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Austin, Tx Recording artist/songwriter Matt G wanted more than just a typical hip-hop song with his newest release, “Truth is Stranger.” He wanted to make a statement. And with the enlistment of the incredibly talented Devine Carama of Lexington Kentucky & Jon Hope of Rhode Island that’s exactly the record manifested into, a statement of truth and a fierce unwavering passion of immense proportion and diversity.

Take a journey into the minds of three extremely driven lyricists who managed to mesh their unique styles well in this powerful blend of insight and intuition over the moving production of Burnell Washburn. Listen to Truth is Stranger here and always remember one must always look at everything a bit deeper to realize that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

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When I first launched on Christmas Eve of last year, I had no idea how much responsibility I was taking on but these last few months have been one hell of a ride.

We are picking up more and more readers and last week was our best week so far. For the first two few months it was pretty much me, Matt Guiterrez and an occasional post from Bab Adetiba.

Now, I am excited to say we have expanded to a group of 8 writers who are on a mission to change the face of music news..

Last week we picked up Adam Field from, who is one of the best Android writers in the country. Adam will be covering all things related to Android and Mobile Music Technology as well as breaking music stories like his post last week on American Idol.

To our readers, please give us any feedback, tips or suggestions on any topics that you would like us to cover and we will try our best to continue to deliver the very best in social music news.