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Meghan Trainor Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Meghan Trainor Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images

She has the two most irritating songs on the radio right now but they’re catchy as all hell. Meghan Trainor, the voice behind All About That Bass and Lips Are Moving, is taking the world by storm in just a short amount of time. All About That Bass was nominated for a Grammy earlier this year, while it didn’t snatch up any awards – thank God, by the way – Trainor has taken it in stride. I really wouldn’t know but she is in rotation at least twice every hour. Let us dive in and learn ten things about twenty-one-year-old singer Meghan Trainor.

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rza-2The RZA is one of the most iconic names in the hip-hop industry. When you think Wu Tang you think RZA and vice versa. He’s moved from being a rapper in a huge rap group to becoming one of the best producers in the game to eventually stepping in front of the camera to act. With two movies out in theaters including Brick Mansions, I felt it was time to reintroduce you to rapper RZA with ten interesting facts.

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Future_Honest_(album)Future released his second album this past week, Honest to so-so reviews. Honest is receiving much better reviews than his previous album, his debut Pluto, which bombed with critics. The sophomore album has scored six, count ‘em, six singles including Move That Dope and the highly controversial Karate Chop (remix). You “bought” the album and gave it a good listen but now here are ten facts about Future’s album Honest.

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NERD_Fly_or_DiePharrell Williams is one of the hardest working man in the music industry today and ten years ago that statement was true. Pharrell is known for a lot of things including writing, producing, singing and rapping, as well as being the front man to the band N.E.R.D. The band released three albums so far but the one we’re looking at today released ten years ago. Fly or Die released in 2004 to rave reviews. So whether you’re a fan or not, here are five facts to know about N.E.R.D.’s Fly or Die.

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Lord_Infamous-pictureOne-sixth the member of Three 6 Mafia died last week at the young age of 40. He was known to be the ‘darker’ member of the sextuple group with his lyrics that dealt with murder, Satanism, torture, and suicide. He’s been with Three 6 Mafia since the very beginning in 1991 when they started out and released a number of solo albums throughout the years. To celebrate his career here are ten interesting, must-know facts about the late horrorcore rapper.

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Tessane Chin Season 5 Winner the Voice
Last night, Tessane Chin became the winner of The Voice’s season 5 competition. Here are a few fast facts about the artist to wet your appetite.

Bob Marley 50 years
Tessanne was born in Kingston, Jamaica which is home to Bob Marley and the Reggae Movement.

For three years, Tessane was a back-up singer for the legendary reggae artist Jimmy Cliff.

Tami Chynn
Tessane’s sister Tami Chynne, is a well known Jamaican artist, who was signed to Akon’s Convict Music in 2008.

Tessane Cathy Levy
Tessane began her musical career performing with, former Miss Jamaica World, Cathy Levy’s Little People and Teen Players Club.”

Tessane was able to win the Voice Season 5 without being able to receive any votes from her home country of Jamaica.

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eminemrelapseMany consider Relapse to be Eminem’s weakest effort. He had a couple of hits from it but it wasn’t a huge hit the way MMLP1 or The Eminem Show was. Yes, it went double platinum but the quality of the album was, according to some fans on the Internet, lackluster. But after coming off of listening to The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and wanting to go back an listen to his back catalog, So So Active presents ten interesting facts about Eminem’s Relapse.

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Britney_Spears_-_BritneyBritney Spears is just a couple of weeks away from unveiling her latest album. So we here at So So Active are taking a trip back in time, revisiting Spears’ old work to give you the most interesting facts for each one. Britney, the eponymous third album from the singer is the turning of when she was beginning to mature her music. It was released a year after Oops!…I Did It Again and contains some memorable songs. So here are the ten most interesting facts about Britney Spears’ third album, Britney.

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The Marshal Mathers LP
One year after The Slim Shady LP, Eminem released The Marshall Mathers LP which is considered one of the greatest rap albums of all time and ranked 244 on Rolling Stones list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

The game, some say, was changed forever when Eminem released singles like Stan, Never Knew, Drug Ballad, and the infamous Kim.

For an album that is thirteen years old, most of the subject material is still relevant today. Some of the topics like violence and the media are even more so today. Everyone has their favorite song from the album, mines Remember Me? Here are ten must know facts about The Marshall Mathers LP.