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That was the year that the iTunes Music store revolutionized digital music, but as the number of music streaming and internet radio services continues to grow, is a second digital music revolution on the horizon?

The latest quarterly Nielsen SoundScan report shows that sales of individual digital music tracks in the US fell 5.7% from 1.24 billion to 1.26 billion and sales of whole albums (usually more robust and less likely to fluctuate) also fell by 0.1%.

According to Billboard, the music industry believes that this drop in sales is due to the growing popularity of streaming, which is starting to slowly cannibalize digital sales, and the trend is set to continue into the new year.

YouTube is getting ready to launch a music and music video streaming service and Apple is widely expected to expand its iTunes Radio offering beyond the US in 2014.

Despite legitimizing digital music, and stealing a very large proportion of the music sales market in the process, the iTunes Store is by no means the most popular way for US consumers to buy music.

Smartphones and tablets may well be bordering on ubiquity, but the CD still accounts for 57.2% of US album sales, compared with 40.6% for digital downloads from all legal sources.

Source: Yahoo News

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redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports

People with paralyzing spinal cord injuries (SCI) now have access to a glove created by Georgia Tech researchers. This glove may improve motor skills and feeling in their hands.

The device is called Mobile Music Touch (MMT). The glove, which looks like a workout glove with a small box on the back, is used with a piano keyboard and vibrates a person’s fingers to point out which keys to play. While learning to play the keyboard, several people with SCI experienced improved sensation in their fingers.

The gadget was effectively used by individuals with limited feeling or movement in their hands due to tetraplegia. The device was primarily used while the participants were going about their normal every day schedules.

Researchers at Georgia Tech and Atlanta’s Shepherd Center recently completed a study focusing on people with weakness and sensory loss due to SCI.

“After our preliminary work in 2011, we suspected that the glove would have positive results for people with SCI,” said Ph.D. graduate Tanya Markow, the project’s leader. “But we were surprised by how much improvement they made in our study. For example, after using the glove, some participants were able to feel the texture of their bed sheets and clothes for the first time since their injury.”

Markow worked with individuals with SCI who had limited feeling or movement in their hands. Each suffered a spinal injury more than a year prior to the study. The eight-week project required study participants to practice playing the piano for 30 minutes, three times a week. Half used the MMT glove to practice; half did not.

Full Story : redOrbit

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Thrillcall, a live event discovery service with exclusive daily offers, is excited to announce its official New York City (NYC) launch party taking place this Thursday, June 28 at Lower East Side venue, The Box (189 Chrystie Street).

By downloading Thrillcall’s free mobile app, users will receive insider’s access to incredible shows every night. This includes the chance to see acclaimed artists Ra Ra Riot and Lissy Trullie in an intimate 300 capacity venue for the Thrillcall launch party:

This exciting event celebrates the availability of Thrillcall’s mobile app in NYC and is the first ever concert sold and ticketed exclusively through a mobile app. Tickets will be available via the Thrillcall app, starting Tuesday June 26 at 10.00 a.m. (EST).

To download the free app, go to

Tickets will cost $5 and all proceeds will go to Oxfam International, an organization working to build a future free from the injustice of poverty.

Rebecca Zeller, violinist of Ra Ra Riot said, “Being a music fan is all about discovering new bands and music so it’s great to see a company like Thrillcall help artists promote their shows, while making live shows more accessible to even the casual music fans. The exclusive offers in the Thrillcall app are really unique and exciting, bringing more spontaneity and excitement to live shows and local nightlife. This will be a really fun event that we’re excited to be a part of.”

As part of their launch in NYC, Thrillcall has also partnered with the Big Apple’s renowned festival SummerStage presented by AT&T, and the CBGB Festival to offer music fans VIP access and tickets to this summer’s eclectic lineup. Upcoming Thrillcall offers include Childish Gambino at SummerStage, and a number of exclusive offers for the CBGB Festival.

0 1666 is an innovative, original music service that turns your mood into music, suggesting playlists curated for all your different emotions. With just one click, users gain access to moving music selections to listen to and share, always tuned to their emotions., which has been wildly popular since its launch, is ready to go mobile and release its first official Android and iPhone app, available free of cost.

The app embodies the concept and features of the website, which promotes music from the best independent music blogs.

Thanks to its social tagging system, Stereomood users can tag songs according to their mood, cultivating and updating more than 100 mood-based playlists, bringing over 1 million unique monthly visitors a listening experience unlike any other.

The stereomood apps can be downloaded for free on:
iTunes App Store:
Google Play Store:

– listen for free to over 100 mood playlists with music pooled from the best blogs;
– tag the songs to help build the mood-based database;
– discover and share new songs and new artists;
– share your favorite songs and your mood on Facebook, Twitter and various other social networks;
– track your emotional profile throughout the weeks;
– get rid of those annoying ads at the cost of a coffee.

About Stereomood
Stereomood turns your mood into music – it is the soundtrack to your life.

It’s simple:
1. Choose your mood. 2. Select a playlist that best fits it. 3. Discover and share new music.
All tracks are pooled from top music blogs across the web.

For more info:

stereomood – turn your mood into music

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Playlost for iPad was released to the iTunes App Store this week.

This concept music player redefines ‘shuffle’, arranging an entire music library as a randomized, hexagonal grid. Listeners can build playlists through their collection as long, snaking chains. Playlost is a fun way for a user to explore their music, rediscover forgotten songs, or stumble on great new songs they didn’t know they had.

Playlost uses music already in the user’s iTunes library, and the grid is randomized after every launch for a unique experience each time. Playback integrates with iTunes for playback during background or standby mode, and changing tracks from the iTunes or the multitask bar.

The app was written by developer Zach Dicklin, who has previously release the concept as a web app. An iPhone version is planned.

For more information and a demo video, visit

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Cricket Communications, a leading provider of innovative and value-driven wireless services, today announced a special promotion on its Muve Music service in celebration of its success as one of the fastest growing digital music subscription services in the U.S. During the month of June, Cricket is offering all new customers $10 off all of its Muve Music monthly rate plans. In addition to this special rate, customers who port-in their number can walk out the door with a free Muve Music enabled Android™ smartphone. This device offer only applies at Cricket company-owned stores and premier dealers.

Muve Music, the first digital music service designed specifically for the mobile phone with both consumers and artists’ needs in mind, offers truly unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones with its $55 or $65 monthly rate plans. New Cricket customers during the month of June may take $10 off these Muve Music plans and enjoy all of the above plus unlimited nationwide talk, text and data for just $45 or $55 a month.

Customers can also find added value with Cricket’s switcher incentive rebate of up to $90.00 and added instant rebates. Check with your local Cricket store to take advantage of these June offers nationwide.

Fore more information : MyCricket

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More than a quarter of mobile subscribers listened to music on their phones in April, according to new data from comScore. 25.8% of US mobile subscribers used their mobile device to listen to music, a number that is up 1.3% from the first quarter stat. Texting is the most popular activity at 74.1%, with app use, browser use, social interactions and gaming being the other popular activities.

The increasing popularity of mobile music listening is having an impact that is interesting to observe. Last week I wrote about Samsung as the latest mobile phone manufacturer to purchase a streaming service, recognizing the opportunity that lies in providing music content. SiriusXM recently announced a major upgrade to its mobile streaming offering – in the future, hanging on to their subscribers will likely require more and more competition with streaming services that are mobile-ready.

Meanwhile broadcasters are pressing for FM chips in phones to be mandated by congress, despite resistance by phone manufacturers. This could be a critical piece of broadcast radio’s future survival as mobile listening continues to grow. But the question remains, will listeners choose to listen to fm services when streaming services are available? Given the higher degree of interactivity offered by most streaming options, this is a big question.

Read Original Story via: Jennifer Lane @ Audio4Cast

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Ryan Leslie is following fellow Harvard alumni Mark Zuckberg, by creating a platform to disrupt traditional music consumption. In anticipation for Leslie’s upcoming album ‘Les Is More,’ he is looking past distribution powerhouses like iTunes or Amazon and shifting away from MP3 format to developing a mobile application.

“My album is going to be released in a form of an application, a mobile application. Because I do believe the future is mobile,” said Leslie.

The “Glory” singer’s ability to leverage technology from the beginning of his career helped him launched both Cassie and himself online by strategically taking advantage of social media platforms before they became household names.

“We are creating an application that creates a curated environment that I am designing with my team for people to be able to play video, listen to the music and have that experience right their in their mobile handset.”

The content for the album will include a music video for each of the ten records on the album. Thus far, Leslie has released four out of ten music videos including “Glory,” “Beautiful Life,” “Good Girl,” and “5 Minute Freshen Up.”

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LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — JVC Mobile Entertainment ( ), a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated mobile, audio, and video products, announces its 2012 “TURN ME ON: THE ROAD / HALESTORM” campaign to promote JVC In-Dash Multimedia and Navigation receivers. The campaign focuses on an explosive documentary-style viral video, featuring chart-topping hard rock act, Halestorm. An extensive campaign, including online banner ads, video content placement, social media integration, extensive PR buzz, as well as concert tour promotion, will commence with launch of the video, which will also be featured on the high-definition JVC video billboard in Times Square.

With the inception of the TURN ME ON franchise back in 2008, JVC Mobile completely rethought its marketing strategy by dedicating the majority of its marketing and media budget to a groundbreaking online viral video featuring artists like Josh Todd from Buckcherry, Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach, The Charm City Devils, Darling Stilettos, The All-American Rejects, as well as Lita Ford, Candlebox, Puddle of Mudd, and Rev Theory. JVC Mobile Entertainment’s TURN ME ON series, which has garnered over 40 million combined video views and over 2 billion brand impressions, has revolutionized the car audio marketing landscape with this innovative series.

This year, JVC Mobile has raised the stakes for the fifth installment, with a more expansive video concept, following Halestorm on the band’s 2012 US tour, in support of their new album, The Strange Case Of…. The new format will feature a three episode roll-out throughout 2012. The video will follow Halestorm’s journey through their 2012 tour schedule, starting with pre-tour rehearsals and preparations, and all points in-between, as they hit the road from spring to summer to fall. The creative execution will result in a fast-paced “rockumentary” lifestyle video created and directed by TURN ME ON mastermind Danny Klein, with key video and stills captured on a daily basis by renowned music photographer, Rob Fenn. The intensive shoots will take place at key on-location stops throughout the year, including exclusive interviews with band members and loyal fans.

The viral video’s first chapter, released today, May 1, 2012, will start with a focus on Halestorm’s tour preparations, featuring interviews and candid moments from the band members, including their childhood musical aspirations, their experiences in the band, and finally their huge successes. The video will follow the band as they kick off their tour at the Earthday Birthday festival in Orlando, where live performances will be documented. The second release in the summer will capture Halestorm and their US tour journey. The final chapter, to be released in the fall, promises to go out with a bang. All three of these segments will comprise one complete piece entitled TURN ME ON: THE ROAD / HALESTORM ROCKUMENTARY.

Along with rock stars, entertainment, and great music, the viral video incorporates key interactions with JVC Mobile’s in-car technology. Each video chapter will feature JVC Navigation, Multimedia receivers with popular iPhone App integration inside a Ford Shelby GT 500 Supersnake, which serves as the “hero” car throughout the video. Effects will be incorporated to bring these products to life, serving as a reminder that JVC Mobile’s in-car technology is a very integral part of our lives.

“For our latest edition of the Turn Me On series, we wanted to break the mold and do something dramatically different,” said Chad Vogelsong, General Manager of Marketing for JVC Mobile Entertainment. “This campaign is a raw, edgy, ‘behind-the-scenes rockumentary’-styled journey with the band Halestorm, on the road during their album launch and touring cycle in 2012. It shows the band creating and performing music on the road and creates the ‘TURN ME ON’ connection between music, driving and how it makes you feel as a music fan. JVC products and technology bring the same feeling in your car, regardless of whether you are rocking out to music on a CD, iPod, or streaming your favorite music App on your smartphone.”

“I’m so excited about JVC’s ‘TURN ME ON’ campaign,” says Halestorm lead singer, Lzzy Hale. “The truth is that no matter what new gadgets, mediums or incarnations our music goes through, one thing remains the same; we like it LOUD and BLARING through our speakers! Turn it up and TURN ME ON!

For the third consecutive year, media partner egoTv has been tapped to be the exclusive online distribution network for the branded entertainment campaign. The site will also feature exclusive galleries from Rob Fenn ( ), along with periodic posts with updated features throughout the year from JVC Mobile Entertainment. Users will be able to grab embed codes and site links from to spread the TURN ME ON: THE ROAD/HALESTORM video around the web. The page will include an email opt-in area to capture JVC Mobile fan emails, links to technology partner sites, as well as a “Locate Now” button that will take users to the Dealer Locator page on JVC Mobile’s website. Fans will also be able to link to iTunes to buy Halestorm’s albums, as well as to keep up to date on tour dates and other info.

To view the TURN ME ON: THE ROAD/HALESTORM online viral video, log onto:

To download the new Halestorm album on iTunes, please visit: