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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta July 30 2012Mimi Faust promises that the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is going to be the series’ best so far, according to an article in the Franchise Herald.

In January, Faust boasted about the new round of episodes to reporters outside of her 45th birthday celebrations at the No. 8 nightclub in New York City. She confirmed that Margo Simms, the wife of her ex-boyfriend Nikko Smith, will be joining the cast. Faust also sealed her guarantee on this season’s quality by stating, “The upcoming season is going to be nuts so stay tuned.”

It’s understandable for anyone to be skeptical about Faust’s claims. Hyping projects is, and always will be, a big part of a celebrity’s job. It’s a big reason why they always seem to jump on the media circuit around the time of their project’s release. And it’s also why, even if a project sucks, you can still expect to see them urging audiences to check it out. However, given the recent news detailing the addition of new cast members and gossip surrounding old cast members’ extracurricular activities, there’s a good chance she’s not exaggerating.

For example, according to Kpop Starz, Faust was recently part of select group of women nominated for AVN’s coveted “Best Celebrity Sex Tape” award. She was up against Tila Tequila and Farrah Abraham for their respective sex tape sequels in addition to tapes from Tami Erin and Myla Sinanaj.

For those unfamiliar with Faust’s tape, it starred her and her aforementioned ex-boyfriend, singer/songwriter and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Nikko Smith. Although their video, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta was called “the sex tape of the year” by Adam and Eve, it was beat out for the actual award by Tila Tequila’s movie, Tila Tequila 2: Backdoored & Squirting. It’s worth noting that it’s unclear if Faust or Smith attended the awards, but if they did, it could be gold for the show’s ratings.

Aside from Mimi’s off-season activities and Margo Simms joining the crew, there are more casting changes that could stir up additional drama this season.

HNGN reported that half of the show’s cast members were fired after last season wrapped, making for some awkward friction between them and those asked to return. Scrappy, Erica, Kirk, Rasheeda, Mama Dee and Young Joc have all been let go. In addition to Faust, Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, Benzino, Althea, Nikko Smith, Karlie Redd, Waka and Tammy, are all expected to return.

It could just be shameless promotion, but if the news surrounding the cast is any indication of what we can expect from season four, it looks like all of the show’s fans are in for a surprise.

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Mimi Faust and Stevie J Daughter
Dear Mimi,

For the past few years I’ve watched your life play out on my TV screen. I’ve watched you go through both highs and lows in your personal and professional life. I’ve watched you flipped out on Joseline Hernandez for her relationship with Stevie J. You’ve called her everything from a dirty bitch to a home-wrecking whore. You’ve criticized Joseline for the way she dresses, her business etiquette, and her stripper past. Yet, here you are, assed out, in a whole new kind of reality.

Now, I know calling it a “sex tape” gives you the out to pretend your not a porn star and this is not a porn, but let’s put our big girl panties on and call it what it is, shall we? I mean, where were you when the whole world put Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham, and so many more desperate women like yourself in their place on this topic? Sex on tape is called porn. The people having sex are called porn stars. It’s not that hard, really.

And the fact that it coincidentally came out right before the new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta starts, which is rumored to be all about your sex scandal, even further proves that this was a means to make money, or a poor attempt to make yourself relevant.

From one mother to another, I can only hope that some how, some way, your precious daughter never comes across mommy’s “sex tape”. Perhaps her new Step-Mom can help teach her boundaries on how to be sexy without being slutty. I only hope that this season’s episodes show you in your true form instead of the innocent, classy woman that you have tried to be thus far. Everything that is done in the dark, must come to light, Mimi. Especially when you put a camera in the room.

Good luck in your new porn career!



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The Season Finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began with Erica Dixon dropping a bomb on Lil Scrappy. Erica told the Atlanta rapper that she thinks that they should only be friends and the young man seemed hurt.

Karlie Redd met Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash for a few drinks and they talked about collaborating on a song, as the two were both in “flirt mode.” When Roscoe asked if Karlie was single, she said her relationship was complicated like a Facebook status.

Mimi, Joseline and Stevie met with Dr. Jeff for the third damn time. Stevie J had the nerve to wear a shirt that said “I AM GOD.” And, the most bizarre moment of this crazy scene was when Joseline admitted that she watch Stevie J have sex with her best friend while she watched them. Stevie J let both of the ladies know that he is the reason they are currently in the spotlight.

Shay and Scrappy had a conversation about their friendship, and Scrappy actually told her he loves her. Shay was extremely upset that Scrappy still wants to be with Erica and Scrappy is confused as usual.

Benzino was a little hesistant about giving Karlie Redd the “ring” he bought her but he is afraid he will get played. Can you blame him? After talking his concerns over with Stevie J, Benzino feels he has to go wherever his heart takes him.

Stevie J introduced Joseline to his new artist Che Mack and it was an obvious ploy to make her jealous. Stevie J wants Joseline to collaborate with her on a track but Joseline is definitely not feeling it.

Rasheeda and K. Michelle met once again, to talk about K. Michelle being abused by Memphitz. The two have been going back and forth on Twitter and Instagram about the whole issue for thr last few weeks. Oh Drama!

Benzino and Karlie Redd had a nice dinner and they spoke about the status of their relationship. After Karlie told Benzino she wasn’t sure if he loved her, he reneged on giving her the ring he bought and broke up with her.

The highlight of the show was seeing Rasheeda and Kirk Frost renew their vows after 12 years of marriage.

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta started off with a recap of last week’s counseling session with Joseline, Stevie J and Mimi.

Mimi and Joseline both had a chance to speak with Dr. Jeff about their drama with Stevie J and for the first time Joseline opened up about her rocky childhood.

Erica had a chance to confront Lil Scrappy about his relationship with Shay and Erica broke down crying. Scrappy told Erica all she could to was take his word for it and pray about it.

Momma Dee seems to have a real problem with Lil Scrappy’s baby mother, Erica Dixon, as she called her a bitch several times during tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Momma Dee told her son “Playas play all day.”

Rasheeda and Erica had a chance to meet up to speak about the men in their lives at a lingerie shop in Buckhead, Atlanta. Rasheeda’s recording career is putting a lot of stress on her relationship with her husband/manager Kirk Frost, but maybe some new lingerie may help both of them release a little tension.

Karlie Redd and Benzino had a semi-romantic dinner that turned into a conversation about Karlie’s career. Benzino told Karlie that every conversation that they have is about her career and that he is looking for more balance in their relationship.

During the second half of the show, Joseline met up with her new BFF, Karlie Redd, and the two spoke about their “situations.” Both ladies know even though they are complaining about Stevie J and Benzino, they will be running back.

Benzino and Stevie J had a boys afternoon out at Folly’s Atlanta Strip Club. It was very ironic seeing both of them talk about relationship drama at a shake joint.

Benzino and Mimi met up today to talk about Stevie J. Benzino was trying to be the peace maker between the two and he made a mistake and called Mimi Joseline.

Karile Redd and Benzino had a conversation about Benzino’s temper and his “jealousy issues.” It seems like they are trying to work towards a common ground

The last scene of tonight’s episode was very dramatic as K.Michelle went to speak to a group of battered women about her battle with domestic violence. Rasheeda decided to attend the event to support K.Michelle, even though the man that supposedly abused K.Michelle is Rasheeda’s friend. K. Michelle told the story of a being a young woman in love with a record producer who physically abused her. Rasheeda, who is friend’s with K. Michelle ex Memphitz, doesn’t beleive that he actually beat her. K. Michelle completely spazzed out and let Rasheeda know that she was beat for three years and she has the evidence to prove it….

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On tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline got in a serious fight with Stevie J at a counseling session that included Stevie, Joseline, and Mimi. I don’t know what Stevie J was thinking when he decided to set up a counselin session with both of his chicks…,In the end, Joseline Snapped and Stevie J got pimped slapped. Pow!!!!

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So tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began with K. Michelle and Mimi Faust having the usual conversation about Stevie J. at an Atlanta studio.

Mimi seems to think that her and Stevie may need counseling for their struggling relationship.

K. Michelle let Mimi hear a new song she recorded, which sounded a lot like Mimi and Stevie J’s relationship. The song was about a scorn woman who had been faithful to a cheating man for twelve years.

Karlie Redd met with her manager and he let her know that he doesn’t think dating Benzino is a “good look” for her career. The two talked about Benzino’s past history with the Source Magazine and his lack of relevancy in the music industry.

Kirk Frost and Rasheeda had a real heartfelt conversation about love and trust on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Rasheeda let Kirk know that she would not be where she is in life without him, but she wants someone else to manage the direction of her career. Debra Antey?

So Benzino gave Karlie Redd the keys to his mansion tonight. Karlie Redd let Benzino know that her manager discouraged her from dating him, because he’s not “hot.” Benzino let Karlie Redd know that she wasn’t so hot herself and told her that she should not let the industry define her life.

Stevie J performed for Mimi Faust at a night club, and it left me wondering if this was the same guy that made all of those “hit records” with P-Diddy. Stevie J is definitely a producer. The name of the song was “Red and Blue Lights,” which was another autobiographical song dedicated to Mimi. Mimi got two songs dedicated to her in tonight’s Episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Lil Scrappy met with Shay midway thru tonight’s episode in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, and they talked about Scrappy’s child support issues with Erica Dixon.

K. Michelle had a date with some guy named Stevie and she actually asked him to lick his lips like LL Cool J. Where do they do that at? K. Michelle must have really liked her date because by the end of the scene they were in a full-blown kissing session.

Benzino set up a meeting for Karlie Redd with Lady GaGa’s manager, Vincent Herbert. Vincent actually said he likes Karlie Redd’s music and he wanted Karlie to go into the studio with some of his producers. Really…

So the most interesting scene in Love and Hip Hop Atlanta tonight, was Mimi and Stevie J’s counseling session. Stevie J finally admitted that he was a liar tonight and that he cheated on Mimi and got Joseline pregnant. The therapy suggested that her enabling behavior may be part of the reason Stevie cheats. Mimi also talked about how her relationship with her mom has played a part in her dramatic love life.

Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, ended with Stevie J telling the therapist about his childhood and how his mother abandoned him.

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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta started off tonight with Joseline Hernandez doing a photo shoot in a tropic outfit, as her beau Stevie J came and crashed the set dressed in a weird 4th of July outfit. Stevie J finally confronted Joseline for disrespecting Mimi Faust and Joseline responded by telling Stevie if he is so upset he needs to be with Mimi.

Mama Dee had a chance to sit down and speak with Shay about her relationship with Lil Scrappy. Shay seems to think that Lil Scrappy’s relationship with Erica is still holding them from being apart. Mama Dee is still complaining about “leaving her son for dead.” Mama Dee is trying to start some drama between the two girls and is extremely messy.

Mimi met Karlie Redd about last week’s table fight with K.Michelle. For some reason Karlie Redd felt that Mimi was siding with K. Michelle, but Mimi let Karlie know that she was trying to stay clear of the drama. Karlie Redd let Mimi know that she may be doing a song with Joseline and Mimi seemed hurt because Karlie is going to be collaborating with her nemesis.

Karlie Redd and K. Michelle met and they talked it out a little bit. K. Michelle apologized and stated that even her mother was upset. For a minute it seemed liked the two were about to have an adult conversation but it didn’t work out.

Joseline seemed to be fed up with Stevie J and told her friend that she was working with other producers behind Stevie’s back. For some strange reason she thinks that other producers are interested in working with her.

Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost got into a huge fight over the way he is handling the set up of her new single “Marry Me.” Rasheeda came out to a room of about 25 people, which looked pretty bad. There were technical difficulties with pa system and the crowd had to watch the video on a smaller monitor.

Lil Scrappy met with his baby mama Erica Dixon. Erica let Scrappy know that he is inconsistent and he needs to make his mind up. Scrappy was doing a lot of mumbling, but the one clear thing I could hear was ” you still gone look out for me on the child support.”

Benzino and Karlie Redd had a nice romantic dinner at Benzino’s plush crib as they talked about the possibilities of being in love. Benzino talked about his new magazine “Hip Hop Weekly” and his future plans. Karlie Redd seems to think love is in the air. After one week and the sparks are already flying as Benzino and Karlie Redd kissed the night away.

Rasheeda had a chance to speak with K. Michelle about her plans to have a meeting with outside management. K. Michllelle let Rasheeda let her know that she should be careful because she is lucky to have a husband that loves and supports her. Rasheeda had a chance to meet with Waka Flocka’s mom Debra Antney about a possible management agreement. Debra stated that Rasheeda has too many hands in the pot – especially her husband’s. Debra stated that Kirk is the reason that Rasheeda hasn’t been as successful and she needs to have a conversation with him.

Stevie J had spoke with his good friend Benzino about his drama between his two loves. Stevie J stated that he wasn’t gonna lose Mimi Faust for any woman including Hallie Berry. Right….

Erica talked with her mother about her crazy relationship with Lil Scrappy and Scrappy wanting to be taken off of child support. Erica mom stated “Lil Scrappy is not coming of child support.”

Rasheeda had a chance to speak with Kirk about wanting Kirk to co manage her career with Debra Antney. When Rasheeda told Kirk that he met Deb he flipped out, because he had a meeting behind her back. It was a pretty heartfelt scene as Rasheeda broke down crying and Kirk damn near came to tears too…….

Joseline and Mimi Faust finally met about Stevie J and Joseline did her best to apologize. Joseline told Mimi she needs to stop calling Stevie so much when they are in the studio working. For the first time since Love and Hip Hop and Atlanta aired Joseline and Mimi agreed on Stevie J being the problem.

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For the first time since Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 1 started, I was able to watch a full episode. Although, I had an idea of what to expect I didn’t know that I would be blessed with a table fight between Karlie Redd and K. Michelle. I felt as speechless as Mimi Faust looking at these two gorgeous hens cackling ..

Both ladies seem to be vying for Stevie J’s production skills and attention, but only one seems talented enough to be a recording artist. I mean Karlie Redd had her chance to perform in front of Stevie J on national television and she really showed the world she was all beauty. And K. Michelle, now we know you are from Memphis and you don’t play….