It’s been sounding like he has said and done all that he can. My feeling is he was becoming redundant. Well Therapy is an EP and it’s very heavy metal. This is not a hip-hop record at all. All live instruments and this is not an imitation of metal, but a really dark and hard metal album. He did an excellent job. When you’ve been in the game as long as Tech you have to experiment. He rocked it.

Score – 9


Yelawolf and DJ Paul – Black Fall

Yelawolf took a lot of slack from fans and critics for going from underground Trunk Music to a polished Shady/Aftermath radio rapper. Well on this EP he teams up with DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia and gets rowdy. Back to his down south roots and the EP is short but entertaining from start to finish.

Score – 8.5


Celine Dion – Love Me Back To Life

Still making albums and still a regular fixture in Vegas. I am not a die-hard fan of hers but I will not deny her talent. This album is not anything ground breaking nor does she step out side of her element, but she does a solid job putting together a solid collection of songs that her fan base should enjoy. It was much better than I expected and she even brought in some guest duets with Neo and Stevie Wonder. I was impressed enough to say it is an album worth supporting.

Score – 7


Jacob Latimore – This Is Me 2

Jacob Latimore at the age of 17 has a mature voice for his age. This is a free mixtape though it’s all original songs. I say good job and he’s an artist to watch on the R&B scene. The mixtape is not at all a stand out project or is it pushing any envelopes but a good solid R&B release.

Score – 7


Action Bronson – Blue Chips 2

This Queens New York Rapper is also an artist to watch. His style reminds me of Ghostface Killah from the Wu – Tang Clan and this mixtape is very, very, very gritty New York. Sample heavy and most of those samples come from the 90s. He doesn’t have a lot of content other than street talk and bragging but I guarantee you won’t get bored.

Score – 8


The Wanted – Word of Mouth

As of right now The Wanted are tearing up top 40 radio with two chart topping singles. The first half of the album is a serious downtown dance party. The second half filled with more emotion. If you like the radio singles then you’ll love the album. For me it was mediocre and average. It’s a polished, overproduced pop record that I’ve heard several times before. There is some good moments in the production and arrangements where I thought to myself that was cool. It is what is supposed to be and nothing else. One thing that you can bank on though, it is filled with top forty hits so they will continue to play every hour on the hour on your local top forty radio.

Score – 6.5


Jake MillerUs Against Them

So Jake is 20 years old, he likes girls, Netflix and parties. He raps his verses and sings his hooks. If the next recording artist was to come from the Disney Family tree was a rapper you would have Jake. This is the album that twelve-year-old girls go crazy over. I can’t complain too much though because I actually listened to his album twice. His lyrics were cute for a lack of better vocab. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here in the future. Judge for your self. Will he fade away or end up all over your radio.

Score – 5



So this week was a long one. There was lots of music to process but well worth the ride. I’m going to have a hell of weekend jamming to the new Lady Gaga. Much lighter week coming up so look for my review on Lady Gaga’s Art Pop before it drops on Tuesday the 11th.




Rating System

10 – Instant Classic – must have

09 – Great Album just short of classic

08 – Good Album recommend checking out

07 – Above average more upside then down

06 – Worth the listen, has a few moments

05 – Average, maybe core fan base will enjoy

04 – You’re not missing much if you skip this one

03 – Bad album let down

02 – Trash- don’t waste your time

01 – Everyone involved in this album needs to reevaluate their life


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No Halloween party is complete without a spine-tingling soundtrack to set the mood for terror.  However, you can quickly turn your delightfully creepy soiree into an actual nightmare if you stick with mundane tunes like Monster Mash or Time Warp (sorry Rocky Horror fans).  Before you ask, yes Thriller must be played at least once – there’s always one guy at every Halloween party that’s been looking forward to showcasing his meticulously choreographed dance moves all year – but why not fill the rest of your playlist with something different?  Your guests will appreciate the effort, and might overlook the fact that you’re using the exact same decorations you put up last year.  Below are a few ideas to help you get started.

Red Right Hand (1994)

Artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Album: Let Love In.


Hailing from the land down under, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds know a thing or two about terror.  Seriously, have you seen the size of the spiders in Australia?  If you go to rent Arachnophobia in that country, you’ll find it in the Children’s Entertainment Section.  Nick Cave’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful and the rest of the band follows suit nicely, perhaps never more so than in this particular song.


Dragula (1998)

Artist: Rob Zombie

Album: Hellbilly Deluxe

Nothing will get the blood flowing (hopefully figuratively speaking) like a Rob Zombie song at your Halloween party.  The name of the song comes from Grandpa Munster’s drag car, and it’s by far one of Zombie’s most terrifying and crowd-pleasing hits.


Sober (1993)

Artist: Tool

Album: Undertow


All of Tool’s songs have a certain sinister quality that makes them stick with you long after listening.  In this case, the video for Sober might actually be creepier than the song.  If you can manage it, hook up a projector to your computer and play the videos for these songs along with the music.  It’s a little more work (and possibly money) on your part, but it’ll take your party into levels of epicness your guests will never forget.


The Ballad of Buckethead (1999)


Artist: Buckethead

Album: Monsters and Robots


With vocals by Less Claypool (Primus), The Ballad of Buckethead tells the origin story of the fictional character Buckethead – real name Brian Patrick Carroll.  If you haven’t heard of Buckethead, I highly suggest you check him out.  Pageantry aside, he’s one of the greatest guitarists of all time.  I was lucky enough to catch one of his shows in Pittsburgh, and it was beyond awesome.  Not only can the man shred on the guitar, he can a wield nun-chucks with deadly grace, and at one point he just started throwing action figures into the crowd.  It was one of the strangest, and coolest, nights of my life.


Come to Daddy (1997)

Artist: Aphex Twins

Album: Come to Daddy


Aphex Twins is actually just one person, Richard D. James, and he puts the creep in creepy.  Actually, that’s not a nice thing to say.  I’m sure he’s a very nice person, but everything about this song, from the lyrics, to the music, and even the cover art for the album, is just horrifying.


Sweet Dreams (1995)

Artist: Marilyn Manson

Album: Smells Like Children


Marilyn Manson released this cover of a Eurythmic song in ’95.  The original was creepy enough, and with Manson’s signature touch this song is sure to scare the pants off even the most courageous listener.  I was just a kid when this song came out, and I still remember how terrifying I found this artist to be.  Seriously, the only thing scarier than Marilyn Manson then, is Marilyn Manson now…gross.


No More Tears (1991)

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne

Album: No More Tears

No Halloween soundtrack would be complete without the Prince of Darkness, himself.  Ozzy has always been at the forefront of bone chilling music, but this song is definitely one of his creepier contributions.  The heavy bass line seems to shake your very soul, and Ozzy’s almost ethereal vocals will take you to levels of terror you didn’t know existed.


MMMBop (1997)

Artist: Hanson

Album: Middle of Nowhere


Nothing, and I mean nothing will send your guests running for the door faster than these three children of the corn.  Play it at the end of the night when you want everyone to clear out, or lock the door and really give your guests a fright.





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Did you see the Mayweather fight this past weekend? I didn’t but I heard about it. Some people bet on the fight, placing hundreds, even thousands on who they think would win. Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion also bet on the match and won. But he didn’t win cash; he won hash. The 41-year-old rapper took to Instagram to share a photo of a pound of weed, which he proudly won in a bet. He posted a photo on instagram with a victory message, “Thanks to the champ money may for winning me a pound from my Mexican buddy Lui!!”

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6 second video sharing through Vine is the latest craze to sweep the masses. But while there’s debate over whether or not Vine is here to stay or being replaced by Instagram, here are the top 10 artists creating something really unique on their vine accounts.

1. Erykah Badu This artist’s vines are just as strange as you’d expect. She raps. She beatboxes. She even recreates her own karate film all in the span of 6 seconds.

2. Mac Miller

The rapper joined vine while he was at the doctor’s office and it has been a thrill ride ever since, creating raps in the storm and creating contained explosions.

3. Maisie Williams

While Maisie Williams doesn’t classify as a musical artist, the Game of Thrones actress is the Queen of Vine. She’s witty, hilarious, and shows off her mad dancing skills. She’s definitely a must follow.

4. A-Trak

If you ever wanted to know what life was like on the road as a celebrity, touring DJ, look no further than A-Trak’s vine account.

5. Snoop Dogg

Snoop’s vines are combinations of him relaxing, partying, or smoking weed. But then again, what did you expect?

6. Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy’s Vine account shows the world how young rap stars spend their downtime. And it looks like it’s a constant party.

7. Kreayshawn

It’s almost a proven fact that the Internet loves cats, which is why Kreayshawn’s Vine account is so popular…and entertaining.

8. RiFF RaFF

RiFF RaFF and his various alter egos provide for nonstop entertainment. It’s easy to see why he’s been deemed the King of Vine.

9. Tyler, the Creator

His Vine account is a pure, unadulterated look into the life of the young artist. He holds nothing back in his zany, creative antics.

10. Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is one of the few Vine users that posts every day, making a follow definitely worth it.