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Video: "Only" (Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne)

YMCMB has always topped the charts with hits from Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne since the group first came together and haven’t slowed down a bit. They never seem to disappoint, and this time around is no different. With Chris Brown singing the hook, their single “Only” seems like it will be yet another hit for the Young Money crew.

Drake and Diddy

Drake and Diddy. Photo from

What did Drake and Diddy scuffle over this past weekend? Some early reports claimed Diddy punched Drake over him flirting with girlfriend Cassie at LIV in Miami Beach. The punch landed Drake in the hospital further hurting an old shoulder injury. The details surrounding the punch have come to light and it’s not over a girl, it’s over a song.

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With the video of Drake airballing being shopped around everywhere like the name of it was Superhead, people are wondering if this means his credibility has diminished. Has it? I wouldn’t go that far to say that he lost his street cred but it did hurt a little bit.

Drake and Kanye WestWhen Yeezus speaks, the people and the press take notice.

Having remained relatively quiet since his nuptials to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has broken his silence in a recent GQ Magazine interview on everything from the reception of 2013’s Yeezus album to his desire to be a top designer in the fashion world to the tabloid wedding of the decade. But for Hip-Hop fans, the most important piece of information divulged by Yeezy probably had to be him seemingly conceding the top spot in Hip Hop to none other than October’s Very Own, Drake. Interviewed for the July issue of GQ by Zach Baron, said exchange reportedly went as follows:

It’s a Wrap!

Houston Appreciation Week“H-Town my second home like I’m James Harden…”

Drake said it on the song “No New Friends”, and he meant it. This past week the rapper was in Houston, Texas celebrating it’s first ever HAW event. HAW, although promoted as Houston Appreciation Weekend, was more like an extended weekend of events hosted by the “Nothing Was the Same” artist.

Why Houston? Well , Drake has always showed love to the city of Houston.

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Musical TheaterMusical TheaterMusical TheaterMusical TheaterRapping and acting are art forms that need some sort of training. You need to be able to entertain and you need to be interesting. Some actors eventually go off into rapping and turn it into a very lucrative career and vice versa for rappers who explore rapping. Not every rapper/actor is great at what they do but some are fantastic. SoSoActive brings you the five best (and worst) rapper/actors.

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Things just ain’t the same for the Hip Hop dis track. There was a time when Hip Hop history exposed us to some of the greatest dis songs, beefs and battles of all time. MC Shan vs. KRS One. Common vs. Ice Cube. Jay Z vs. Nas. Even Kendrick’s infamous “Control” verse from last year temporarily breathed new life into the idea of the dis track. But recent history hasn’t been so good to fans of a great battle. The latest dust up between Jay Z and Drake, starting with Drizzy’s Rolling Stone interview, then with Hova’s response on Jay Electronica’s “We Made It” and Drake’s semi-rebuttal on “Draft Day” is Grade A proof that the dis song in Hip Hop isn’t as strong, as sought after or as relevant as it once was. Here are a few reasons why.

OVERABUNDANCE OF RAP BEEF – For one thing, there are way too many rappers. And that means there are way too many rappers that are mad at each other for whatever reason. 21st Century Rap Beef seems way too watered down and weakened, which makes for weaker dis tracks.

LACK OF CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE – Time was, the Hip Hop dis song was an event, from “The Bridge Is Over” to “Hit ‘Em Up”. Now they’re almost afterthoughts. Remember Common’s “Sweet” and Drake’s response verse on French Montana’s “Stay Schemin’”? Having a hard time with those, aren’t you?

Stay Schemin Drake
TOO MANY SUBLIMINAL/INDIRECT SHOTS – Drake, on both “Stay Schemin’” and “Draft Day”, always seems careful not to mention artists by name. There use to be more in your face, take no prisoners disses in Hip Hop. Not to say that there aren’t the direct disses out there anymore, but there’s still too much “under the cover of darkness” dissing.

THE “BEEF” BUSINESS MODEL – Remember those “Beef” DVDs from the early 2000s? They did a good job of making Hip Hop beef into a promotional tool for artists, almost to the level of mix tapes. Sadly, they also contributed to decreased attention for Hip Hop dis tracks from fans and less need for emcees to actually make them.

SHORT ATTENTION SPANS – Right there in line with the current state of music being disposable. With the rapid fire speed in which music is released to fans, there’s less and less time to savor, decipher and ponder the sting of a dis track like there use to be.

HYPERSENSITIVITY – Just about anyone or anything can get got these days when it comes to Hip Hop. Just look at Wale. From major music publications to fans at WWE events, no one is seems safe from his wrath. A dis track against another rapper might be the furthest thing from his mind.

WHAT WAS ONCE OFF LIMITS NO LONGER IS – Some might argue that this has actually always been the case and there’s never been honor amongst thieves, but any subject is up for grabs now: family, crew, and baby mama drama included. Nothing is off the table.

DISPOSABILITY – Let’s be honest: We as Hip Hop fans have become extremely spoiled. We listen to digital music and then toss it in our MacBook’s trash bin once we’re done. With the music being as disposable as it is, our interest in a good old-fashioned Hip Hop battle has waned.

Kanye West Best
RAPPER RANTS – Social media platforms require a little less creativity and cleverness in terms of disses, so if you can’t rant about a rival rapper on Twitter, there’s less of a point in creating a punishing dis song.

THE SUCCESS OF BATTLE RAP LEAGUES – When fans can go and see some of the most talented battle rappers in the world go at each other in almost prize fight-level events through leagues like Grind Time Now and UW, why wait for a new dis track from your favorite rapper to drop?

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    With so many stigmas attached to it, Hip Hop is a genre not always associated with the idea of love. But more often than it’s been given credit for, Hip Hop’s loving spirit comes shining through in song. There’s years worth of classic Hip Hop love songs (“I Need Love” by L.L. Cool J, “All I Need” by Method Man and Mary J. Blige), but the new millennium has already given us many Hip Hop love tunes for new generations. Here are some of the most notable Hip Hop love tracks for the 21st century.

    NICKI MINAJ – “YOUR LOVE” (2010): Over a silky smooth bass line, Nicki professes her love to her crush by rapping and singing her with an almost teenaged exuberance.

    DRAKE – “BEST I EVER HAD” (2009): In his signature Rap & B crooner fashion, Drizzy wears his heart on his sleeve for the object of his lusty affection. Arguably the song that made him a star and the So Far Gone EP such a hot commodity in ’09.

    COMMON feat. MARY J. BLIGE – “COME CLOSE” (2003): Aided by Mary J. Blige and The Neptunes during his bohemian phase, Lonnie Lynn gets down on his metaphorical knee by letting his love interest know, “the pimp in me may have to die with you.”


    KANYE WEST – “BOUND 2” (2013): Kimye’s entire relationship is the tabloid fodder at this point, and the video is even more ridiculous, but “Bound 2” is quite possibly the best moment from Yeezus: soulful, arrogant, and topped off by the old school coos of Charlie Wilson, it’s one of the most sought after love moments of 2013.


    FUTURE – “TURN ON THE LIGHTS” (2012): Spacey and atmospheric, Future blurred the lines even further between ratchet Hip Hop, new millennium R&B and pop music as he Auto-tunes his way into his honey’s heart.


    KENDRICK LAMAR feat. DRAKE – “POETIC JUSTICE” (2012): Two leaders of the new school of emcees come together in this ode to the Hip Hop Cali classic starring Janet Jackson and 2Pac. Rumor has it K. Dot actually wanted Ms. Jackson herself in the video. Alas.


    LUPE FIASCO – “PARIS TOKYO” (2007): This jazzy, A Tribe Called Quest-influenced tune from Lupe’s sophomore album is perfect for that world-weary traveler looking to get back in their significant others loving arms after a long stretch out on the road.


    WALE feat. MIGUEL – “LOTUS FLOWER BOMB” (2011): Overflowing with a brash sense of decadence, Wale still manages to pull off a brazen yet poetic, love-meets-lust, “lemme holla at you real quick” moment from the Ambition album.


    J. DILLA feat. PHAROAHE MONCH – “WE MUST BE IN LOVE” (2006): With an old school sample from The Impressions, J. Dilla’s posthumous genius is on full display with this gritty, inspiring underground love joint. Pharoahe’s lyrics and the duet at the end are the icing on the cake.


    JEAN GRAE – “LOVE THIRST” (2008): Jean Greasy unexpectedly transforms herself into the ultimate seductress on this joint, filled with mounds of sensuality in the lyrics. And the moaning and groaning towards the end is enough to get anyone riled up.