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Friday, December 19th was the last and final episode of 106 & Park, the beloved music video countdown show on BET that first aired in 2000. The show featured a music video countdown that viewers got to vote for online, as well as artist and celebrity interviews, new artist debuts, freestyle rap, dance, and singing battles and much more.

After nine seasons and an eight-year wait to meet the ever-elusive “mother,” How I Met Your Mother is coming to an end. The unanswered questions—like what does Barney really do for a living—have been answered, the mysteries have been solved, and the much-anticipated wedding between Robin and Barney is upon us. Before the show officially comes to a close on March 31st, here are a few things we will miss most about this quirky show:


1. Robin Sparkles

Robin’s alter ego from her Canadian teen pop star past is nothing short of fantastic. “Let’s Go to the Mall” is a song that will forever be stuck in my head.

Oh, and let us not forget about Robin Sparkles’ dark and rebellious phase: Robin Daggers.

Seriously, this show is just so odd and I love it.


2. Ted’s quest for “The One”

Ted’s had some doozies when it comes to significant others, yet you can’t help but admire his positivity of finding his soul mate. His hopeless romantic quality has raised the bar for many a men out in the world. His blue French horn theft for Robin was probably one of the cutest and romantic things I’ve seen on television. To quote Ted: “I would have stolen a whole orchestra for you.” Heart=melted.

And yes, we have finally met the mother. (Who I happen to love because she’s a weirdo.) But has anyone else noticed that “the mother” looks like a combination of Robin and Lily?

Weird, right?


3. Slap Bets

The epic slap bets—the only person that won’t miss them is Barney.


4. Marshall and Lily

One of the most real and cutest couples on television. They have been through everything together and made it through stronger than ever. Plus, they’re super dorky and awesome parents. I’ll miss their dynamic the most.


5. Barney’s escapades

Or should I say sexcapades?

As gross as Barney can—or could—be, you can’t say that he wasn’t entertaining. I, for one, always enjoyed when he announced “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” and conquered another girl in the most ridiculous way possible, such as a time traveler or a decrepit old man.

Okay, let’s just be honest. We’re going to miss Barney Stinson in general. I mean come on, his obsession with suits, his need to high five about everything, his ridiculous stories, and his obedience to The Bro Code is what makes us love him. Let’s not forget about how he claims everything is going to be legen—wait for it—dary. I think I’ll miss Barney the most.


How I Met Your Mother ends March 31st on CBS at 8/7c. Be sure to tune in because the final episode is bound to be legen—wait for it—dary!