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Music Week in Review March 3rd: Featuring Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross and more

More humid than a church pew on Sunday and quiet, so deathly quiet. What is this you may ask? It’s called narration. A literary device that allows one to establish tone, exposit information and in a nutshell it’s a lively way to draw in the readers hopefully grasping their attention for the long haul. As a fringe benefit it gives me purpose in the world of music and self-expression that really needs no visuals. – DEADPOOL or some of it, I completely butchered his words to make it fit into my own agenda.


Yea, I know I’m quoting Stan Lee’s Comic Books but it felt so fitting.


2014 is in full effect with all of the future classics and highlights of the year on the way. Still catching up form the previous week and preparing to move into the future; our work is cut out for us. So with no further delay here is the Music Week in Review by yours truly.

 Music Week in Review March 3rd: Featuring Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross and more

Pharrell – G I R L – 3/3/14

A breath of fresh air will sweep through the land on March 3rd like a miracle gust of hope! Hopefully a highly contagious airborne pathogen that will infect many artists in the industry causing them to step up their creativity and release classically original stand out masterpieces this year. Masterpieces that will inspire us all. Pharrell released the year’s first album of 2014 in the running for album of the year. This is a brilliant piece of work that my words couldn’t begin to do justice for. R&B/Soul/Pop and just some old school love blended together on this one for a masterpiece that should stand the test of time.


Score – 10 of 10

 Music Week in Review March 3rd: Featuring Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross and more

Ashanti – Braveheart – 3/4/14

The once princess of Murder Inc. has been rebranding herself as indie artist over the past few years. Her 2013 Christmas release was more then decent and left room in the hearts of long time fans to hold out hope for Ashanti’s album release this year. We’ll not much has changed for the once loved R&B singer. She sounds like she’s still hanging out with Irv Gotti. Maybe some of you are happy about that but I’m personally disappointed. The album sounds dated and there is very little growth from her previous projects. I’ve never been a fan of her song writing skills. Her lyrics are more “ABC” then ever. The album features appearances from French Montana, Jeremih, Beenie Man and Rick Ross and has moments that are better than others, but overall it’s typical and average at best.


Score – 5.5 of 10

 Music Week in Review March 3rd: Featuring Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross and more

Rick Ross –Mastermind – 3/3/14

I’ve never been a fan of rappers that build their careers off of glorifying the business of distributing narcotics and the boasting of drug money. This rapper in particular actually named himself after the original poster boy of Crack Cocaine Ricky Ross. And not a poster boy in music, but actual Crack Cocaine. If you don’t know that name outside of rap, do your research about Ricky Ross and how the government under the Ronald Regan administration played it’s part in flooding the country with crack, which created a world wind of poverty, gang violence and broken homes. All of that non-sense to the side, Mastermind’s lyrical content is just that, but ironically trust me when I say it’s not only Rick Ross’s finest hour, but also the best rap album released in at least the past year. Another instant classic from the superior production to the creative interludes that help the album flow like a film. Appearances from Zero, Scarface, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, French Montana, Meek Mills, Jay-Z, The Weeknd and more.


Score – 10

Music Week in Review March 3rd: Featuring Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross and more

Mark Battles – Black Einstein – 2/20/14

One of my catch up albums that I’ve reached a little late, but he still made the cut. A very simple and somewhat old school rhyming style he brings, but it works for him. His album features good, not great production, but I actually enjoyed his story and views expressed through lyrics over his brand of hip-hop. The album features appearances from Wale, Joe Budden, French Montana and Currency.


Score – 7

 Music Week in Review March 3rd: Featuring Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross and more

Kid Cudi – Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon 2/25/14

What an eccentric journey this album is. Close your eyes and expect to leave earth for a while because Cudi was defiantly not attempting to score radio hits or climb the pop charts. Actually I’m not even sure you can put this album in the hip-hop category. It’s like the modern day version of a Pink Floyd album. I hate to compare an album to a Pink Floyd album given their track record but if I had to find a modern day album that could compare with Darkside of the Moon I would say Cudi at least attempted it. Some of the songs on this album don’t even have lyrics, yet he makes it work. One thing it is for sure it’s original and it’s too early to tell if it’s genius or trash. It’s one of those albums that must be heard in its entirety several times and over time to truly form an opinion. For now he gets points for creativity.

Score – 8


A very good couple of weeks it’s been and as promised there will be many posts to come surrounding the same period. We haven’t even touched mixtapes and already two classic releases for March. To be continued…


Upcoming on the next post later this week new comer Sage the Gemini, Stat Quo, Snoop Dogg, Nina Nesbitt and more.

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Rick Ross —Mastermind
1.) Worlds Biggest Fraud( Skit)
2.) Stole an identity
3.) Join The Secret Socity (Feat. jay-z, Drake, lil Wayne, and Kanye west)
4.) Brain Wash A Culture
5.) Make a Sandwich {Interlude}
6.) Make Men Look Feminine (Feat. Wale and Drake)
7.) Promote Violence (Feat. YOung Jeezy and Gunplay)
8.) Promote Drug Use (feat. Trinidad James and Meek mill)
9.) Molly In Her Drink (Feat. Future)
10.) Fake a Beef (Feat. 50 cent and French Montana)
11.) YoLo [Obeying Lucifer’s Orders]
12.) Human Sacrifice (Feat. Jay-z and Kanye west)
13.) Promote Homo Sexuality (Feat. frank ocean and mackelmore)
14.) Mastermind (Feat. Lucifer)


Disclaimer: Not my thoughts, but I Scooped this from a comment on one of your favorite hip-hop blogs….