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Drunk in love with ray and janay rice

VH1’s leaked promo pic for the proposed Ray and Janay Rice reality show, entitled
“Drunk in Love with Ray and Janay Rice.”

Just weeks since the NFL lifted Ray Rice’s indefinite suspension, a leak from Viacom offices has showed that pioneer in trashy reality shows VH1 has proposed a show based around the relationship of Ray and Janay Rice. The leak is from an unknown source but the first (leaked promo title has been released.

Titled “Drunk In Love with Ray and Janay Rice,” VH1 is broadening their line-up of love and relationship reality shows with a couple whose relationship has been in the public eye as of late and with much scrutiny. Details are still sketchy, but “Drunk in Love” has been said to be produced by Adrian Peterson and Michael Vick. The unknown source also claims that the show is in production now and is set to air during the 2015-2016 football season and show the couple as they deal with the ups and down of celebrity couple.

VH1 is no stranger to weird or inappropriate reality shows, like “Dating Naked,” but has the network gone too far? Tell us what you think in the comments below.