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Adult Swim's latest controversial show to air in August.

Black Jesus artwork courtesy of

Black Jesus artwork courtesy of

As if Kanye West didn’t create enough controversy with his Yeezus album, Cartoon Network’s latest stint titled “Black Jesus” is sure to generate chaos.

Rumored Yeezus album artwork.  Left: Kanye West on a crucifix and ritght: an assumed disfigured melted Jesus piece.  Courtesy of

Rumored Yeezus album artwork. Left: Kanye West on a crucifix and right: an assumed disfigured melted Jesus piece. Courtesy of

From the creator of the hit television series “The Boondocks”, Aaron McGruder teams up again with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim to release the new half hour series.   Black Jesus is a show that places Jesus on Earth, and of all places, Compton, California, the birthplace of the notorious rap group N.W.A.

Although many may not be familiar with his physical appearance, Gerald “Slink” Johnson played the voice of Lamar Davis on the video game Grand Theft Auto V as well as the Grand Theft Auto Online game.  Interesting enough Slink’s latest role will be that of Black Jesus.

Is nudity fashion?

What’s a world without sin?  What’s Chicago, the windy city, without wind and what’s a red carpet without… well skin?  Now days, exposing ones skin has become the norm.  We’ve all seen how far some fashion trends have gone to stretch the lines of nudity like Miley Cyrus’ skin toned two-piece she wore during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.  If there’s any place to push the boundaries of fashion, it’s Hollywood.

I’m familiar with the phrase “dare to be different” but is it fair to call it fashion if a garment leaves little to nothing to the imagination? When has baring too much skin been considered fashionable?

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South_Park_Season_14As the show comes on in the background as I write this ‘ten-facts’ article, I come to a realization that South Park is much bigger than most other shows. It may not be as big as The Simpsons but it’s pretty high up there, culture and impact wise. South Park has been on the air for many, many years on Comedy Central and has spawned one movie and a handful of games, one of which just released this past week. Everyone knows Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan but do you know everything about South Park? Here are ten must know facts that every fan must know about South Park.

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Just before boarding for a flight, allegations were made claiming Justin Bieber had been smoking marijuana with some of his friends. The pilot claimed Bieber, and his, were inebriated and told TMZ “I almost had to put on an oxygen mask.” While the pilot did go on to say that Bieber didn’t light up on the plane, his company in fact did.