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In case you missed the Billboard Music Awards and the surrounding Miguel drama, the R&B artist made the rather unfortunate decision to leap across the audience. What was apparently a well-practiced maneuver ended badly when Miguel’s leg came crashing down on top of a girl in the audience. Now, Miguel has found himself facing a legal struggle as the girl’s injuries are much worse than initially reported.

Prior to his live performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel practiced the jump on set before filming in an attempt to capture the perfect camera angle. When further inquiring about the stunt, Billboard representatives claim they told the singer that his stunt was not safe. Miguel, ignoring Billboard’s requests and attempted his stunt anyway. Though he successfully completed the leap during practice, the artist struck unsuspecting Khyati Shah, who is now suffering from possible brain damage.

Khyati Shah

Khyati Shah, a foreign exchange student from New Zealand studying politics and philosophy at UCLA, has not yet received a formal diagnosis. Aside from her health concerns, Khyati is also facing financial difficulties as a result of the incident. Her lawyer reports that because of her injury and lack of diagnosis, Khyati is unable to return home at the end of the semester, leaving Khyati with no place to live and no financial means.

Khyati and her lawyer have not yet sought legal restitution from Miguel or his production company, but neither Team Miguel nor the Billboard representatives are being forthcoming with information about who truly owes the blame for the incident. While Billboard claims that they told Miguel not to proceed with the stunt, Khyati’s lawyer hasn’t received confirmation from either side. Team Miguel is also placing some of the blame on the Billboard representatives for giving Khyati an ice pack rather than immediately taking her to the hospital.

No matter who is at fault for the incident, Khyati’s lawyer has stated she would prefer the incident be resolved quickly and without a lawsuit.