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Recently, I’ve been away in production on two music videos for local artists in the Orlando area. Not only was it my first time working semi-professionally, it was my first time directing a music video, let alone two. One of the artists that I directed was Lyric Nicole, a young neo-soul singer with a fantastic voice and beautiful music under the Me 2 Entertainment label. I may be biased in my choice of words but you should check her out yourself. I won’t go into more detail about my times directing since that would be another, much longer piece. After the hecticness of a rushed production, I sat down with Ms. Lyric Nicole about her inspirations and work ethic.

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Photo by Kronos

After celebrating his 70th birthday yesterday, news has broke that Mick Jagger may be much older than he lets on to be. An unnamed man has come forward to prove of Jagger’s real age. This man, who wished to remain anonymous, sat down with So So Active exclusively to detail the long history of Mick Jagger’s life; all 250 years of it.

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Indie Artist Dan Samuel. Photo from Reverb Nation.

Last week, I brought you the first part of the interview with up and coming artist Dan Samuel. You may not knew who he was prior to the interview but I know you’re interested in hearing more from him. In this second and final part, Dan Samuel talks about bringing together his EP, Follow You Home, the song choices, who he would sing a song with and how his songs have grown over the years with maturity. Without further ado, here’s part two of Dan Samuel’s artist profile.

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The E!xclusive news comes from E! News

Nearly a week after winning the milestone award at the Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber has officially announced his next move is marriage.  But whom is he going to marry?  Selena Gomez has since moved on from their relationship and he hasn’t been spotted with anyone else.  E! News broke the story that Bieber is on track to marry himself.