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I Need A Prayer single cover

I Need A Prayer single cover

Whenever you hear a great song, you have to turn up the volume to not only hear the words but to also feel the music. That’s universal, not just for hip-hop and R&B. Any song that comes up on the radio, whether I can relate to it or not, that I can feel is worth it’s weight in gold. Our very own Kelland, who owns So So Active, released a new single on iTunes and Google Play.

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Out Among the StarsJohnny Cash’s Out Among the Stars is the lost album by the country legend recorded close to thirty years ago. After John Carter Cash uncovered an entire album recorded in the 1980s shelved, he released it and we, as fans of the Man in Black, we ecstatic. Johnny Cash died eleven years ago and since then there has been reports that there are still a ton of music left over from his career to release in a box set and a whole other box set with outtakes from recording that music. Out Among the Stars is just as good as anything Cash has ever done; some may even say that the album was way ahead of its time.