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22 May 2013, London: CueSongs, the one-stop music licensing hub for online and digital media, today announced a partnership with music licensing and technology company Audiosocket. Audiosocket’s music catalogue now includes CueSongs’ roster of established artists, and will be available in early June to customers which include Vimeo, The Associated Press, Monster Energy, StyleHaul, Tongal and WPP.

Licensing famous music for web media and user-generated content has been next to impossible. These challenges have caused disruption to copyrights on a global level. This new partnership will begin to change that by opening up the licensing process around famous content, where more than 90% of all license requests have historically gone unanswered. With more than 80 hours worth of video posted online every minute, this presents a huge growth opportunity for artists and publishers.

CueSongs will now enable Audiosocket’s clients, including independent film and video creators, to find and easily license music from established artists for their digital and mobile productions. Audiosocket customers can elect to offer CueSongs music via the Audiosocket licensing system, ensuring that these artists are compensated for use of their work.

CueSongs signed agreements last year with all the major publishers, as well as working directly with a number of artists such as Groove Armada, Embrace, French Horn Rebellion, Dido, Ziggy Marley and Peter Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel, music pioneer and co-founder of CueSongs, says: “Making video is no longer exclusive to a small professional elite, it is now open to all of us. Many of us want to add music to our videos, but have no idea how we might get the right permissions. Whether we be amateurs, semiprofessionals, small businesses or schools etc. there are millions of potential users, who currently have nowhere to go to license their music. CueSongs painlessly connects music licensing to the new world of social media, Youtube, and the web. In the same way that low cost airlines encouraged millions of people to make trips that they would never have considered in the old traditional model, we believe CueSongs can create a whole new flexible and responsive market for music licenses.”

Jenn Miller, COO of Audiosocket, comments: “Audiosocket provides highly curated, culturally-relevant music for client projects, and is focused on making the customer experience of sourcing, licensing, and using music as seamless as possible.
Delivering great music to our customers while making sure our artists have a platform for distribution that ensures they are properly compensated for their work has always been top priority. We are thrilled to add well known artists to our collection via CueSongs, and are very excited to introduce our current and future customers to this new partnership.”

The integration of CueSongs with the Audiosocket catalogue will first be made available to existing Audiosocket partners and will be made available to all clients later this year.

CueSongs and Audiosocket will be presenting together at internet TV and independent production industry conference STREAM, taking place in California 3-4 June, 2013.

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– New service speeds up time spent on sourcing and licensing commercial tracks for digital productions –

1 November, 2012, London: CueSongs, the one-stop music licensing hub for online and digital media usage is today announcing it has concluded agreements with BMG Rights Management. The agreement will enable CueSongs to start offering selected catalogues from artists including Groove Armada and Ulrich Schnauss. CueSongs now has agreements in place with all the major music publishers for online licensing, including EMI Music Publishing, SonyATV, Universal Music Publishing and Warner Chappell, as well as major independents Imagem, Music Sales and Peer Music.

Additionally CueSongs is launching its new music-matching service called ‘Search, Match, License’, with three respected production companies already signed up for the service. Can Communicate Productions, M&C Saatchi & I Love Dust are all confirmed users of the new CueSongs music-matching service.

Ed Averdieck, CueSongs CEO comments: “With these agreements in place we are able to offer clients a comprehensive choice of music from both established and exciting new artists for their digital productions. Video production is going through the roof in this country as companies create promotional videos for their websites, for YouTube, and as part of viral campaigns. However, too often the music usage in videos is either unlicensed or of rather poor quality. Now, for the first time video producers no longer have to compromise on the music they use, and we are convinced this will give them a competitive edge by enabling them to make more impactful videos.”

To demonstrate the power of iconic music in communications, CueSongs is releasing its instructional video “Search, Match, License” with music from Groove Armada.

World-renowned artist Ulrich Schnauss comments: “CueSongs is creating new licensing opportunities and royalty streams for my music that would otherwise go un-collected”

Gavin Knight, Producer/Director of Yeo Valley’s new online films explains: “Using CueSongs was quick, hassle free and great value. I normally use libraries but the track that I licensed was a hidden gem and not expensive.”

David Wooster, Managing Director, CAN Communicate Ltd. says: “Choosing the right music is surprisingly difficult. CueSongs makes that process easier; they provide excellent advice and solutions to our music briefs at realistic prices, enhancing our offering to clients. The CueSongs website will make this process even easier”.

CueSongs, which launched in beta in January 2012, is co-founded by Ed Averdieck, formerly head of Nokia Music and OD2, and music pioneer Peter Gabriel.

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Cue Songs is the latest project from British music tech entrepreneur Ed Averdieck and legendary rocker Peter Gabriel.

Cue Songs is revolutionizing music licensing by providing pre-cleared online rights to music and recordings from signed and independent artists.

The music tech start-up which is currently in beta has already landed international partnerships with Sony Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Cooking Vinyl and Kudos Records. Here is an interview I had earlier this week co-Founder Ed Averdieck.

Do you have an idea of how much revenue the music industry is losing due to the lack of digital licenses?

There are varying estimates of the size of this. Some commentators say that it could be as big again as the existing synch licensing business – ca $800 million per year globally. It’s a huge new opportunity and that’s why we are doing a market pilot in the UK over the next year to get a much better yardstick on how big it actually is.

As advertising continues to grow online, do you think the RIAA and other forces will crack down own websites using music without licenses?

For sure, there is a gravitational pull for advertising budgets going on line and so the industry needs to encourage solutions for enabling websites to license in a cost effective and straightforward way. I think most businesses and websites would be prepared to pay a reasonable amount of money if licensing is made a lot easier. iTunes proved that in the download market against free download pirate sites like Kazaa and early Napster. So I think the first job for the music industry is to invest in and support a range of client friendly licensing alternatives

How would a smaller website benefit from a service like CueSongs?

Even the smallest website-owners will be able to use music in their web and digital marketing productions from some of the most credible and accomplished artists. CueSongs is offering a “one stop” licensing solution for anyone to find well-known music recordings and immediately purchase the right to use them in digital media, e.g. on their website, on Facebook, YouTube, in apps, online advertising.

We are also creating a small business rate for businesses with less than 10 employees who can license tracks for as little as £100 for use on their website.

I read CueSongs offers a suggestion tool called “Mood Board,” which helps companies select the right songs. Can you explain how that works?

We want to make it as easy as possible for clients to find the best track that suits whatever production they are doing.

• For our website users, you can search via tag clouds of genre, mood, style, decade of release or geo-location to find tracks that are suitable for your purpose. Our website has a playful way of suggesting a reference track and then enabling users to find other tracks that sound like the reference track
• We also have a team of in-house music experts who you can speak to and explain what you are looking for and they will put together a mood board shortlist of tracks.
• We also have team of award winning composers at hand for companies looking for a bespoke soundtrack that is completely unique.

How is CueSongs able to offer speed up the licensing process and offer licenses at a much more affordable rate than a traditional service?

We only focus on licensing commercial tracks from signed artists and songwriters. Licensing commercial tracks requires approval from the songwriter, the performer and their rights-holder representatives. The usages that we offer are focused on the rapidly growing online video and event usages where the budgets tend to be smaller and so it’s more difficult for both rights-holders and clients to deal direct with each other.

CueSongs has done the work of pre-clearing the licensing with each of the rights-holders upfront and that means that we are able to offer a one-stop license to our clients and an instantaneous transaction. Clients can see upfront what they have to pay for a track and can license a track within 5 minutes on line. So even the smallest website-owners will be able to use music in their web and digital marketing productions from some of the most credible and accomplished artists.

How actively involved with Cue Songs is Peter Gabriel?

Peter Gabriel and his music company Real World co-founded the business with me, and Peter is one of the principle investors. Peter was one the original investors in OD2, the music download company that he also co-founded in 2000, where I was part of the management team and so the connections go back to then. The original idea for the CueSongs came from when I was working at Real World overseeing the music division and we saw that there was a gap in the market that someone was going to fill and we decided to go for it.