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The new year holds many promises, and the film industry is no exception. Some of our favorite franchises continue their journeys, while new voices also come to light. Here is a list of the best and brightest looking films being released in 2014. As always, I have gathered a little bit of everything here. You have your comedy, your action, your family films,horror, Sci-fi,and even a film based on new take of a Disney villainess. It’s more variety than watching the same five trailers on TBS for the hundredth time–you have to give me that at least.

This is by no means every single movie being released this year, but the list should be enough to wet your appetite. I have already arranged my personal “must sees” in my mind–I am sure that something will grab you and have you planning, waiting, and dying to watch. Take a look at this 2014 release list:




Transformers: Age of Extinction


Guardians of the Galaxy


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones




The Amazing Spiderman 2


X-Men: Days of Future Past




The Maze Runner


The Legend of Hercules




Dawn of the Planet of the Apes




Vampire Academy


The Expendables 3


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit


I, Frankenstein


22 Jump Street


How to Train Your Dragon 2


300: Rise of An Empire


Lone Survivor




Winter’s Tale


Edge of Tomorrow


Ride Along

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Comedy has to be genetic! Funny man Kevin Hart’s daughter Heaven Hart (age 8) makes the ‘Most Popular’ page on Vine.

Heaven Hart gives us her six second comedic version of Macklemore’s popular song Same Love. “When I was in the third grade, people treated me like a criminal… Because I killed somebody.” Not only does Heaven give us a peep of her own comedic skills, she reveals her true acting skills.

With almost 30,000 likes, and over 20,000 revines Heaven made the popular mobile social media application Vine’s ‘Most Popular’ page. Fans have compared her to the comedy of her mother and father Torrei and Kevin Hart. Some have even likened her acting skill in the vine video to Dakota Fanning.

Of course the daughter of funny man Kevin Hart has not “killed anybody.” Her vine video is purely comedic and meant to be viewed in that manner. Be on the look-out for more comedy and sketches from Heaven Hart on her mother, Torrei Hart’s Vine profile.

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In 2012, Kevin Hart embarked on his “Let Me Explain” tour that hit 10 countries and 80 cities. For those that missed the comedy tour, a recorded version of Hart’s performance at Madison Square Garden can be found in theaters starting July 3rd.

“Let Me Explain” does just what the title implies: it’s an opportunity for Kevin Hart to explain himself and his life. He intends to establish what he feels is the truth in this movie. The truth behind life’s ups and downs, the rumors, and the family debacles in a strictly, Hart-style stand up comedy format.

Hart has pushed the standards of comedy by incorporating hip-hop into the film. He believes that hip-hop has become such a universal, world-wide phenomenon that there was no way to avoid the intertwining of comedy and music. Hart says that the music is within him and thus it comes out within the film. He promises that it is very natural and organic and will not feel forced.

Kevin Hart is making one of the first steps to redefining the concert movie trend that’s sweeping the world with the film version of his stand-up tour. You can catch Hart’s comedy concert on July 3rd.

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Real Husbands of Hollywood is centered around men who are known for being married to famous women, with the exception of Kevin Hart.  Hart is the divorced odd man out, so it’s no surprise that the most of the show’s jokes and jabs are taken at him.  This is evident in the first 30 seconds as the show opens with Hart’s haughty tales of his achievements in the world of comedy.  His bragging is shortly interrupted as a bird defecates on his face and the show really begins.

The show is quick to point out that it doesn’t take itself seriously, so naturally, neither should we.  The real drama of the show begins at Nick Cannon’s party where Hart is mistaken for a small child.  It’s not really a surprise.  At a meager 5’4″, Kevin Hart doesn’t exactly tower over anyone.  Hart is then beaten up by Nick Cannon’s 11-year old cousin after he insults a pie the boy made.

Things turn sour when Hart meets with his lawyer, Trina Shaw, and wants to sue the boy.  Unfortunately for Hart, she won’t acknowledge his claim, and Hart is infuriated even further when he finds out his lawyer also represents Cannon and his other friends.

In an ode to the original sketch that spawned this television series (which has already been picked up for a second season), Hart and his friends sit down for a friendly game of poker at Hart’s home which his has declared “white-free”.  The peace doesn’t last when it is revealed that Nelly invited Robin Thicke to play in place of Nick Cannon.

Tensions are high between the two men and Hart becomes increasingly annoyed with Robin’s casual name-dropping.  Eventually, Robin mentions that he normally plays poker with Prince at this time.  The crew then packs up and heads to Prince’s house sans Hart, who angrily bans Robin from his home.

In all, the show is a light-hearted good time.  It’s reminiscent of sitting around with old friends who mock one another incessantly.  As long as the show avoids going over the top with its comedy (which it came dangerously close to), it should be a hilarious success.  If you missed it, make sure you tune in next week as the drama between Kevin Hart and Robin Thicke thickens.

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Kevin Hart is a triple-threat: an actor, comedian  and rapper.  With his newest mock-reality tv series The Real Husbands of Hollywood airing on BET this week, Kevin Hart is back in the spotlight.  But what do you really know about Kevin Hart?

1. His stand-up career was initially a flop.

His first few comedic gigs left him in a slump when he was frequently booed from the stage.  It was apparently so bad, that one man threw a piece of chicken at him while he was on stage.

2. His first big break was given to him by Judd Apatow.

His first on-screen gig was in Apatow’s series Undeclared.  Judd Apatow later went on to recommend Hart to host the 2012 VMAs.

3. He has a fear of dolphins.

fear of dolphins

4. He is incredibly short.

Coming in at only 5’4″, he’s one of the shortest comedians.

5. He worked as a shoe salesman before a career in comedy.

Even though he got off to a rocky start, he’s poised to become the next comedic star.  Quitting the shoe industry was probably a wise choice for him.

6. He wrote and starred in his own sitcom.

the big house

The sitcom The Big House aired on ABC in 2004, but was canceled after 6 episodes.

7. He is one of the most successful comedians of his time.

Last year’s tour was the most successful comedy tour on ticketmaster.  Two shows in Los Angeles raked in $1.5 million in sales.  His special Laugh at my Pain is also the seventh most successful stand-up film of all time.

8. While he may not have the height to play basketball, he does have the skill.


He was elected as MVP at the NBA Celebrity All-Star game despite the fact that he didn’t even make it to the last quarter.  He was ejected from the game for cursing a ref and throwing his shoes across the court.  In spite of his tantrum, he managed leave with 8 points and 6 assists crowning him MVP.

9. He has a game available through iTunes.

little jumpman

It’s called Little Jumpman and is available for download on the iPod and iPad.  The game is a simple platform jumping game where the objective is to jump higher and higher.

10. Kevin Hart cites Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Eddie Murphy as his influences.

He says he wants to combine the best qualities of these men into his own act to form his own unique style.


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We have The Real Housewives of Orange County, Miami, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills.  To be honest, the only thing I could think when I heard about BET’s newest series, The Real Husbands of Hollywood was “Ugh. No more.”  But one of the show’s stars, Kevin Hart, promises it will be much more than what you would expect on first glance.

It all begins with the 2011 BET Awards when Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Anthony Anderson, and Bobby Brown all sat down and satirized the Real Housewives reality television obsession in a sketch entitled The Real Husbands of Hollywood.  The sketch was filled with slap-stick humor and parodied what it was like being married to a high-profile woman in Hollywood.

Along with Nick Cannon, Boris Kodje, and Robin Thicke, Kevin Hart is taking The Real Husbands of Hollywood sketch to the next step: a full show on BET.  And the show is promising.  While we seem to be stuck in a drama-filled reality tv rut, The Real Husbands offer an interesting and unique look at the way we watch reality tv – by mocking it.

Despite its similarities in name to the hit reality series and the fact that the cast is comprised of famous husbands, The Real Husbands of Hollywood is NOT a reality show.  It is a mock reality show, similar in style, Kevin Hart says, to Curb Your Enthusiasm.   And if there’s one thing America loves as much as reality television, it’s mock reality television.   With the success of shows like Arrested Development, which has a cult following, and Parks and Rec, The Real Husbands of Hollywood has the opportunity to put BET on the map.  The show’s star-studded comedic cast leaves little room for failure, so long as the show avoids falling into a boring and stereotypical rut.  I, for one, look forward to seeing what sort of comedic relief the show can bring to the world of reality television.

The Real Husbands of Hollywood premieres January 15th at 10ET/CT on BET.

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From performances by Rihanna and One Direction to special appearances from our fave celebs, the VMAs was not an event to miss.  In case you missed it, here are the top five moments of the VMAs:

5) Beloved band Green Day, rocked the stage to the next level by inviting fans to join them during the stage creating an intimate performance.

4) At the helm of the VMAs was the hilarious host, Kevin Hart. Teasing and taunting celebs and their drama, the pint-sized comedian spared no one including Chris Brown, Drake, Snooki, and Kristin Stewart, and his honest commentary had the audience rolling with laughter

3) Skateboarding his way to the stage, Lil’ Wayne took the stage with 2 Chainz and had the audience on the feet with his antics and even surprising the unexpecting audience by diving into the crowd.

2) One of the most exhilarating performances of the night – Alicia Keys performing debuting her new single, “Girl on Fire” with special guest Nicki Minaj.  But more exciting than the songstress’ soulful voice?  Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas stunning the audience with her graceful leaps and bounds.  She truly is America’s sweetheart.

1) But the performance that stole the show and the audience’s hearts was most definitely Frank Ocean’s performance of “Thinking About You.”  Even through the screen, Frank tugged on heart strings and even moved fans to tears with his pure voice.  Surely, even McKayla Maroney was impressed!