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Do you lack the talent to be the main event? Luckily, there are no rules that say you have to be the main event to be a part of the music industry. There are plenty of positions out there for people like you to flourish in this business.

Trying to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life can be a daunting task. You need to focus on what it is you can do rather than what you can’t.

This focus will enable you to help someone else realize their dreams which can be just as gratifying as being up on that stage. If this sounds like you consider becoming a music manager.

A music manager should:
1. Be open minded and willing to try new things

2. Realize being a manager is demanding and recognize that being able to adapt to is important

3. Know that no degree is required but recommended for advancement in your future.

4. Not underestimate the power of creativity

5. Understand math and finances, both simple and technical aspects of how to balance a checkbook and money coming in and going out.

6. Be confident in your ability to listen and be there for others. You will be steering the course of someone else’s future by paying close attention to their wants and needs and supporting them in their journey.

7. Have connections within the industry

On the flip side, are you the main event? Do you need help taking your career to the next level? It sounds like you are an artist who is need of a manager.

An artist seeking a manager should:
1. Know how to network both online and in person

2. Not let the word “No” discourage them but instead let it challenge them to reach the word “Yes”

3. Be familiar with the terms of a management contract

4. Have a clear idea of who you are where you want to be and be ready to work hard to get there

Once the artist and the manager have agreed to work with one another they should:
1. Communicate effectively and work on seeing to eye to eye

2. Establish a sense of trust in the relationship

After glancing at the checklist you might be considering a friend or family member for this position, before putting them to work you should:
1. Not let your relationship, good or bad interfere with your career

2. Understand that the truth may hurt but that honesty is the best policy
3. Be able to fire this person if they aren’t during their job