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Classic Eminem consisted of Dr. Dre beats and an angry young man that took hilarious shots at pop stars, and a host of characters that played roles in Marshall’s on going showcase.

If you were listening to the first 4 Eminem Records, you felt like you knew him and everyone in his life. Debbie (mom), Hailey, Kim, Dad and many others.

Even Mariah Carey unwilling guest starred on a few episodes. Not to mention all of the fictional characters in his head like Kent Keniff from Connecticut. Just to think, some people think Eminem is just cracking jokes or crying out for attention.

The thing that those who are not hard core Eminem fans may not know is, most of the time Eminem stories are filled with a lots of truth. Painful memories that most people would rather suppress. I read a story about the real life bully from “brain damage” that really did beat a twelve-year-old Marshall to near death in a bathroom stall, and the teachers that tried to cover it up. Remember Deangelo Baily who attempted to sue Eminem for defamation of character? Then again who didn’t try to sue young Marshall. Even his own mother made an attempt and came away with a measly $1,600.00.


On Eminem’s last two albums following his close encounter with death, Eminem lost his way a little bit in my opinion. It took a while for him to shake off the rust and get back to Eminem that the world fell in love with.



His new album Marshall Mathers LP 2 is not the album that I’m going to crown as the best album. I’m not going to say it’s better then the first Marshall Mathers LP. What I am going to say is Marshall is back and he brought the gang with him. Kent, Debbie and Kim. There is something a little different though.

I think our favorite Caucasian MC is maturing. After all the mom dis tracks that he took so much slack for, he finally sincerely admits that he loves his her no matter what she did. Don’t get the wrong idea, this is not a soft emotional album. He attacks from start to finish. His rhyme scheme is more on point then ever before. He actually spends a lot of the album showing switching speeds and styles at random. He’s one of the last few rappers that still use a rhyme scheme. Listening to him rhyme countless times within four bars so effortlessly is quite phenomenal for someone like me who studies rhymes and words. He murders the English language on this album.


There are many who will say on this album he’s trying to hard. The most common review out there is his flow has not aged well. What I’m saying is you can never ask an artist to stay the same because you do one of three things as an artist: you stay stagnate, you fall backwards or you evolve. Trust me ,this is Shady raw and uncut. Technically he raps circles around the competition on the album. I almost want ask him why would you work so hard flipping words when the rest of the rappers are spitting straight sentences that rhyme at the end of the line.


The production is well-rounded and just the fact that legend Rick Rubin even showed up for the album is worth a round of applause. The only guest appearance on the album is Kendrick Lamar and rightly so. Kendrick has spent the last couple of years circling the competition himself.


Not going to call it a classic. Not going to tell you that it’s the album of the year, because it has it’s awkward moments. It has it’s flaws, and I am not a fan of Eminem  screaming which he does a lot less on this album than the last. What I am saying is he’s back and I rate The Marshall Mathers LP 2 with 9 out of 10.


Rating System

10 – Instant Classic – must have

09 – Great Album just short of classic

08 – Good Album recommend checking out

07 – Above average more upside then down

06 – Worth the listen, has a few moments

05 – Average, maybe core fan base will enjoy

04 – You’re not missing much if you skip this one

03 – Bad album let down

02 – Trash- don’t waste your time

01 – Everyone involved in this album needs to reevaluate their life