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I’m not sure if this is true, But I just read a new post from Bob Lefsetz stating that Apple purchased the streaming music Titan for 10 billion dollars. If this is true, I will eat my own words and declare that Spotify will in fact become the OS for all of music. According to Lefsetz, Jimmy Iovine and Beats Music were completely unaware of the deal. I wonder how this makes Jay-Hova feels?

I mean, we all knew Tidal didn’t stand a chance, but now we know it’s doomed for sure!!!

Drake and Kanye WestWhen Yeezus speaks, the people and the press take notice.

Having remained relatively quiet since his nuptials to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has broken his silence in a recent GQ Magazine interview on everything from the reception of 2013’s Yeezus album to his desire to be a top designer in the fashion world to the tabloid wedding of the decade. But for Hip-Hop fans, the most important piece of information divulged by Yeezy probably had to be him seemingly conceding the top spot in Hip Hop to none other than October’s Very Own, Drake. Interviewed for the July issue of GQ by Zach Baron, said exchange reportedly went as follows:

The Rock is in the Building…Chris Rock that is.

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This years BET Awards was filled with many surprise performances including Jhene Aiko taking the stage with Grammy Award Winner John Legend to sing her hit “The Worst”, to Trey Songz joining August Alsina to perform their single “I Love This” along with the now husky figured Chris Brown pictured below.

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Recently, the news of the new N.W.A. biopic hit the net with a new release date and first photos. Straight Outta Compton will tell the story of N.W.A. (Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Ice Cube, MC Ren, DJ Yella) as they rose to music and pop culture fame in the 1980s with their debut album of the same name, and beyond. In past years, we’ve seen more than a few Hip Hop biopics hit theatres, from Notorious, telling the story of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, and 8 Mile, a semi-autobiographical account of part of Eminem’s story. And of course, the Tupac Shakur biopic is reportedly beginning to take shape as well. But the truth is that there are tons of towering Hip Hop figures that deserve their own major motion picture treatment on the silver screen. Here are a few Hip Hop legends we’d like to see have their biographies told on the big screen.

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10 Greatest Hip-Hop Beefs
In no particular order…

Shady Aftermath vs Murder Inc


This feud started when Ja Rule saw 50 Cent hanging out with a guy who had once robbed him, so Ja took to a track to diss 50. The beef spread from there, involving entire labels. One of the more infamous aspects of this feud was when Ja Rule said Eminem’s daughter’s name on one of his tracks. It quickly spiraled from there.

Lil’ Kim vs Nicki Minaj


Lil’ Kim was great back in the day, but years went by and then Nicki Minaj came onto the scene. The entire beef was about how Lil’ Kim felt that Nicki was copying her style, and Nicki denied it. According to Nicki, she saw Kim at a Lil’ Wayne show and tried to squash the beef. That, to her face, Kim claimed that they were good. Yet on her track “Roman’s Revenge”, Nicki makes a comment about has-beens that most assumed was about Kim. Kim then called Nicki a gimmick and a wannabe. Classic.

Nas vs Jay-Z


Nas vs. Jay Z is one of the more famous of all hip-hop feuds. This beef started shortly after the East Coast/West Coast problems when Jay Z said in a line “Ask Nas, he don’t want it with Hov, No!” The beef escalated from there and lasted over 5 years before resolving in 2006. Since then, Jay Z and Nas have featured on each other’s tracks, and Jay Z even joined Nas during his stage at Coachella this year.

Kanye West vs Ray J


Everyone knows about Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s former relationship. Yet when Kim and Kanye got together, Ray J wanted to make sure that no one forgot it. Ray released a song called “Hit It First” which featured a pixelated image of Kim in a bikini on the artwork. Kanye fired back while on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’, calling Ray J “lame”. Even recently, it was reported that Ray J was going to give Kimye, as a wedding present, all of the proceeds from his sex tape with Kim.

Frank Ocean vs Chris Brown


Last year, shortly before The Grammys, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into a fight outside of a Los Angeles studio – allegedly over a parking space. Some say that Chris started the beef by throwing homophobic slurs at Frank, while others say that Chris tried to shake Frank’s hand and Frank started the fight because Chris was at his studio, in his parking space. Later that night Frank took to Twitter to claim that he was jumped by Chris, but we might never know how this fight was truly started.

Eazy E vs Dr Dre


Both Eazy-E and Dre were members of NWA before they disbanded. It was a nasty breakup, and the two traded diss tracks. Eazy claimed that Dre never really lived through the “harsh realities” of the hood. Eazy then rapped about Dre dressing in drag while a member of World Class Wrecking Cru’. He even put out an image of Dre in mascara and high heels.

2Pac vs Biggie


This was the beef that involved an entire country, pitting coasts against each other. It started when Tupac was shot down while in New York, ultimately blaming Biggie and Diddy for the attack. While this is undoubtedly the most notorious hip-hop beef, the one that affected the most amount of people, ended in worst ways. Both Tupac and Biggie were shot and killed within 6 months of each other.

LL Cool J vs Canibus


LL and Canibus had a lyrical feud, starting over lines that Canibus put on the track “4, 3, 2, 1″. Canibus rapped “L, is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that.” When LL asked Canibus to change the lyrics, Canibus agreed as long as Cool J also changed his own lyrics. The two continued to trade insults, but Canibus sold less and less records and never achieved commercial success – some say in part because of his feud with Cool J.

50 Cent vs The Game


The Game was brought onto Aftermath Records, and then shortly after joined 50 Cent’s group, G-Unit. Tensions came to a head when 50 Cent’s second album was pushed back for the release of The Game’s debut album, followed by 50 refusing to sit next to The Game during his music video for “Hate It or Love It”. 50 Cent then announced that The Game was being removed from G-Unit on air, at the same station that The Game had done an interview for earlier in the day. When The Game tried to re-enter the building, a member of his entourage was shot in the leg by a security guard. The feud has continued, despite reconciliation attempts, and even as recently as march of this year Game had dissed 50.

and my personal favorite…. Chief Keef vs Katy Perry


In May of last year, Katy Perry took to Twitter to say that Chief Keef’s song “I Hate Bein’ Sober” gave her “serious doubt for the world”. Chief Keef saw the tweet, and responded by saying he would “slap the s–t out of her” along with some other vulgar things. Katy quickly recanted by saying she was a fan of his, didn’t know it was his song, and that she mostly meant she was disappointed in “our generation’s desire to be constantly intoxicated.” This was one of the most ridiculous beefs I’d ever witnessed, but hysterical just the same.

Which beef do you think was the greatest? Who do you think won each beef? Let us know in the comments.

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Rap More Words

Generally speaking, skits are annoying. They always seem to come up on shuffle, they’re frequently gross (I’m looking at you, Big Sean… why would you ever think people would want to listen to what you put on “Freaky?”) and they aren’t usually pleasant to listen to. Unless the album is a concept album with a story that progresses because of the skits—as is the case in “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City”—or if you have Tracy Morgan cracking jokes, like he does on “Wu-Massacre”then I’d usually say they only hurt an album.

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Do-it-for-the-vinejay-and-solangeMore and more people are ’Doing it for the Vine‘, and these guys are no different.

So…. Bieber got a Vine.

It’s basically a disaster.

Dancing Alone

Great Parenting

In case you missed it, the action is the right side of the vine.

Real Life Lagging

They See Me Rollin’

The Only Way To Eat Cereal

What Really Happened Between Solange and Jay Z

Check out some more crazy vine antics, like the Mother’s Day edition!

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J. Cole and Skip Gates at Harvard
Music producer, sought-after DJ, indie Hip Hop label head…there are a few things that North Carolina’s 9th Wonder is known for these days. But more and more people are beginning to know his by the titles of academic and scholar with the recent release of the trailer for the 9th Wonder documentary “The Hip Hop Fellow”. The Hip Hop documentary will apparently focus on 9th Wonder’s time at Harvard University as he leads discussion and teaches classes on Hip Hop music, culture and history. It got us to thinking here at SoSoActive: what are some of the greatest recent examples of the convergence of Hip Hop and higher learning? Here are five that might surprise you:

Professor Michael Eric Dyson taught a course on the sociological and cultural impact of Jay Z’s music in 2012 at Georgetown University, and has also written books about the music of Nas and 2Pac.

Among his vast array of jobs (producer/DJ/Drummer/Curator/Music Supervisor), Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson also gained the title of professor by teaching a class called “Topics in Recorded Music: Classic Albums” at New York University in 2013.

Last year, Harvard’s Hip Hop Archive presented a town hall styled conversation with Roc Nation artist J. Cole.

Part of a program in New York called Science Genius, The GZA worked with Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin to teach science to high school kids through writing Hip Hop lyrics.

In October of last year, Harvard University and Queensbridge legend Nas announced the details of the Nasir Jones Hip hop Fellowship, a program that will fund visiting scholars who engage in Hip Hop-related research and academics.

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Chronic 2001

The year 1999 is remembered for many things on many fronts, from social issues to politics and more. It was the final year of the go-go 1990s Clinton administration in Washington, leading to George W. Bush’s time in office. It was the year many people watched in horror the tragedies of the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado.  It was the year panic and fear spread over Y2K and the approaching new millennium. It was the year The Matrix took movie theatres and pop culture by storm. And the year the music industry changed forever because of Napster. 


1999 was also a vastly interesting year for music. Many of us who were growing music heads at the time didn’t realize it, but we were witnessing the birth of the iTunes era, where barriers between artists and genres would be crushed. And many seminal albums by some of our favorite artists were released in 1999, from the ultra poppy (…Baby One More Time by Britney Spears, Millennium by The Backstreet Boys, On the 6 by Jennifer Lopez) to the ultra Hip Hop (…And Then There Was X by DMX, The Block Is Hot by Lil Wayne, Da Real World by Missy Elliot.) Here’s a list of some of the most important albums from that year that will be turning the big 1-5 in 2014:


2001 – DR. DRE: Released November 16, 1999


BLACK ON BOTH SIDES – MOS DEF: Released October 12, 1999


BLACKOUT – METHOD MAN AND REDMAN: Released September 27, 1999




ENEMA OF THE STATE – BLINK 182: Released June 1, 1999


FANMAIL – TLC: Released February 22, 1999


MARY – MARY J. BLIDGE: Released August 17, 1999


PLAY – MOBY: Released May 17, 1999




THE SLIM SHADY LP – EMINEM: Released February 23, 1999






THINGS FALL APART – THE ROOTS: Released February 23, 1999


VOL 3…LIFE AND TIMES OF S. CARTER – JAY Z: Released December 28, 1999


WHEN THE PAWN… – FIONA APPLE: Released November 9, 1999