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Mother’s Day is tomorrow—have you gotten your mother anything yet?

No?! Well don’t worry. I’ve got a list of some great last minute gifts that will be sure to garner a smile from the woman who dealt with you for years.

1. For the mother who has everything

Is your mom the kind of woman who, when she needs or wants something, she just goes ahead and buys it herself? Have no fear! You can accomplish a great gift in two different ways:

1. Take your mom out for a day of lunch and shopping. Spend quality time together. She may have everything, but I guarantee all she really wants is more time with her beloved children. (You should probably try to do something like this anyway, just saying.)

2. Go the sentimental route. Find an old photograph of the two of you (or with your siblings if you’re not an only child) and get it framed or turned into a canvas.

2. For the mother who is always busy

Does your mom always have something going on every minute of every day? Is she an incredibly hard worker? Does she need a day off? Then give it to her! Get her a spa package, have a mani/pedi day, or give her a gift certificate to get her hair done. The woman needs to relax. Give her the gift of “me-time.”

3. For the tech savvy mom

Actually, this could go both ways: whether your mother is tech savvy or you know, not so much. (Like my mom. She’s constantly asking me how to work the remote. She can’t even find the mute button, bless her heart.) This gift idea is especially great if you live far away. Get your mom a computer or tablet and you’ll be able to Skype. Maybe then she’ll get off your back about how she never sees you anymore. Two birds with one stone, right?

4. For the mother who insists she wants nothing for Mother’s Day

Does your mom want nothing more than just to spend time with you on Mother’s Day? Well then give her that quality time, but perhaps you should do something more. Get your mom flowers or, better yet, spend a day working in her garden planting flowers. If you get her flowers, splurge for a nice vase as well! Or how about a nice necklace or bracelet? That’ll make up for all of the macaroni jewelry you made her over the years.

5. For the mother who is soon to be a grandma

Are you about to make your mother a grandma? If you haven’t told her you’re pregnant yet, buy her something that says, “#1 Grandma” or a baby onesie that says “Grandma Loves Me” and see how long it takes her to figure it out.  If your mom is a grandma, get your kids in on the action of gift giving. Nothing is sweeter than a present with the handprints of her baby’s baby. This will be sure to bring a tear or two to your mother’s eye.

Note: Don’t let your mom know that you waited until the last minute to figure out a gift for her. Otherwise, you’ll probably hear about it for years.