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The mind of a woman is a very complicated place. It’s full of tension and worry, self-doubt and self-worth, and a ton of double standards.

Listed below are 4 things that go through a woman’s mind on a regular basis.

love-wallpaper-32Sex – Believe it or not, fellas, your lady is thinking about sex almost as much as you are. Great news? Well, that depends. While most women want sex, it’s nothing short of a tightrope act to get us to give it up. Don’t do this, don’t say that. Crazy, right? Not really. Women are full of stress and tension from the day. Do something to ease that stress.  Cook dinner, get the kids to bed, or fold that basket of laundry for her. These things go a lot further than a smack on the booty or some detailed description of what you want to do to us. Remember: Ease the stress to get more sex!

A2G2186Jealousy – Women are very jealous creatures. We just can’t help it. And it’s not just in relationships. There’s enough jealousy to spread to our friends and family as well. But one thing that most of us want is to know that our man is jealous too. Just a little, though. Don’t go getting all controlling and possessive. That just adds to your lady’s stress levels, and well, you know where that leads.

thMoney – Women love it. Men love it. Let’s face it money DOES make the world go round. And while women struggle everyday to be independent and financially secure, it doesn’t mean that she won’t appreciate her man picking up the tab. Chivalry doesn’t have to die just because a woman has her own money. Pay the bill. It’s the manly thing to do!

Happy Group of FriendsFriends – Women only have one or two people in their lives that are considered true friends. This can include childhood friends, co-workers, and family members. Our friends may be older, younger, male or female. Anyone we feel we can truly trust. However, for most women it is a big no-no for their man to have female friends. Sorry, guys, this goes back to the whole jealousy thing and, well, we just can’t help it. Double standard? Yes. Think you can change it? Good luck.

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With Valentine’s 2014 weekend upon us, many will start new relationships and others will strengthen their current relationship. On the other hand, there will be another group of individuals that won’t be able to quite “seal the deal.”

National Bestselling Author and Relationship Expert, Armani Valentino, releases new independent study of the Top 5 Deal Breakers for both men and women. He hopes that this information will be used to help improve male/female relationships.

In the study, 73% of the respondents were female and 27% were male. Over half (54.7%) of the respondents were single and had never been married. Another 25% of the respondents were divorced. The rest of the respondents were either married (12.5%), separated (6.3%), or widowed (1.5%).

Nearly one-third (60.9%) were between the ages of 30-39. The second and third largest group that responded was between 40-49 (17.2%) and 21-29 (14.1%); respectively. The remaining respondents were ages 50-59(4.6%), 60+ (1.6%), 17 & under (1.6%).

Amazingly enough, men and women agreed on the first and the last deal-breaker. The respondents were simply asked to list, in order of importance, their top deal-breakers. Here were the results:

Women & Men
#1 – Lying, Dishonesty, Untrustworthy, Not able to Keep Your Word

#2 – (Women) – Financially unstable, No Job, No desire for more, No Ambition

(Men) – Not feeling morally supported or Too Much Negativity from mate

#3 -(Women) – Cheating & Infidelity

(Men) – Lack of Sex, Bad Sex, and Infrequent Sex

#4 – (Women) – Not believing in the same Religion, Lack of Spiritual Life, Disbelief in God or Not Attending Regular Spiritual Service

(Men) – Cleanliness of Body & House, Unhealthy Habits (smoking, drinking, drugs, eating, etc.) & Unhealthy Weight

Women & Men
#5 – Poor Communication, Controlling, & Lack of Compromise

Valentino says, “The results were a little surprising to me. I was a little shocked to see that finances outranked, cheating & infidelity, as well as spirituality and communication.” When asked about why he thought this may have been the case he stated, “I’m not sure. However, I do know that some of the women admitted to me that they would stay with a man they knew was cheating before they stayed with a man that did not make enough money to do the things she desired.”

With much of life being viewed almost instantly through social media, access to the world at large and desire to live like we see others, may have had a somewhat negative effect on our male/female relationships. Valentino agreed.

Whatever relationship category you may be in this Valentine’s weekend, Mr. Valentino suggests, “Make sure you know what you want, and don’t allow that to be dictated or heavily influenced by anyone other than yourself.”

Armani Valentino is the author of the National Bestselling book, 99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him & Definitely Before Having SEX, and 9 other books including bestsellers – The Love Triangle, Why Do We Hurt Each Other, and This Is Why I Won’t Marry You. Since 2008 he’s been a Certified Marriage/Family Champion for the TwoGether in Texas. He’s been featured on national, regional, and local media since 2007, and is available for radio, television, and print interviews upon request.

Contact: Kelland L. Drumgoole, PR/CMO
Phone: 972-781-8404 or 214-842-7149
Email: or

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Tastebuds is the best place to meet people who share your taste in music. Find concert buddies, chat in real time and discover new music. Maybe you can find your soul mate like Matt and Athena!

ATHENA: I joined Tastebuds in February 2011 after seeking an alternative to Match and OK Cupid. Matt was one of the first guys to message me and the only guy I went on a date with. We decided to meet for coffee in the afternoon and ended up spending six hours together. After coffee, he took me to see his studio (he was the artist in residence at the time for the Armory Center for the Arts) and bought me some chili cheese fries while he had a salad for dinner.

BANDS IN COMMON? Band of Horses, Beach House, Broken Social Scene, Cat Power, Hall & Oates, Local Natives, Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, Pavement, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, The Shins, Tom Waits

MATT: The thing I liked about Tastebuds is that even though it could be used as a dating site, it didn’t HAVE to be. It seemed like a great way to just meet like-tasted people to go to shows with. I know that both Athena and I did join with the intention of using it as a dating site though. I can’t speak to Athena’s history with dating sites, but I had used them sporadically and found them to be frustrating, mainly due to all the questions one had to sift through to find a connection, and for the bigger dating site, the sheer VOLUME of people. That just seemed to make it harder to meet someone you really connected with. I think the stigma over internet dating is finally..FINALLY starting to diminish. It’s difficult to meet someone these days who hasn’t at least given it a thought.

It was nice to see someone who liked all the bands that I acted like an instant icebreaker…and especially because we had that show experience in common (we both attended the Pavement / Sonic Youth show at the Hollywood Bowl a month or so before) I can’t overemphasize the importance of music compatibility in a relationship. It seems trivial, but if your partner doesn’t like your music, or vice versa it can really drive a wedge and can become a recurring source of frustration. Because we had that in common, the first couple months of dating involved going to a bunch of shows together which was awesome (Yuck, Cass McCombs, MEN, Girls, Papercuts, Peter, Bjorn and John)…as we slowly got to know each other. Now that we’re all DOMESTIC it’s harder to see shows together though we always talk about it. And we are, of course, extremely grateful that Tastebuds existed to bring us together!

From The TasteBuds.FM Blog.

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The holidays are just around the corner and you’ve got your eye on that special someone.  What better way to make a lasting impact than wooing her this holiday season?  Here are 10 ways to really woo the woman of your dreams.

1. Flowers

Flowers are usually fail-proof, that is as long as she doesn’t have a severe allergy.  You may even rake up some bonus points if you bring her a nice Christmas themed bouquet.

2. Ask her out for a nice dinner

Casually invite her out for a dinner date and go all out.  Don’t go for the cheap burger joint, unless she likes that.  Even better?  Cook a nice dinner instead.

3. Chivalry

A lot of women believe that chivalry is dead, and a lot of factors are involved with this idea.  Act chivalrous towards her.  Hold the door open.  Offer her your jacket if she looks cold.  It’s not that hard, and she’ll appreciate the sentiment.

4. Surprise her with a Christmas Gift

Do some background research and give her something she really wants.  Make it a memorable gift and let her know how you feel about her.

5. Write her a song/poem

Make the effort and spend an honest amount of time into writing a song or poem about how you feel about her.  Make it Christmas themed.  It doesn’t even have to be that good.  It’ll make her feel special.  (If you’re going to perform this in a public space, make sure it won’t embarrass her)

6. Have good conversations with her

A lot of women love nothing more than a man who can hold his own during an intense conversation.  Be thoughtful and intelligent, but don’t fake it either.

7. Be Dependable and a Listener

Be there for her when she needs you and listen to her problems.  Don’t interject with your advice.  Most of the time, she doesn’t need it. She just wants someone to listen.  With the craziness of the holiday season, she’s going to need someone to talk to.  Be the person that’s there for her.  She’ll remember it.

8. Figure out what makes her laugh

Figure out her sense of humor and make her laugh.  She’ll love it and you’ll love making her light up that way.

9. Show an interest in her family

The holiday season is focused on the family.  If you really want to make an impression, show an interest in her family.  If you get to meet them, pay attention and interact with the kids.  It’s charming.

10. Be Yourself

Let’s be honest.  If you really want to woo the woman of your dreams, you need to be you.  She isn’t going to be impressed by the fake you that will eventually surface after she’s known you for awhile.  She’ll appreciate the real you much more than you probably realize.

And do you really want to impress her?  Get to know her and do something that she’ll appreciate.

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Maybe we’ve been watching Something New too may times, but lately we’ve been noticing interracial couples everywhere, even our favorite rappers.  Check out our list of the 10 Best interracial couples in Hip-Hop past and present:

1. Ice T and CoCo

Everyone knows Ice-T Loves Coco.  There’s a hilarious show telling us so.  But despite all their (i.e. Coco’s) crazy, we definitely have to give props to them for going strong for over 10 years. However, recent pics that hit the net with CoCo cuddling with another rapper has Ice T steaming.

2. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

These “un-American idols” caught everyone’s attention when they declared their love for each other early this year.  Like them or not, they are the power couple of hip-hop right now.

3. Diddy and J. Lo

Even though J. Lo is dating her boy toy Casper now and Diddy’s with Cassie , J. Lo and Diddy were still one of our favorite swirl couples.

4. Lil Wayne and Dhea

Although Lil Wayne has broken it off with his ex-fiancé Dhea, we still thought they were cute…kind of.

5. Kanye West and Amber Rose

While we were sad to see this couple split, they’ve both moved on and made it on our list twice.  Plus, the result of the split was My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  No complaints here.

6. A$ap Rocky and Iggy Azalea

Were they ever a couple? Who knows.  A$ap say hell no, but Iggy’s tattoos say otherwise.  Either way, they were an interesting pairing.

7. Dr. Dre and Nicole Threatt

This beautiful couple have been married for over 15 years.  Good job Dr. Dre, you did good!

8. 50 cent and Chelsea Handler

We all know Chelsea got that jungle fever.  And when she finally started dating rapper 50 cent, we were so happy she finally got some chocolate.

9. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

After Amber Rose decided she wasn’t about that Yeezy life, she bounced back into the arms of Wiz Khalifa and is now having his baby.  And now they’re one of the strongest couples in hip-hop.

10. Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran

The Breezy-Rihanna-Karrueche love triangle was the topic of every gossip magazine.  And while we’re still not sure what’s going on, we still thought Chris and his Asian cutie were adorable.

Honorable Mention
Lil Kim and Scott Storch
Cocaine, plastic surgery and more coacine….

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I play in a band where I’m the only female musician. Actually, I’ve always played in bands where the men outnumber the women. That isn’t the problem.

The problem is that, while girls come up to chat up the boys, no-one shows an interest in me. Now, I’m not THAT ugly and I’m not a terrible sax player, so what am I doing wrong?

Answers on a postcard, please.

If you’ve never seen me perform, you probably can’t judge, but I guess I come across as intimidating. Or terrifying, perhaps. I can’t remember a single occasion when a fan – and yes, I have had some fans – has offered me their phone number. Meanwhile boys have had numbers written on underwear thrust at them.

My last few gigs saw a number of people tell me how much they liked my playing. Great. But I make no secret of the fact that I’m single – actually, that might be the problem – and they can’t all be married, so where’s the problem? Do men want to keep their distance from women who perform on stage?

If any female musicians out there are beating them off with a stick, then please let me in on your secret.

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A lot of people think just because musicians play cool instruments, get free booze and work vampire schedules – they are automatic chick magnents. False! While it is easy for a major artist like Drake or Adam Levine to pull the hottest of the hot, there is still a large amount of musicians who suffer from a sweeping epidemic called “Unlayability.”

So, I decided to share a few tips that may help them overcome that dry spell so they can start sowing those “wild oats” before they corrode.

1. Let’s be honest your music sucks and you haven’t spent enough time in the studio honing your craft to demand the attention of a hot chick. One of Jay-Z’s coolest rhymes: “I snatch your girl cause your arm wasn’t strong enough, plus you don’t stay in the studio long enough.”

2. You don’t practice good hygiene. Yeah bro, it’s no longer the 90’s and while chicks still love the rugged bad boy look – a fresh pair of kicks and some Old Spice would probably increase your batting average by at least 50%.

3. You Spend too much time looking at your self in the mirror. While it is true that women love a man with confidence, you need to spend more time socializing than primping in the mirror. Dude, your not a star yet, but once you get a hit record you can become a narcissist – until then, play on…

4. You always go home or hide back stage after the show. The perfect time to get a hot chick is after a killer performance! So, the next time you have a show, have a couple of drinks and chill.

5. You are not visible enough. You lack exposure, haven’t played enough shows and no one has ever heard of you before. Get out there and grind and by impressing the chicks you will eventually make enough money to pay that cell phone bill.

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Dating someone in the arts is no cake walk: in general, artists don’t really tend to be “salt of the earth people.” They can be moody and insecure, their work life can be volatile, they stay out late, they often don’t make money, they can be a little eccentric, etc., etc., etc.

So why would anyone in their right minds want to date one? Here are ten reasons.

1. They will always have a friend who’s in a show, or having a reading, or playing a gig, or showing in an art gallery.
Which means you constantly get to go on cool, interesting dates.

2. Artists often get paid nothing, but the amount of free booze at these things almost makes up for it. And everyone in the arts knows at least one bartender willing to give free drinks.

3. People who work in the arts often have relatively free/strange schedules. Lots of late nights, yes, but also lots of randomly free weekdays for impromptu trips or day dates.

4. Artists are a fairly welcoming, accepting bunch. You think your parents are weird? You haven’t been to arts school.

5. People in the arts are used to partying late into the night after a show or gig, no matter how early they have to get up the next morning. In other words, they’ll never be ready to go home before you are.

6. They’re not repressed. Given that they’ve devoted their entire life to the expression of human imagination, you can be pretty confident that someone in the arts is pretty in touch with their feelings.

7.I sn’t it everyone’s secret wish to inspire a song or a painting or a character in a book? It’s not gonna happen by dating a banker.

8. They tend not to be high maintenance. Someone in the arts is used to long hours and little pay and slices of pizza scarfed down at 1 am and rehearsing in hallways and commuting by bus and doing things on the cheap. And they know how to have fun in otherwise cramped/boring/uncomfortable situations.

9. People in the arts tend to have pretty good taste in music, books, art, etc.
So if you’re lacking in the aesthetics department, they can make you (or your apartment) look good.

10. Artists lead exciting, passionate lives. And when you date them, you get to be a part of it for a while.

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