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The crowning glory of tonight’s final of The Voice UK was not the brief moment of glory for winner Leanne Mitchell, coached by Sir Tom Jones, but actually the medley sung by the four judges.

Finishing with Black Eyed Peas’ UK debut track Where is the Love, the medley proved that the four had a right to be up there, judging and coaching. It also demonstrated the great musical talent behind the show, with a live band and consistently great arrangements. Some of the musicians involved have been at the top of the pop world for nearly 30 years and it’s likely that some of the show’s singers will never again get to sing with such a band.

It’s reassuring that a proportion of the phone call costs for votes cast went to BBC Performing Arts Fund, which supports performing arts individuals, groups and organisation through grants, mentoring and advice. Since 2003, more than 900 individual musicians have been helped and maybe some of them will be at the heart of tomorrow’s music business.

The show’s format seems to have appealed – at times – to the British viewing public and no doubt the second series will make some changes. Let’s hope one of those changes is not the replacement of Jessie J with Cheryl Cole. The latter’s performance on the show last week has cost her a fortune in PR – her ‘representatives’ have had to repeatedly deny reports that she was miming. Judge for yourself. has tweeted his way through the entire experience. “In 2002, the UK changed my life and if it wasn’t for the UK, I wouldn’t have the career I have.”

The voice of wisdom came from Sir Tom Jones: “I signed my first contract to Decca Records in 1964 and it’s what happens when the door has been opened that is important.”

Cute Irish singer-songwriter Danny O’Donoghue from The Script said: “I have every one of the other judges’ CDs in my collection. There’s not one day that I’ll forget.”

Newbie Jessie J has shown immense honesty throughout the series. She said: “I was scared that the public weren’t going to accept me as a coach this early on in my career. It’s been really nice to step into the unknown and have a go.”

Overall, The Voice seems to have been successful in the UK, as the format seems set to take over the world. Hosts and coaches are being recruited around the world, with Holland, the US, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, France, South Korea and Australia already aired. It’s rivalling the Eurovision song contest, but it remains to be seen whether any of the Voices discovered will become international stars with any longevity.