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Meghan Trainor Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Meghan Trainor Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images

She has the two most irritating songs on the radio right now but they’re catchy as all hell. Meghan Trainor, the voice behind All About That Bass and Lips Are Moving, is taking the world by storm in just a short amount of time. All About That Bass was nominated for a Grammy earlier this year, while it didn’t snatch up any awards – thank God, by the way – Trainor has taken it in stride. I really wouldn’t know but she is in rotation at least twice every hour. Let us dive in and learn ten things about twenty-one-year-old singer Meghan Trainor.

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Sharing has become a major part of the new music economy. From social networking to mobile music websites, vlogging and blogging tools, music has become more open, social and sharable than ever before.

So truthfully, it should come as no surprise that the longtime manager of successful rock group Incubus, Steve Rennie, has recently started the online industry mentoring and sharing platform Renman Music and Business. Rennie was a record executive, artist manager and Vice President at Epic Records for over a decade when he met the band Incubus and took them on as a client. Rennie and the group have had massive success together over the years.

But today’s music industry has created an environment where even the smallest unknown and unsigned band has been place on an almost level playing field with major music bands and acts such as Incubus. Because of this, Rennie was inspired to create his own online platform where he can share industry knowledge, expertise, and contacts with those artists and bands that are looking to get their break in the music business.

Having over 30 years worth of all these things and some major stake in the game, as well as maybe some more time on his hands these days (Incubus is still Rennie’s only client), the music industry veteran has put together a site that is chock full of exclusive content and video, features a community forum, and has footage of Rennie giving sage advice on becoming a player in music. And the best part is that this is all at no cost (so far, anyway).

Though it should come as no surprise, it’s still very refreshing to see a music industry insider at the level that Rennie is on sharing and giving so freely of his knowledge and his abilities to those that need it the most when trying to break into music. So many times, music executives are portrayed as greedy, backstabbing sharks that would sell their own mother for a hint of success.
But the current set of circumstances that we’re all facing make for unorthodox projects, and are especially good for those that are willing to not only think outside of the box, but to destroy the box, so kudos to Rennie.

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