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TapTronic is a new and rising dance group that combines traditional Irish step dance with dubstep and electronic music. We had the opportunity to speak with members Zach, Ciaran, and Colin to talk about what it is they do and where they hope to take it.

Let’s start off with the basics. In your words, what is TapTronic?

We’d have to say the description of TapTronic is the fusion of Irish dance and our own personal style of dancing that has very strong roots in traditional Irish dancing – because we were all raised in it. We wanted to push the boundaries of what it could be applied to in terms of music. We’ve kind of described it as a progressive fusion of Irish dance and electronic and modern music.

What is your background in dance?

We’ve touring over the world for years with Lord of the Dance. We’ve performed on a couple talk shows with Michael Flatley, like The View and Dancing with the Stars.

Zach: I’ve been dancing for about 15 or 16 years.

Ciaran: I started dancing when I was four.

Colin: I started when I was ten, so almost 15 years.

What led to the creation of TapTronic?

The onset of it was just us wanting to put some sort of new steps together. We had ideas for a little routine that we wanted to do and make a video. Slowly and surely over time, it evolved from wanting to make a cool little video to put on YouTube into this grander concept of let’s really push the boundaries of this and take this unique style of dancing that we have and apply it to music that people wouldn’t normally think would work. So then, we took that one step further and ended up finding some good production people that helped us make a cool video. The next thing we know it has close to a million views on YouTube. It just spawned out of this simple idea to make something new and it turned into what TapTronic is.

How do you go about selecting music for each number?

Zach: For the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve been a big fan of the electronic music scene and I came up with a list of songs that I thought would be really cool to apply what we’re doing to. I sent it to Ciaran and he picked the one that he liked best. That’s kind of been our process.

Ciaran: It’s all depending too. Sometimes we’ll all find a song that we like, but when we sit down to work with it, it just doesn’t work. It’s not just a matter of liking the song. It has to help you be creative, certain kind of tempos and bpms.

Zach: It’s a very careful, delicate process. Electric music is so diverse. They have so many different tempos and time signatures in one song and if we’re dancing, that’s rough.

How long does the video making process normally take, from choreographing to producing?

It varies. Most of the time, choreographing a number takes about a month or a month and a half if we go at it hard. We also have to organize travel for the production team. We’re all from different places, so it’s a matter of organizing things. We’re on and off tour with Lord of the Dance as well. If we’re off tour, we all have time to get together. We’re starting to definitely have a lot more time together to create stuff. But over the past  year, it’s just been whenever we have time. Making the video takes about a week.

Is this something you’d like to continue into the future?

That’s our goal. It’s a pretty strong focus of ours right now. Actually, it’s our main focus to be honest. We hope to keep it growing and keep it moving. We’d love to have this be a big, powerful live production – to have people come and see this as a show. We want to present it as a masterpiece.

We have a really fresh, new product that we’d love for people to see, and we hope that people enjoy it.

You can catch TapTronic as they perform next week at the North American Irish Dance Championships or on their various social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Dollas, TX has been creating massive dance songs since Goldfinger busted on the scene with “Scheek Fool” in 1992. The last generation of Dallas dances which included the “Dougie”, the “Stanky Leg,”South Dallas Swag,” and the “Nature Walk” have made room for the latest sensation out of the Triple “D” – Lil Ronny Mothaf.

To see how serious his buzz is, do a search on YouTube and see how many of his fans have uploaded videos twerking and jerking to Lil Ronny Mothaf. With a huge online following and a supersized personality the Booty Man is taking the independent grind to the next level. Here are the results from an interview I had with the kid earlier this week.

I been around the Dallas scene for a while and I kept hearing people talk about Lil Ronny lately and I thought they were talking about Lil Ronnie from DSR.. It’s like you came from no where. Who is Lil Ronny MothaF?

Lil Ronny Mothaf is a young hustler that has always grinded to get his. I didn’t really come up out of nowhere. I was always in the place to be just very low-key. I didn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone, so I played my position and I worked hard for people to start noticing.

How were you able to build such a strong following on YouTube?
Consistency! I was posting videos of anything, letting people get a look on the real world of me and not any scripted junk. Also, just showing people I am a regular just like you.

How would you describe your music?
I make music that would make any bad mood a good one. It’s filled with real, humor and all around energy. My genre of music is not hip hop, or rap, it’s called “Lil Ronny Mothaf”.

Do you want to remain independent or are you shooting for a major deal?
I really wanna be independent that way I can become my own boss, but if God has something else planned for me then only time will tell.

What is inspires you to make music?
My mother, watching the struggle and basically just not wanting to go through that again. That’s why I don’t rap about being sad, depressed or down and out stuff. I lived that life already and now I’m focused on the future. Also, the passing of my good friend/ brother Jarami “JT” guaranteed to wreck ” Thomas just showed me that i really need to strive for my dreams. He gave it his all until the lord called him. i feel as if i can finish his legacy!

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you that you would like them to know?
I’m really not a people person, so when I get up there in front of all those people I do it because I love it. It’s more of a feeling, I’m not just doing because I have to.

Where is your favorite place to eat at in Dallas and Why?
One of my favorite places is Rudy’s Chicken. You can never go wrong with Rudy’s or Black Jacks in South Dallas and it’s because they have that classic ‘momma cooked’ it taste.

BTW – Salute to all DJ’s playing my music and all my fans requesting my music. Much love to the city of Dallas and Forth Worth, TX for supporting me and holding me down from day one. Also shout out to my label FamLife Entertainment, LLC, my manager Pookie (Urban South) and for this interview. Make sure you follow me on twitter now at @LilRonnyMothaF and check out my videos on youtube at ‘LilRonny’. Call your local stations and request my music ‘C Ya Wurk’, ‘Booty’ or ‘Circle’ right now.

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