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With MTV at the forefront of teaching a whole new generation on how to act socially, the do’s and don’ts of a relationship, and the no-goes of personal hygiene. Yes, Guy Code and Girl Code are not only ‘teaching’ a new generation about everything they ‘need’ to know about becoming a man/woman living the in the 21 century, but both shows are doing it in an entertaining way. I prefer to watch Girl Code; it’s like lifting the veil on the secrets of the opposite sex. It’s not a perfect representation of the new generation of girls into women, but does give a plethora of opinions and statements to entertain young viewers. A new show (online) has caught us here at So So Active by surprise with insight on a group of Americans untapped by most shows on television.

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In a growing digital age, music and record stores are harder and harder to come by.  In New York City, however, the music store industry is alive and thriving.  Whether you’re a New Yorker or just visiting, here are the top 10 music stores to check out.

1. Bleecker Bob’s 

Bleecker Bob’s Records has long been a staple in the West Village.  Though it will soon be closing due to the high rent and lack of interest in the store, Bleecker Bob’s is the perfect place to go to increase your vinyl collection as well as learn a bit of history.  The store has ties to legendary artists such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.  Bleecker Bob’s is a must-see New York spot and can be found on Bleecker and West 3rd St.

2. Other Music

Found on West 4th and Lafayette St, Other Music is still managing to stay in business thanks to their online purchases and performances held within the store.  Other music specializes in underground, rare, and experimental music.  There’s something for everyone at this store.

3. Academy Records and CDs

Academy Records originally opened in the Flat Iron district as the Academy Book Store before expanding into the music superstore that it is today.  There, you’ll be able to find nearly every genre from Rock to Jazz to Avant-Garde.  Whether you’re looking for collector’s items or just a cheap deal on your favorite CD, Academy is the place to go.

4. J&R on Park Row

J&R has become a megastore for everything from musical instruments to electronics.  Initially a Manhattan-based vinyl store, J&R has become a smaller and locally-owned version of Best Buy.

5. Downtown Music Gallery

Nestled within Chinatown, Downtown Music Gallery is known as the international mail order house for music on the edge.  It’s the best place in the city to find independent music.

6. Turntable Lab

The Lab was created in 1999 as a result of negative experiences at record stores in the City.  Most of the Lab’s employees are working DJs, Producers, or Musicians to ensure a higher quality experience at the store.  You can visit the Lab in Brooklyn.

7. Generation Records

Though Generation’s extensive vinyl and CD collection is focused mainly on the punk and metal genre, you can find a wide variety here as well.  It’s not far from Bleecker Bob’s giving you the perfect opportunity to check both out.

8. Rebel Rebel Records

What makes Rebel Rebel such a great store isn’t the huge variety of genres (which it definitely has), the environment is what sets this store apart.  The owner is friendly and always willing to come help customers find what they’re looking for.  He’s also armed and ready with recommendations.  It may be cramped, but the vibe you get is worth it.

9. Good Records NYC

Good Records deals solely in vinyls.  For collectors and vinyl aficionados, Good Records is the place for you.

10. Rockit Scientist Records

Located on the eclectic St. Mark’s Place, Rockit Scientist Records is just as unique as the neighborhood it’s in.  There’s a wide selection of genres and everything from vinyls to LPs to CDs, but it’s really more for the true fan.  If you’re coming in off the street, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for.