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I Need A Prayer single cover

I Need A Prayer single cover

Whenever you hear a great song, you have to turn up the volume to not only hear the words but to also feel the music. That’s universal, not just for hip-hop and R&B. Any song that comes up on the radio, whether I can relate to it or not, that I can feel is worth it’s weight in gold. Our very own Kelland, who owns So So Active, released a new single on iTunes and Google Play.

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Austin, Tx Recording artist/songwriter Matt G wanted more than just a typical hip-hop song with his newest release, “Truth is Stranger.” He wanted to make a statement. And with the enlistment of the incredibly talented Devine Carama of Lexington Kentucky & Jon Hope of Rhode Island that’s exactly the record manifested into, a statement of truth and a fierce unwavering passion of immense proportion and diversity.

Take a journey into the minds of three extremely driven lyricists who managed to mesh their unique styles well in this powerful blend of insight and intuition over the moving production of Burnell Washburn. Listen to Truth is Stranger here and always remember one must always look at everything a bit deeper to realize that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smtih. Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Wire Image, from

Jaden Smith has built a reputation online with his fanatical tweets and philosophical views on life. “How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t?” Jaden tweeted in May of last year. He’s had some songs in the past, following in the footsteps of his father, but has been mainly focused on his movie career with abysmal flicks like After Earth. Today, Jaden, using his sister, Willow’s, SoundCloud account released a brand new song that oozes Childish Gambino and Drake.

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Flying Lotus
Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) is the first single from Flying Lotus’ forthcoming album, “You’re Dead!” due October 7 on Warp Records. It premiered in the US on Power 106’s radio show Liftoff (weekdays from 7-10pm) and BBC Radio One’s Zane Lowe Show (Mon-Thu from 7-9pm) collectively during the last 24 hours. You can listen to the track HERE. Flying Lotus will embark on a full North American tour this fall. Check out the full list of dates below.



Facts About Lil KimIf you thought Fancy couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong. The smash hit of the summer, Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX isn’t the best song to hit the radio in a long time, yet it still garners radio play like you wouldn’t believe. Iggy sounds more like a caricature of a real female MC rather than a real female MC. Like she’s forcing out her words to make it sound like she’s from New York or some other place from the eastern seaboard. To make matters worse, irrelevant rapper Lil’ Kim released a remix on SoundCloud.

There is a new artist breaking into the music world at a break neck speed. Going from making her music videos with friends on a cell phone to being signed by a label in the UK, Jetta is up and coming and someone we will be seeing more of in the US very soon. In fact, given her popularity in the UK and style of music, she might be the next Adele here in the states. Even Rolling Stones magazine recognizes her as one of the “10 new artists of 2014 you need to know [about]”.


Her song “Start a Riot” was originally filmed as a music video on an iPhone with her friends until Polydor Records in the UK and LAVA/Republic Records in the US signed her, after which they made a proper music video. Other popular songs include “Feels Like Coming Home”, which she performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, and “Take it Easy”.


       The daughter of two musicians, her father a sound engineer and her mother part of an acapella group, Jetta got into music at a young age. She was 16 when her mom got her a laptop with a music program and she says “… I spent the rest of the summer locked in my room writing songs and producing like a true recluse”. She sang backup for Paloma Faith and Cee Lo Green. Her success extended further when Google Zeitgeist made her song “Feels Like Coming Home” the soundtrack for their ad campaign. With inspiring music and an inspiring attitude, Jetta will surely be a new sensation of 2014.


“Don’t think about anything. Feel and be first. Think Later. Get lost in the moment” – Jetta