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The Thanksgiving Day Game tradition began in 1920. Since then it has become a time honored tradition that brings to mind the clichéd, yet relevant, phrase, “as American as apple pie.” In this instance it should probably be pumpkin pie- at any rate, the game has become second nature to football lovers. I have scoured websites, blogs, and many corners of the web to bring you 10 interesting facts about the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game. Some you may know, and others you may not.

1. First Cowboys appearance in the Thanksgiving Day game tradition was in 1966.

2. This year the Cowboys faceoff against the Oakland Raiders. The last time the Cowboys faced off against the Raiders was in 2009, when they won 24-7.

3. Selena Gomez will perform during Halftime.
Selna Gomez Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Game

4. The Cowboys will not be wearing their throwback helmets for this year’s game. The Neck and Spine Committee and the Player Safety Advisory Panel are telling the players that they must wear their regular helmets for every game during the season. The players will don their regular silver and blue starred helmet.
cowboy throwback helmets

5. For their Thanksgiving Day record since they entered the tradition the Cowboys are 28-16-1.

6. Since their involvement in this tradition began, The Dallas Cowboys have played every year except for 1975 and 1977.

7. Dallas has never lost to the Washington Redskins on the Thanksgiving Day Game.

8. Thanksgiving Day game awards: The Galloping Gobbler and The All-Iron. The awards look exactly like what they are named for, and are awarded to the MVP of the game aired on Fox and CBS respectively.
gobbler award

9. Only four times in Thanksgiving Day game history have kickoffs been returned for touchdowns. One of them was by the Cowboy’s own Ike Thomas in 1971.

10. Only three teams have played the Thanksgiving game and never lost- Saints, 49ers and the Colts.

Now, let’s get ready for some football!


By: Kyle Yung

Dollas, TX has been creating massive dance songs since Goldfinger busted on the scene with “Scheek Fool” in 1992. The last generation of Dallas dances which included the “Dougie”, the “Stanky Leg,”South Dallas Swag,” and the “Nature Walk” have made room for the latest sensation out of the Triple “D” – Lil Ronny Mothaf.

To see how serious his buzz is, do a search on YouTube and see how many of his fans have uploaded videos twerking and jerking to Lil Ronny Mothaf. With a huge online following and a supersized personality the Booty Man is taking the independent grind to the next level. Here are the results from an interview I had with the kid earlier this week.

I been around the Dallas scene for a while and I kept hearing people talk about Lil Ronny lately and I thought they were talking about Lil Ronnie from DSR.. It’s like you came from no where. Who is Lil Ronny MothaF?

Lil Ronny Mothaf is a young hustler that has always grinded to get his. I didn’t really come up out of nowhere. I was always in the place to be just very low-key. I didn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone, so I played my position and I worked hard for people to start noticing.

How were you able to build such a strong following on YouTube?
Consistency! I was posting videos of anything, letting people get a look on the real world of me and not any scripted junk. Also, just showing people I am a regular just like you.

How would you describe your music?
I make music that would make any bad mood a good one. It’s filled with real, humor and all around energy. My genre of music is not hip hop, or rap, it’s called “Lil Ronny Mothaf”.

Do you want to remain independent or are you shooting for a major deal?
I really wanna be independent that way I can become my own boss, but if God has something else planned for me then only time will tell.

What is inspires you to make music?
My mother, watching the struggle and basically just not wanting to go through that again. That’s why I don’t rap about being sad, depressed or down and out stuff. I lived that life already and now I’m focused on the future. Also, the passing of my good friend/ brother Jarami “JT” guaranteed to wreck ” Thomas just showed me that i really need to strive for my dreams. He gave it his all until the lord called him. i feel as if i can finish his legacy!

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you that you would like them to know?
I’m really not a people person, so when I get up there in front of all those people I do it because I love it. It’s more of a feeling, I’m not just doing because I have to.

Where is your favorite place to eat at in Dallas and Why?
One of my favorite places is Rudy’s Chicken. You can never go wrong with Rudy’s or Black Jacks in South Dallas and it’s because they have that classic ‘momma cooked’ it taste.

BTW – Salute to all DJ’s playing my music and all my fans requesting my music. Much love to the city of Dallas and Forth Worth, TX for supporting me and holding me down from day one. Also shout out to my label FamLife Entertainment, LLC, my manager Pookie (Urban South) and for this interview. Make sure you follow me on twitter now at @LilRonnyMothaF and check out my videos on youtube at ‘LilRonny’. Call your local stations and request my music ‘C Ya Wurk’, ‘Booty’ or ‘Circle’ right now.

YouTube Channel :

Twitter : @LilRonnyMothaF

Facebook :

Booking: @CallMePookie / / 214-392-8696

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Since it’s conception in 2009, The Royal Comedy Tour has become the longest running urban comedy tour and will be making its stop in Grand Prairie, Texas on May 10th.  The Royal Comedy Tour prides itself on not only following the stand-up comedy path that launched several successful careers for people like Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, but also because it is able to address social and political issues in a safe and entertaining environment.  The tour hopes to be able to follow in the footsteps in their predecessors and address these issues while still bringing the “funny” to the stage.

This years tour, which began on February 3rd in Shreveport, Louisiana, will feature the comedic stylings of Sommore, Earthquake, Bruce Bruce, Tony Rock and Mark Curry.  The tour, which is called “One Nation Under Comedy” and intends to bring stand-up comedy back to its roots.

Whether you come from a comedic background or are experiencing the world of comedy for the first time, The Royal Comedy promises to be a side-splitting, unforgettable experience.

Royal Comedy Tour
Sommore, Earthquake, Bruce Bruce, and Arnez J.
FRI, May 10, 2013 — 8:00PM
Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie
1001 Performance Place
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

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Last week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Brown, the hilarious and talented frontman of the GRAMMY-featured hip-hop band, Sore Losers.  See what we learned about the Dallas native’s achievements, future projects, and unique twitter name.

Where did you get the idea for Sore Losers come from?

My brain? Well at first, it was a duo, me and Blue. It was kind of my idea to start the group, so he kind of left it up to me.  One day, we were going back and forth and texted him like 40 names.  And then I was like we both have a mutual characteristic of competition.  We wanted to win.  So, I think Sore Losers made the most sense.  So I sent to him, and he loved it.

Where did you get your musical influence and direction from?

Brown: Well, to be honest, I would be lying if I said the group has musical direction.  Even at this point, we just make music.  It just depends on the ipod playlist at the time.  At that time [when they started the band], there was no music scene in Dallas for indie artists, especially our genre of hip-hop.  SO, we just wanted to make something that we could identify ourselves with and people that were like-minded could identify with as well.  But also separate ourselves from the mainstream of publicity like the boogie movement down here.  We just wanted music that was ours.  It was all organic.

If I had to pick any group, Gnarls Barkley kinda inspired us and N.E.R.D., but we never wanted to be like them.

Your music is different from traditional sound that has come out of Dallas. How have you been received by the fans in your hometown?

Brown: We were making music for ourselves, and people growing up in Dallas liked us because they had nothing else to identify with.  It got a really got a good retention.  So that gives you an idea of how its being received.

Congratulations!  And you were also featured by The GRAMMYs recently.  How did that feel?

Brown: I still can’t believe it!  First hip-hop band, first all black band, first Stevie Wonder cover.  I kinda feel lilke my ideas have always had potential, but to see them actually make it to where they belong…it’s a good feeling!

Aaron: I kinda copy Brown’s answer, in that same train of thought.  It was excellent, especially for this to be the first showing with this incarnation of the group.  It was an awesome honor.  To be the first black band, the first hip-hop group.  I was telling Brown how many levels you have to skip to be the first to be thrust into that category as an independent artist.  To have the opportunity to be featured by such a prestigious organization. We were all honored.  It was a great opportunity.  It was very exciting the way it came together.  Hopefully, we will continue to garner the same level of success moving forward as we have with The Grammy videos.

Other than the GRAMMYs, what were the other higlights of the year?

Brown: MTV picked up Euthanasia after the GRAMMYs did, and you know that’s a huge stride for hip-hop, making conscious music.  Its reassuring, knowing that all the hours of work were worth it.

So, you guys have had a really great year, so what can we expect from Sore Losers in the upcoming year?

Brown: Um, you can expect a project.  I can’t tell you a date, I can’t even tell you a title.  I don’t know If I can give you the name of the producer I’m working with.  But I will let you know, he’s a Grammy award winning producer, a legendary hip-hop producer.  We’re working on a project together as well as an original production with the band.  Also, some freelance stuff, That’s what the whole East Coast move is about.  Its about getting up there and getting some work done.  It’s a project that im working with individuals out there, so it made sense, logistically and financially, to go out there and make it work. Aaaand that’s what you have to look forward to!  That and my excitement!

That collaboration sounds exciting!  So what artists would you want to collaborate with?

Brown: D’Angelo!

And what hip-hop artist?

Brown: Yelawolf, I think he’s a talented lyricist

Other than Yelawolf, what other songs in your opinion do you admire for their lyricism?

Brown: Well, lately I’ve been really into gangsta rap.  And a lyric that I like right now is from that Rick Ross song featuring Drake, “Us”: “Photos taken, four door Maybach I know you hatin’/ Stayin’ with women from Staten Island my flows so flagrant.”

So, you were with another group before forming Sore Losers?

Brown: Yeah I was with a million groups before this.  I been starting bands sincle like 5th grade.  I started a record label before this unofficially called Paper Soldiers Ent., and the group was 3 Wise Guys.  It was me and 2 other rappers.  That’s the first time people heard me.

On twitter, your name is encyclopedia brown…is that like the boy from the mystery books?

Brown: It is!  I didn’t have a lot to choose from.  It was either that or Charlie Brown. Also, can I change my answer to the collaboration question? I would collaborate with Yasmin Bey (aka Mos Def).
Good choice!  You know he was in Austin this weekend and I missed him!

Oh man!  Well once we get this feature out the way, I’ll get you an autograph!

Follow them out on twitter @SoreLosers and check out their Grammy performance here: and other Grammy performance videos here:

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Dallas-based hip-hop collective Sore Losers recently performed a cover of Stevie Wonder’s GRAMMY-winning classic “Living For The City” for an installment of The Recording Academy’s ReImagined series. Linking GRAMMY history with the present, ReImagined is a performance-based series featuring artists interpreting an iconic GRAMMY-winning song, an interview and performances of original music.

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So Monday, I was at Souper Salad and I ran across Gary Hayes AKA Gary “With Da Tea” from The Rickey Smiley Morning show which is like the top Urban Morning Show in America right now.

Gary is known for his celebrity gossip, his fondness of Beyonce Knowles and his fashion segment called the “Colour of the Day.” I was kind of hesitant about approaching him because he was on the phone and I didn’t want to seem star struck or whatever.

So after sitting down for a minute, I finally decided to approach him and we ended up having a cool conversation about his background, growing up in Port Arthur, TX and his time spent living in Houston.

Gary agreed to do an interview with me on Tuesday and here are the results.

How did you get started in radio?
I got started in radio by calling into The Russ Parr Morning Show when I first moved to Dallas around 1989-1990. I called the radio station one day, and Russ answered the phone and I started talking shi* to him. I can’t remember what I said, but it must have sparked an interest.

So was it one phone call or a series of phone calls?
Yes, It was a series of phone calls and I would go out and meet him during remotes. You know? I would go out to the remotes were he was at and just hang out with him. One thing led to another, and eventually I started working at the radio station as an associate producer.

Was radio something you always wanted to do or were you just having fun?
Well, I was just having fun then because I always wanted to be a movie star. The call-ins led to me working with Russ Parr, and eventually I landed a few movie roles once Russ started producing.

What movies were you in?
I was in ‘The Last Dance’ where I played the lover to Darrin Henson and I did a few other movies as well.

How did The Rickey Smiley Morning show happen for you?
When Russ left Steve Harvey came, and when Steve Harvey left I just transitioned to The Rickey Smiley Show. If you would have been listening to the radio show last Friday, you would of heard Steve talk about the story and the whole transition! Since you didn’t listen, I won’t elaborate on that I’ll just say it was a transition…

What were some challenges you were facing as you were trying to break into radio?
I didn’t have any challenges really, because being a radio personality was never really my goal. I was working in the medical field and radio was just a part-time thing, Kelland. It just happened.

What type of advice would you give someone trying to break into radio?
Do whatever you have to do to get in. I got in doing call-ins, but I worked in promotions, I was a phone operator and I use to drive up in down the highway in a cargo truck promoting the station. Don’t expect to make millions of dollars as soon as you get in, because it doesn’t work that way. Also it’s who you know and not what you know.

How does your alternative lifestyle affect the way you move in the entertainment industry?
You know, I talk about that Kelland but I don’t make it an issue. I don’t waive the flag. The thing that people have to realize is you that you have to be yourself. When I worked with Steve Harvey, he said the reason he hired me is because I was true to the game.

I get paid to be me. If you listen to the radio, I don’t bring up my sexuality but other people may bring it up just to be funny. I’m not gonna sit up and talk about the type of man I like. My thing is you have to be yourself, and if you respect yourself others will respect you. I’m not trying to hide who I am, but I’m not trying to put it out there like that. You have to be yourself, because the person you are trying to be is already taken.

What’s the most exciting part of what you do?
Really, it’s just the job itself. Getting up early in the morning and delivering the celebrity gossip is my passion. When I get a real juicy story, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and deliver it.

Does it take a while to develop the inside connection to get those stories?
It’s already out in the public. The thing about it is it’s not the story it’s the delivery. My delivery is different from everyone else. Most people deliver like a journalist, but I give it to people like they want to hear it.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Everything. The Sky is the Limit!

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One of my favorite new rappers will be performing in Dallas on Jan 19th at Trees. If you are fan of lyrical hip-hop you should definitely know Kendrick Lamar by now. The Compton, CA native was recently crowned by Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Game as the new king of West Coast Hip-Hop.

Kendrick Lamar Live in Dallas
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, 75226
Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 7:00 PM