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Holiday  Music 2012
Recently, the popular music blog/website published an article giving artists 10 essential tips and pointers they need to use in preparation for the upcoming holiday music buying season. With all of the ghostly, ghoulish fun of Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving being right around the corner, the Holiday season has officially begun, and for many mainstream and indie artists, staunch music heads, collectors, concertgoers and even the most casual of fans, this means the biggest time of the year for new music.

That being the case, being the music business experts that they are took to their site to give some very important and very timely tips to artists in getting their music out to the public in the best, most effective and most fun ways possible. Guest contributor Chris Mooney, Senior Director of Artist Promotions and Strategic Partnerships at the almighty TuneCore, gave some great advice and general strategies to musicians looking to get their voices heard during the busiest music buying time of the year, including the following five highlights from the list:

-Create something new for your fans
-Don’t Miss the iTunes Holiday Deadlines
-Build a holiday playlist
-Be the life (and the music) of the party
-Go local

You can read the entire article at the following link on

All of the tips given by Mooney, TuneCore and Hypebot are excellent ways for artists to continue building a name and a brand for themselves. So we at SoSoActive thought we’d take these ideas and add five more ways that artists and musicians of all kinds can use the holiday season to spread their music, along with a little holiday cheer:

1. Listen to what local radio stations are playing for their listeners: Holiday music is already being played somewhere in your local area, guaranteed. So listen closely! You never know: you might find some inspiration for a cover tune or a new, original holiday song of your own.

2. Start an Open Mic event specifically for the holiday season: Live music during the holidays is always special. And holding an Open Mic holiday event may allow you, the artist, to gain more fans for yourself and some of your musical contemporaries.

3. Pay attention to what local record stores are doing for holiday promotions: Record stores are a breeding ground for music nerds and audiophiles of many stripes, and all are willing to part with some cash for great tunes. They might just be looking for something new, so get yourself to your local vinyl shop, post haste!

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4. Use iPhone Christmas Apps: lists the top 9 iPod Christmas Apps on its website, two of them being a Salvation Army Christmas Music App and a Christmas Radio App, both containing thousands of stations, songs, hymnals and more. And at $2.99 a pop, there’s no telling what inspiration you can draw from them!

5. Connect your music with a charitable organization: The holiday season is all about giving, uplifting and connecting with people. What better way to do all of these things then by genuinely attaching your music to a non-profit organization that you care about?

Keep in mind that these are all only suggestions. But with the holiday season upon us, soon enough there will be plenty of snow on the ground, a chill in the air, hot cocoa in many a Starbucks cup and plenty of music being played. Just make sure it’s your music that’s in the air.