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Video: "Only" (Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne)

YMCMB has always topped the charts with hits from Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne since the group first came together and haven’t slowed down a bit. They never seem to disappoint, and this time around is no different. With Chris Brown singing the hook, their single “Only” seems like it will be yet another hit for the Young Money crew.

Drake and Kanye WestWhen Yeezus speaks, the people and the press take notice.

Having remained relatively quiet since his nuptials to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has broken his silence in a recent GQ Magazine interview on everything from the reception of 2013’s Yeezus album to his desire to be a top designer in the fashion world to the tabloid wedding of the decade. But for Hip-Hop fans, the most important piece of information divulged by Yeezy probably had to be him seemingly conceding the top spot in Hip Hop to none other than October’s Very Own, Drake. Interviewed for the July issue of GQ by Zach Baron, said exchange reportedly went as follows:

The #1 songs of this week were:

1997 – Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize (17 years ago)
2001 – Janet Jackson – All For You (13years ago)
2008 – Lil Wayne feat. Static Major – Lollipop (6 years ago)

April 27th

In 1985, USA For Africa spent 3 weeks at #1 with “We Are The World”

In 1999, Lollapalooza is cancelled for the second year in a row due to a lack of headliner. It was not revived until 2003.

In 2008, Miley Cyrus sparks controversy by appearing “almost naked” on the cover of Vanity Fair.

April 28th

In 2003, Apple first launched iTunes. At this time, iTunes was only available for Mac users.

April 29th

In 1995, Tupac Shakur married Keisha Morris while serving time at the Clinton Correctional Facility. They divorced a year later.

April 30th

In 1983, Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” was #1 on the Billboard Pop charts.

In 2008, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon marry after dating for only two months. The couple is still married and they have two children.

May 1st

In 1991, LL Cool J becomes the first rapper to appear on MTV Unplugged.

In 2013, Kris Kelly from the rap duo Kris Kross died at the age of 34 in Atlanta. In 1992, their hit song “Jump” spent 8 weeks at #1, including the week of April 27th.

May 3rd

In 1997, Biggie hit #1 in the United States with his first posthumous hit, “Hynotize”. The song stayed at #1 for three weeks.

In 2008, Mariah Carey’s 11th album, E=MC2, hits #1 in the US.

Also in 2008, Diddy received a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This was a pretty slow week in music history. Check out what happened in music history last week, April 13 – April 19. (Link: _____)

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Hip Hop HeadHip-hop has been around for about forty years now and has millions of fans around the world. You can tell the difference between those that only love rap music and a hip-hop head. For one, a hip-hop head is someone who dedicates themselves to knowing anything and everything about the culture and the music while rap lovers just love the music. Newer self-proclaimed hip-hop heads and are often not taken as seriously as older HHH simply because all they know is hip-hop from 2010 and on. Here are ten signs you may be a new school HHH.

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Are you a Drake fan? Do you exhibit any of these characteristics?

You Hate Sleeping Alone.

You Think Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse was highly overrated.

You Think Rihanna is not good enough for Drizzy.

October is your favorite month of the year.

In your opinion, Kanye West is the G.O.A.T.

You prefer the new Lil Wayne over the Old Lil Wayne.

Stay Schemin Drake
You think Drake sonned Common on “Stay Schemin.”

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The release of Jay Z’s newest album Magna Carta Holy Grail spurred a flurry of criticism from other artists. The conversation that Jay Z’s album created has left us with one question: what has hip-hop become?

While hip-hop has always been defined as the culture of black America and rap a by-product of hip-hop, artists today are claiming that hip-hop isn’t the same place it once was. Flavor Flav, former member of Public Enemy and self-proclaimed music critic, has been one of the most vocal protesters of the new direction the hip-hop genre has taken.

“”I think the element of hip-hop left when rap music started being created on a slow tempo. It’s just stayed there for years. Right now, a lot of Rap music today is being created at very low tempos.” he said in a recent interview. While he doesn’t contest that the artists these days are excellent, he claims they are no longer hip-hop. “Lil Wayne is making some great Rap records – everybody is making great rap records, but it’s not hip-hop.” Even Lil Wayne doesn’t know where the genre is. “I don’t know where hip-hop is at,” he said. “I just listen to the old stuff, and my television stay on SportsCenter.”

But what truly makes something hip-hop? Is it the tempo as Flavor Flav suggests? Or is it the rising commercialization thanks to artist like Jay Z who know how to market themselves? Is it the fact that a genre notorious for being underground has taken over the radio stations? Perhaps the shift in hip-hop mirrors the shift in our culture and society. Even hip-hop isn’t immune to change.

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courtesy of The Bleacher Report

After getting dropped by Mountain Dew for his “Emmet Till” reference, Lil Tunechi decided to go ringside with Floyd Mayweather Junior tonight. No 50 Cent, No Justin Bieber and No Worries. Just Tunechi Baby…