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Rapper Beanie Sigel, notably known for being shot in December of 2014 (and for his rhyming skills, obviously) has been hospitalized once more following a shooting this Thursday morning. News broke this afternoon that rapper Sigel, born Dwight Grant 1974, was taken into Englewood Hospital and Medical Center this morning with what sources close to the rapper are saying is a “doctor appointment.”

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First off the album cover is terrible. The 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2 is not only a terrible name but it’s also very unoriginal. He already named an album The 20/20 Experience, which also came out this very year. It felt as though Mr. Justin Timberlake didn’t have any unique ideas for a new album. The image on the cover is very lazy. Didn’t he use this same image for his last album? What was a pretty good album, he turned into a compilation that wasn’t really needed. Without having listened to a lick of this album, I can immediately tell you that this CD sucks.

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Kurt Cobain, the frontman and songwriter of Nirvana, is considered to be one of the greatest rockers in history. In an interview with upcoming artist Dan Samuel, he claimed that Cobain might just be his favorite rocker. After feeling unhappy, Cobain took his own life around April of 1994. This past April was the 19anniversary of the grunge rocker’s suicide and it was celebrated with new crime scene photos. However, one photo was just released over the weekend, which may bring closure for some fans.

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After celebrating his 70th birthday yesterday, news has broke that Mick Jagger may be much older than he lets on to be. An unnamed man has come forward to prove of Jagger’s real age. This man, who wished to remain anonymous, sat down with So So Active exclusively to detail the long history of Mick Jagger’s life; all 250 years of it.

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After going platinum almost instantly on the fourth of July, Jay Z must feel pretty good about Magna Carta Holy Grail and his deal with Samsung. With the Samsung app for Galaxy phones, Samsung bought 1,000,000 copies for customers; the RIAA had to reevaluate how digital sales affect the album’s status. Now it has been confirmed that Jay Z will release his next album with a partnership with K Mart. Walking in the footsteps of Martha Stewart and Sofia Vergara, Jay Z will release Watch The Throne 2 through K Mart early next year.

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After 14 seasons and a handful judges, American Idol is set to make another run next year without Randy Jackson.  The only one set to come back for next season is Keith Urban but rumors are spreading about who may be on the judges panel next year.  Rumors persist that Robert Van Winkle will be joining Urban for next year’s all new Idol.

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The E!xclusive news comes from E! News

Nearly a week after winning the milestone award at the Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber has officially announced his next move is marriage.  But whom is he going to marry?  Selena Gomez has since moved on from their relationship and he hasn’t been spotted with anyone else.  E! News broke the story that Bieber is on track to marry himself.

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An artist depiction of what the deal may have looked like if cameras were present.

At the Billboard Awards last Sunday, Miguel was performing his hit Adorn when he tried to jump over some audience members. He didn’t have enough height and failed to land safely; he instead landed atop a woman cheering him on.  Check out the video below. It seems that it may have paid off in the long run.  The action caught the eye of Vince McMahon, CEO of WWE entertainment.