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justin-bieber-the-key-perfume-650-430Justin Bieber has officially announced his retirement on Twitter on Christmas Eve. Yes, the teenaged singer known for his catchy pop songs and more recently for his wild antics took to Twitter to say he’s putting down the microphone and entering retirement. The announcement occurred at ten-twenty in the evening on December 24. However, is the pop star really retiring? He just so happens to be “retiring” on the eve of his sequel premier.

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Here’s an interesting story I found on the Las Vegas Guardian Express website. Daryl Davis has been known for a long time as a musician. He knew Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and was even a member of the Muddy Waters Band. However, despite his accomplishments, I’ve never heard of him. Thirty years ago Davis was playing music in an all-white lounge. Him being the only black man there, a white man approached him. That man was a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

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outkast1OutKast may be coming back for a reunion at Coachella 2014. The So Fresh and So Clean rappers haven’t done a collaborative effort since the release of Idlewild, both the movie and the album, in 2006. People were clamoring for the duo to get back together and give us, at least, one more album. That time may be coming very soon. Multiple sources have been claiming that OutKast will be performing at Coachella in April of 2014.

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Harry Styles, one-fifth of the band One Direction, was spotted gambling in Australia. The pop band is down there for tour around Australia and New Zealand and have recently lost some money. When the bands manager expressed to them that they shouldn’t splurge their cash, Styles was caught playing roulette in the VIP area oh The Pearl Room in Perth, Australia.

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If you haven’t seen Between Two Fern with Zach Galifianakis, then you should definitely get right on that. Zach Galifianakis, the fat guy from The Hangover movies, invites celebrities to a faux talk show and rips them a new one; sometimes the guests fire back. It’s a hilarious four to five minute, scripted video that will have you quoting lines to your friends. His latest guest was Justin Beiber and after his recent antics and his being in the news, it would have been a good opportunity to just tear him apart.

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In a recent interview with XXL, Canadian rapper Drake broke his silence on those series of tweets made directly to him by former child star Amanda Bynes. She tweeted in the past many things including wanting to have Drake “murder her vagina“, that he was “the man of her dreams“, and then calling him “fugly.” Bynes has since had run-ins with the law and has been placed in a mental facility. In fact, Bynes’ parents wishes she could stay longer. But that hasn’t stopped Drake to speak about the What I Like About You star.

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That’s right! Justin Bieber has escaped hit and run charges. He allegedly hit a paparazzo back in June when he was exiting a nightclub in Los Angles. He got into his car and started to drive off but nearly took the paparazzo, who was snapping pictures of him, with him. The video from TMZ shows the pap riding as a hood ornament before striking the asphalt, wailing in pain. According to TMZ, Bieber has been cleared of any charges. The reason? The bright flashing lights distracted Bieber from knowing that he even hit someone. Yep.

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When I first launched on Christmas Eve of last year, I had no idea how much responsibility I was taking on but these last few months have been one hell of a ride.

We are picking up more and more readers and last week was our best week so far. For the first two few months it was pretty much me, Matt Guiterrez and an occasional post from Bab Adetiba.

Now, I am excited to say we have expanded to a group of 8 writers who are on a mission to change the face of music news..

Last week we picked up Adam Field from, who is one of the best Android writers in the country. Adam will be covering all things related to Android and Mobile Music Technology as well as breaking music stories like his post last week on American Idol.

To our readers, please give us any feedback, tips or suggestions on any topics that you would like us to cover and we will try our best to continue to deliver the very best in social music news.

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Every week at we bring to you the top ten most intertesting music related stories from around the web. A few highlights of the week were Lana Del Rey’s album release, the passing of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius and Madonna admitted to kissing Nicki Minaj. Really…

‘Soul Train’ creator Don Cornelius dead in apparent suicide-Mr. Cornelious leaves behind a great legacy with 1,110 episodes and 35 years of music history, “Soul Train” touched and inspired generations of artists and music lovers. He will be missed.~LA Times Blog

Lana Del Rey’s Debut Album Hits No. 1 on iTunes in 14 Countries-Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated — and hotly debated — debut album had a stellar first day.~Hollywood Reporter

Meet Lyrica Anderson: Timbaland’s Best Kept Secret– Lyrica is currently signed to Super Producer Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group and has written songs for artists like Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato and

‘Spotify boss Daniel Ek: ‘The music industry is entering a golden age’-Ek, whose company has enjoyed a year of rapid growth and now boasts over three million paying subscribers, has said that he firmly believes that if his company and other social networking sites can help increase the amount of social interaction online users engage in, then they will definitely buy more music.~NME

How Musicians are using Foursquare-Last year Foursquare strengthened its use in the live music world during SXSW by offering free tickets to concerts via check-ins and badge

Bon Iver Turned Down Playing the Grammys, “We Kind of Said ‘F*** You’ a Little Bit”-In an interview with Billboard, Justin Vernon said that Bon Iver was indeed offered to play the Grammys– but only if the band collaborated with another artist. And so as not to compromise their music, they declined.~Pitchfork

Madonna Confesses to Kissing Nicki Minaj-No Comment-Vibe

Jamblr: Affordable Mobile Applications for all Artists-Jamblr is a mobile entertainment software design and development company based out of Nashville, TN. Jamblr specializes in affordable artist-based apps for Android and iPhone mobile

Eminem’s Grammy-Winning Album “Recovery” Goes 4x Platinum-The album, which was executive produced by Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Paul Rosenberg, contained a wide range of tracks that made their way across both Urban and Pop radio for most of 2010 and 2011 off of the sound and success of the hit singles~AllHipHop

2 Chainz Signs With Def Jam-Surprise, surprise. The most coveted free agent now has a home. Today, 2 Chainz confirms with XXL that he has departed from DTP and signed a solo deal with Def Jam.~RapRadar

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Today marks the first full week that has been live and I am pretty excited to have a few comments coming in and some good feedback. When I started this social music site I didn’t know how much time It would require me to come up with content and to maintain by myself, so I have been gravely deprived of sleep lately.

The highlight of it was getting an email from an ex-girl friend who dump me after i lost my job in October. She said she got an email saying the site was live and she wished he “friend” the best. Arrgghh. At the same time that I’m running this site I have also been doing internet marketing for a few demanding clients and balancing both workloads has been difficult. But, Im ready, in the words of T.I. “its a small thing to a giant.”