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In last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta, emotions ran high. This week wasted no time dealing with the drama left off from last episode when Rasheeda busted out the word “divorce” when talking to Kirk. After all this time, it doesn’t really seem like Kirk understands what the issue is. He feels like trying to fix Rasheeda’s anger isn’t even worth it.

In Joseline’s world, she has decided to make the next step in her relationship with Stevie J. Over dinner in Decatur, Joseline pulls out tickets to Puerto Rico and cash to fund her music video. Meanwhile, Stevie J takes the money Joseline gave him and regifts it to Mimi claiming that Joseline’s music video will be inexpensive, even though he told Joseline the opposite.

In response to last week’s session with a drug counselor, Lil Scrappy has decided to check himself into rehab. While Scrappy claims this will keep him out of prison, his attorney has other news for him: rehab isn’t going to be the walk in the park that Scrappy thinks it is.

In Puerto Rico, Joseline talks about her childhood and other life struggles growing up in an impoverished country. Stevie J expected Puerto Rico to make Joseline happy and is disappointed that her bad memories are coming to the surface and ruining the mood. Stevie J pulls out some comforting words in a touching moment between the two.

In Kirk and Rasheeda’s drama filled work, Rasheeda has found images of Kirk and his secret women from Benzino’s party. Rasheeda says that one of the biggest things that bothers her about his infidelity is the public image that he’s damaging with his affairs. While Rasheeda is throwing out the divorce term, Kirk is criticizing her for so casually tossing out the term and thinks she isn’t loving him as she’s supposed to. It’s in these moments, that Kirk isn’t a respectable person. Rasheeda is putting forth the effort in their relationship while Kirk seems to care less.

Using the money from Stevie J, Mimi decides to get breast implants as a way of furthering distancing herself from her baby daddy and to make herself feel better. Erica goes to visit Scrappy in rehab and the two have an emotionally-charged heart to heart discussion. Scrappy declares his love for her and apologizes for the way he and his mother have treated her. He asks her to reconsider their engagement, but Erica isn’t yet convinced he’s truly changed his ways.

In response to Rasheeda’s divorce threats, Kirk turns to Benzino. Benzino warns him that he’s treading on thin ice and reminds him that he advised against this in the first place. Benzino knows that Kirk does face the possibility of losing everything and that he needs to decide what he really wants in his relationship with Rasheeda. If he’s not willing to put forth the effort, then he needs to go ahead and find a lawyer.

This week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta ends as Joseline pops the big question. Stevie J is struck silent and takes a swig of champagne as the episode fades to black.

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The hit Vh1 show Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta will make its season 2 debut this upcoming Monday April 22 at 8 ET and the Executive Producer promises that this season will be just as thrilling as the first.  But what can we expect in the upcoming episodes?

Rasheedah is pregnant! The announcement was first seen in the season two teaser for the show and at the premiere event Rasheedah was proudly displaying her baby bump.  Of course, with a baby comes drama.  Kirk Frost questions if the child is his and a paternity test may ensue.

Mimi Faust and Stevie J are back together!  Sources close to Mimi say her relationship with Nikko is officially over and wasn’t that genuine in the first place.

DJ Traci Steele has joined the cast!  She’s also stated that nothing scares her.  Along with DJ Traci, her former boyfriend DJ Babey Drew will also be joining the cast.  She claims to have no qualms with Drew dating other girls, but we’ll have to see how that plays out.

K. Michelle has new drama with other cast members!  When she’s not having it out with Rasheedah, she apparently has a new beef with Mimi Faust.

Erica and Momma Dee are going to fight a lot this season too!  And the altercations over who’s the main woman in Lil Scrappy’s love life are guaranteed to be explosive.

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Part II of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta found Lil Scrappy, Shay and Erica Dixon in a full fledge love triangle. Lil Scrappy and Erica once again confessed their genuine affection for one another and Shay was the odd person out.

It was very interesting to watch Momma Dee in action and the craziest quote from her tonight was “I’m on the throne and I am not giving it up.” One of the coolest moments of the night was watching Momma Dee give her son a “Burger King” crown and stating he was still the “Prince of the South.”

After Scrappy let know Scrappy know that he only wanted to be with Erica, Shay stormed off stage. Moments later, Lil Scrappy got on his knees and proposed to his baby mama Erica Dixon and Mona declared there is love in Love and Hip Hop.

The second half of the show found Benzino and Karlie Redd discussing their broken romance which ended in Karlie Redd catching Benzino with another woman at his house. When Mona Scott asked if their relationship was over, Benzino replied “finito.” When asked about the state of her relationship, Rasheeda let the audience know that her union with husband/manager Kirk Frost has only grown stronger since the airing of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

When asked about his bad boy persona, Stevie J stated “They hated on God, so who am I?” One of the craziest moments of tonight was seeing a highlight of Stevie J’s craziest “rat faces.” One viewer asked Stevie J’ why was he always walking and he truthfully replied “I didn’t have a car but now I’m no longer walking.”

“What’s good for the Prince, is Good for the Queen – Welcome to the palace. – Momma Dee
“I’m Happy” – Lil Scrappy

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The Season Finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta began with Erica Dixon dropping a bomb on Lil Scrappy. Erica told the Atlanta rapper that she thinks that they should only be friends and the young man seemed hurt.

Karlie Redd met Atlanta rapper Roscoe Dash for a few drinks and they talked about collaborating on a song, as the two were both in “flirt mode.” When Roscoe asked if Karlie was single, she said her relationship was complicated like a Facebook status.

Mimi, Joseline and Stevie met with Dr. Jeff for the third damn time. Stevie J had the nerve to wear a shirt that said “I AM GOD.” And, the most bizarre moment of this crazy scene was when Joseline admitted that she watch Stevie J have sex with her best friend while she watched them. Stevie J let both of the ladies know that he is the reason they are currently in the spotlight.

Shay and Scrappy had a conversation about their friendship, and Scrappy actually told her he loves her. Shay was extremely upset that Scrappy still wants to be with Erica and Scrappy is confused as usual.

Benzino was a little hesistant about giving Karlie Redd the “ring” he bought her but he is afraid he will get played. Can you blame him? After talking his concerns over with Stevie J, Benzino feels he has to go wherever his heart takes him.

Stevie J introduced Joseline to his new artist Che Mack and it was an obvious ploy to make her jealous. Stevie J wants Joseline to collaborate with her on a track but Joseline is definitely not feeling it.

Rasheeda and K. Michelle met once again, to talk about K. Michelle being abused by Memphitz. The two have been going back and forth on Twitter and Instagram about the whole issue for thr last few weeks. Oh Drama!

Benzino and Karlie Redd had a nice dinner and they spoke about the status of their relationship. After Karlie told Benzino she wasn’t sure if he loved her, he reneged on giving her the ring he bought and broke up with her.

The highlight of the show was seeing Rasheeda and Kirk Frost renew their vows after 12 years of marriage.

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta started off with Mimi Faust and Grammy winning producer Stevie J spending quality time with their daughter. Mimi and Stevie J had another conversation about trust or better yet the lack of. Stevie J suggested that the two along with Joseline go to counseling together.

Joseline and Karlie Redd spoke about their plans to collaborate, but now they seem null and void. The two chit chatted about Karlie Redd and Benzino’s romance and for the first time it seemed like the two connected on a personal level.

Lil Scrappy and Shay were in the studio vibinng when Rasheeda came in to check out a track that they were suppose to be working on together. Rahseeda let know Scrappy know that Erica is hurting and really wants to be with her. Lil Scrappy said he’s done, but Rasheeda wasn’t trying to hear it!

So, Benzino set up Karlie Redd with her own photo shoot for Hip Hop Weekly to prove he is actually good for her career. Benzino wanted to let Karlie and her management know that he wasn’t going to lose his woman for anything.

Rasheeda, Mimi and K. Michelle had a ladies night out during Lil Scrappy’s mix tape release party and Rasheeda let the girls know that Lil Scrappy and Shay were definitely an item. Halfway into he spill, Scrappy and Shay walked in and the girls were appalled. K. Michelle was adamant about telling her girl Erica Dixon about Scrappy.

K.Michelle had a meeting with Erica and she spilled all the beans about Lil Scrappy and Shay’s affair. Erica seemed really her, but she knows what she is dealing with. Erica feels that Scrappy is not hurting their relationship but she is also hurting his relationship with their child.

Things seem to really be heating up with Benzino and Karlie Redd, because he made a trip to see his man Dave the Jeweler.

Rasheeda, Kirk Frost and Debra Antney had a chance to meet about the direction of Rasheeda’s career. Debra let Kirk know that he is not taking responsibility for the growth of Rasheeda’s career. Debra made some very good points, but her delivery was bit off. Debra let Rasheeda know that she would be willing to work with her minus Kirk. After the meeting, the emotions between Kirk and Rasheeda was extremely intense.

Stevie J stopped by Benzino’s mansion to talk about his drama and Benzino let Stevie know about his plans to propose to Karlie Redd.

During the final scene of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta; Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi had a counseling session with Dr. Jeff. Dr. Jeff spoke with the trio about the “arrangement,” and Joseline told Dr. Jeff she wasn’t aware Stevie was still involved with Mimi. As Joseline was talking, Stevie wiped the sweat from Joseline’s nose and Mimi was disturbed. Once Mimi told Joseline that she was still staying with Stevie, Joseline snapped and pimped slapped Stevie J.

The End…..

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Unlike Lil Scrappy, I had heard about Stevie J long before Eve’s Behind the Music special on VH1. With all of the foolery on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, one often forgets that Stevie J is a three-time Grammy winner. Yes, I remember the leaked sex tape featuring him and Eve, but I also remember Jay-Z shouting him out on a track called Ride or Die from the ‘Hard Knock Life’ album.

This was the song that turned Bad Boy’s Mase Murder into Pastor Mason Betha. The craziest thing about the whole situation is Stevie J was Bad Boy’s go to producer at the time. In the song Jay-Z raps:

“I bruise wack rap niggaz severely punish them. Especially those that get fucked for they publishing, Always gotta be the weakest nigga out the crew I probably make more money off yo’ album, than you. You see the respect I get every time I come through. Check your own videos, you’ll always be number two. Niggaz talkin real greasy on them R&B records but I’m platinum a million times nigga, check the credits.”

After watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for the past month or so, I decided to look up Stevie J’s discography and I was amazed at his track record. It’s a ashame that someone as talented as Stevie J hasn’t had a hit record in so long. It seems like he is more focused on banging “hot chicks” than making music these days. The Power of the “P.” With that being, here are Stevie J’s 5 Biggest Hits of All-Time.

1. 112 feat Notorious B.I.G. – Only You
Only You’ was the lead single from Bad Boy Records R&B group 112’s debut album.

2. Eve feat Gwen Stefani – Blow Ya Mind
Released in 2001, Blow Ya Mind was Eve’s first single from her Scorpio album.In 2002, the Stevie J produced track won a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

3. Puff Daddy feat Faith and 112 – I’ll Be Missing You
Released in 1997 I’ll Be Missing You was a tribute to the legendary Notorious B.I.G. The song sample The Police “Every Breath You Take,” and it also won a Grammy.

4. Mariah Carey – Honey
Honey was the lead single from Mariah Carey’s Butterfly album and it was nominated for two Grammy’s in 1998.

5. Mariah Carey featuring Krazie and Wish Bone – Breakdown
Breakdown was one of the first songs that introduced a prissy Mariah Carey to the Hip Hop world.

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The debut season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has been one of the most talked about reality tv shows this summer. Filled with baby mama drama, table fights and a few heated rivals – I’m sure VH1 will be ordering up another season soon.

One of the most interesting members of the cast is Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy AKA The “Prince of the South.” It’s been almost ten years since the Atlanta, GA native along with Lil Jon took over the rap charts with their “crunk movement.” Yeah, Scrappy is no T.I. or Lil Wayne – but my no means should he be considered “a one hit wonder.” With that being said, here are the five best Lil Scrappy Songs of All-Time.

1. Head Bussa featuring Lil Jon

2. No Problem

3. Oh Yeah featuring Sean Paul

4. Money in the Bank

5. Addicted To Money ft. Ludacris

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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta got off to a very interesting start tonight as Jocelyn Hernandez ended up apologizing to Erica Dixon, Mimi promised she would leave Stevie J, and Lil Scrappy cryed to his mom about how he was upset at his Baby Mama Erica Dixon for not coming to his rescue during an asthma attack.

K. Michelle consoled MiMi about her relationship, as Mimi complained to her about Stevie J’s infedelity and how she was has been receiving threatening text messages from Jocelyn. Mimi seems to be sure that Jocelyn and Stevie have a sexual relationship Stevie J. Ha, I wonder where she got that idea from?

One of the most hilarious moments of the night came when Karlie Redd, who is supposedly signed to a management deal with Cash Money, auditioned for Stevie J.

Karlie Redd’s performance and dance sucked pretty badly and it left me wondering, if she is really signed to Cash Money? And, How old is she anyway because Jocelyn and K. Michelle seems to think Karlie is ancient as hell.

During the same scene, Jocelyn stormed in mad as usual and Stevie J explained that he was only working with her because of her affiliation with Cash Money. Later on during the same scene – Benzino puts his mack down and exchanges contact information with Karlie Redd as she states “Benzino is my type of man.”

Once again, Lil Scrappy mom comes to his rescue as she is screaming that Erica left her son for dead. The two later on had a talk as Scrappy was complaining about he was hurt that Erica didn’t come to his rescue. Erica let Scrappy know that she refuses to babysit him because he decided to go out, get drunk and have an asthma attack.

Mimi and Stevie J had a heated conversation about his infedility, being threatened by Jocelyn, and the two also talked about possibly seeing a therapist.

Later during the show, Erica had a chance to speak with Rasheeda and K.Michelle and Rasheeda asked Erica “Do you think it’s somebody else.” Erica seems to be ignorant of Scrappy’s fondness of Shay and just thinks he needs some maturing.

So the episode ended with a table fight between K. Michelle and Karlie Redd at some wine bar. K. Michelle seems determined to let us know that she doesn’t play because she is from Memphis and Karlie, Karlie, Karlie…..