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NBC photo

NBC photo

It was not surprising Christina Grimmie was the first saved of the top 10  after her performance. Front rumner Bria Kelly found her self in the bottom three after a bad night. For the second week in a row Tess Boyer was in the bottom three. Joining Bria and Tess was rock powerhouse, Kat Perkins.

Bria sang rock, “Crazy Over You” as her last chance song.Tess performed second signing Pink’s “Who Knew.” Kat electrified the crowed singing “Oh La La” by Paris.

Live voting opened for The Voice fans via Twitter after each performed. Kat Perkins was saved with over 50 percent of votes sending Bria and Tess home.

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NBC photo

NBC photo

The top 10 of The Voice performed live for the fans vote.

Team Adam

Christina Grimmie “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake. Christina had an amazing performance with her acoustic version. Once again she made a well-known hit sound like her own. Shakira described how she went from a singer to an artist.

Kat Perkins- “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks, Kat had to tone down her rock style to deliver a great performance. She controlled the song. All the judges liked her performance.

Delvin Choice “Bright Lights” By Gary Clark Jr., Delvin chose the bluesy rock song. Delvin brought the church house into the building. Blake said he has so much power and passion.

Team Shakira

Tess Boyer-Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore, Tess sang the song well showing off more dimensions of her voice.  Adam thought it was very well executed with skill.

Kristin Merlin “Let Her Go” by Passenger, Kristin did a great job with the non-country song. She left Shakira feeling proud of the artist she has become.

Team Usher

Josh Kaufman “This Is It” by Kenny Loggins, He did a great job, but the song chose didn’t make him stand out. All the judges liked Josh’s performance.

Bria Kelly- “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne, Bria at points seemed to be screaming instead of singing. Shakira thought it showed Bria put her heart and soul into it. Adam didn’t feel she was connected to the song. Blake said it seemed to be a total different artist on the stage tonight.

Team Blake

Audra McLaughlin “Lie” by Reba McEntire. It was her best vocal performance of the season. Shakira said she would make it in the top 5 with that performance.

Jake Worthington- “Run” by George Strait. Usher applauded Jake’s effort and performance. Blake stated, “You’re a real dude and you lay your heart out on that stage.”

Sisaundra Lewis- “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry, Sisaundra rocked out, giving a terrific performance.  She commanded the stage and her performance. She ended the night with a bang. Usher said the risk was worth it.  Adam said it was out of this atmosphere.

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The Voice started with live performance Monday night. It was hard to foresee who would be in jeopardy of going home after a great night. Fans got a chance to instantly save their favorite artist by tweeting #VoiceSave followed by the  artist’s name.

American first saved Josh Kaufman from Team Usher. All three artists from both Team Adam and Team Blake were saved.  T.J. Wilkins (Team Usher), Dani Moz (Team Shakira), and Tess Boyer (Team Shakira) ended up with the least amount of votes.

T.J. Wilkins sang for his life with “I’ll Be.”  Blake pleaded for fans to save T.J.

Dani chose “Turning Tables.” Blake thought what she did was brilliant. It killed Shakira seeing Dani in the bottom.

Tess performed “Dark Side.” Usher thought se did great.  Tess was instantly saved with about 40 percent of the votes through Twitter.

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The Voice is live for the first time starting with the top 12. Fans are now able to vote for their favorites to move on every week. photo photo

Bria Kelly- “Rolling In The Deep”

Bria made small changes to the Adele hit to make it her own. The minor changes paid off. Shakira loved her fierceness and her grit in her voice. Usher said he heard fire in her voice and she gave a great performance. photo photo

Delvin Choice-“Unchanged Melody”

Delvin’s performance was a bit boring but all the judges liked his performance of the Righteous Brothers’ classic. Usher is a threat vocally and he enjoyed it. His command of his foresetto is amazing. Adam thought he created the performance he was looking for. photo photo

Dani Moz- “Just Give Me A Reason”

Adam thought her performance was fantastic, but it was very in your face and wanted it to be more dynamic. Blake loved it and said Adam was so wrong and did not agree with him at all. photo photo

Audra McLaughlin-“Angel Of The Morning”

Blake choice the song to try expand Audra’s fan base and to do something different. Usher believes Audra’s voice is very incredible voice with so much character. Blake said she is one of his favorite country artists.

T.J. Wilkins-“Waiting For The World To Change”

Usher picked this contemporary modern song for T.J. Shakira adores him and believes he is pure.  Blake thinks he “has something that is infectious” and applauded his performance.  Usher explained T.J. is a leader and that is what makes him an incredible artists by the was he commands the performance.

Huffington Post photo

Huffington Post photo

Christina Grimmie-“Dark Horse”

Christina rocked out her performance. She continues to grow as an artist showing more confidence every time. Dynamite comes in small packages and she is the artist to beat on Team Adam. Usher also thinks she is the best artist on Team Adam. Her coach, Adam, said the song belonged to her and it did not seem like a cover. photo photo

Sisaundra Lewis- “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

Sisaundra gave another epic performance. Usher asked “can it get any better than this” and compared her to Patti LaBelle. Adam liked to see her control the song.

NBC photo

NBC photo

Kristen Merlin-“Stay”

Kristen took on the Sugarland song. During the end of her performance the microphone went out, but she kept singing leading the judges to give a standing ovation. Adam said she “handled it so gracefully it was as if nothing had happened.” Blake stated she was incredible and keeps getting better and better. Shakira said it was heartfelt and moving.

NBC photo

NBC photo

Kat Perkins- “Magic Man”

Kat owned the stage and gave a true rock performance. Usher called her voice dope. Adam thought it was mind blowing that she can sing the songs that are impossible.


NBC photo

NBC photo

Jake Worthington-“Anymore”

Jake was given the Travis Tritt song by Blake. Shakira said his performance was so honest. Blake said his pitch was perfect and he nailed it. photo photo

Tess Boyer- “I’ll Be There For You”

Blake thinks Tess is the artist on Team Shakira to beat and will take the team far. Shakira said she was amazing and has grown so much. photo photo

Josh Kaufman-“Stay With Me”

Usher picked the retro Sam Smith song for Josh. Shakira stated Josh was clever to start the song off the way he did. Adam admitted he was stupid for letting him go and thought Usher picked the perfect song for him. Blake said he is the best artist on Team Usher. According to Usher he commanded the entire room and it made Usher’s night.

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Team Usher was the last team to go into playoffs on The Voice. Usher had to pick his top three to move on to the live shows.

NBC photo

NBC photo

T.J. Gets Funky

T.J. Wilkins entertained the audience with “Tell Me Something Goods” by Chaka Chan and Rufus. The judges like his performance. Blake thought he started the show off great and set the bar high with his energetic performance. photo photo

Melissa Strips Down Beyonce

Melissa Jiménez took a big risk with her arrangement of “Halo” to showcase her voice.  Melissa’s performance revealed her strengths as well as her weaknesses. Adam thought there were good moments and there were some moments that were troubled. photo photo

Stevie Jo Sings The Blues

Stevie Jo chose “The Thrill Is Gone” by BB King. Blake said Stevie “nailed the singing part.” Shakira thinks that every time he gets on the stage he shows them something new. Usher believed his performance and admires his growth. photo

Wild Horses With Bria Kelly

Bria Kelly went rock when she picked the Rolling Stones Hit. Adam wishes he would have won her in the blind auditions and was pleased to say she is back after a rocky battle round. Usher said she made it her own and took everyone to the place where they first heard the song with the meaning behind it. photo photo

Josh Kaufman Had Best Performance Of The Night

Josh sang “It Will Rain” by Bruno. Adam believes Josh has an “incredible unique voice.” Blake said Josh is one of the best singers on The Voice and his wife’s (Miranda Lambert) favorite singer. photo photo

Usher’s Top Three

Bria Kelly was the first to advance to the top 12. Usher then picked Josh Kaufman because there is a story yet to be told. His final selection was T.J. Wilkins.

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Team Shakira and Team Adam hit The Voice stage in the playoffs. Each coach picks 3 of their 5 artists to move on the live shows. photo photo

Kristen Merlin Starts Show Off With A Band

Kristen picked “Two Blake Cadillacs” by Carrie Underwood to perform.  Kristen is the only country artist not on Team Blake and works well with Shakira. Blake thought it was her best performance yet and is worried for his team.

NBC photo

NBC photo

Deja Hall Goes On The Battle Field

Deja chose to sing Jordan Sparks’ hit, “Battle Field.” Deja came out of her shell and the judges were excited for her. Shakira thought she was terrific and full of talent. photo photo

Tess Boyer Makes Usher and Blake

Tess left the judges in awe with her version of “Human” by Katy Perry. Tess showed both Usher and Blake why they shouldn’t have let her go from their teams. Adam said it said it was the best performance thus far and called Adam and Usher morons. photo photo

Patrick Thomson Takes On Trouble

Patrick took on Ray LaMontagne’s hit and did a great job revealing what kind of artist he would like to be. All the judges thought Patrick nailed his performance.  Blake gloated in the fact Adam let him go and now is with Shakira. photo photo

Dani Moz Is On The Edge Of Glory

Dani stripped down the Lady Gaga hit. Dani played the piano throughout her performance and was full of emotion. Before the end of the performance Shakira was standing with goose pumps. Usher liked her performance and said it wasn’t flawless, but it was natural rough because of her emotion.  Shakira called Dani a “true artist.” photo photo

Shakira Choses

Shakari first chose Tess Boyer and Kristen Merlin to advance to the live shows.  After hearing what the other artist had to say Shakari chose Dani Moz because she has artistic sensibility and was the woman of today.

Team Adam Performs photo photo

Delvin Choice Channels Al Green

Delvin’s version of  “Let’s Stay Together” had Adam howling. Usher called him a threat because there is nothing he can do. Shakira said it was “delicious” and took them on the ride. photo photo

Jake Barker Sings Adam’s Song

Jake chose Maroon Five’s “She Will Be Loved” to perform. Jake has a similar sound to Justin Timberlake. Blake liked the performance and his falsetto was great. Shakira didn’t think she could like someone singing the song other than Adam, but she thought it was a solid performance and liked it. Adam said he stayed true to himself by changing it to fit his style and was proud of Jake. photo photo

Kat Perkins Is Open Arms

Kat showed of her powerful voice with Journey’s classic rock song.  Usher thought her performance was flawless. Shakira said Kat mad her feel in the moment with her. Blake thought it sounded like her song. photo photo

Morgan Wallen Goes Country

Morgan’s version of “Stay” was country with a little rock. He has improved a lot since he was on Team Usher. Blake said what Morgan “brings to country is what Travis Tritt brings to country.” photo photo

Christina Gimme Gets Compared To Celine Dion

Chistina’s take on “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz was amazing leaving Blake to say she is the best on Adam’s team. Usher said she is “a ball of fire” and is like “baby Celine Dion or something.” Adam thought the choice in song was perfect for her. photo photo

Adam Makes A Tough Decision

After a great performance Christina was the first chosen to go to live shows followed by Delvin Choice. Kat Perkins was the final artist of the night chosen to go the live shows. photo photo

Nerves Get To Team Shakira 

Team Shakira started of the night with Clarissa Serna and Dani Moz. Both artists agreed with singing Pink’s “Perfect.” The beginning of the performance was shaky. Both artists showed they were nervous. Usher told Dani that her vice is “unwavering, something that can’t be taught.“  Shakira picked Dani who can make the biggest difference. photo photo

Kat Perkins Takes Over

The arrangement of “Suddenly I See” revealed how good Kat Perkins truly is. Blake said Kat made duo Dawn and Hawkes look like her back up. Kat won the battle with no doubt and Adam agreed.

NBC photo

NBC photo

Team Usher Is On Fire

Melissa Jiménez and Music Box chose Alicia Keys’ “Girl On Fire” over songs by Christina Aguilera and Rihanna. Usher wanted to see more individuality during the rehearsal. He said if he wanted to hear Alicia he would go back stage and play her version.  Chris Martin from Cold Play explained they needed to feel the lyrics.  Adam thought they both had good moments, but Melissa had more. Shakira and Blake both liked Music Box over Melissa. Usher picked Melissa because he looks forward in teaching and developing her. photo photo

Kaleigh and Rayn Take On Country

Kaleigh  Glaton and Ryan Whyte Maloney  surprised Blake choosing “Easy” by Rascal Flatts because they are not country singers. Shakira said she would go with Ryan because it felt more effortless with Ryan. Blake said they are nothing alike, but both have great voices. Ryan’s overall consistency got him the win. photo photo

Usher’s Stolen Artists Sing “Climax”

Ex Team Usher artists’ Jake Braker and Brittnee Camelle took on Usher’s “Climax.” Both now on Team Adam wanted to take a risk hoping it would pay off.  Adam got mad at himself for putting the two against each other because he wanted to keep both.  Chris Martin thought, “they have to make a leap to make it believable.”  The two needed to connect to each other more when they perform. After a their good battle, Usher felt bad having to critiquing the performance and didn’t tell who he thought was the winner. Adam believes Jake poses a quality to make you want to see more as he declared Jake as the winner.

NBC photo

NBC photo

Last Battle Bombs With The Judges

Madilyn Paige and Bria Kelly picked “I Stand By You” to perform as the last battle of the night. Both left Adam desiring more. Blake agreed and said no one really stood out. Usher thinks they both are young and will grow in time. He selected Bria to go on to the playoff round. Blake had a steal left and used it on Madilyn because he believes in her as an artists and just needs to make her a performer.


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Adam Levine Calls Usher Crazy

After two nights of battle Usher still had all his steals leaving him with the perfect opportunity to steal Team Blake’s Country Duo Alaska & Madi. Though he thought about pushing his button he let the girls walk away leaving Adam Levine as he says “pissed off” because Adam was upset he didn’t have any more steals. Before leaving the stage to speak with Alaska & Madi Adam looked at Usher and said, “you are crazy” and stated they could have won the whole thing.

The duo lost to teammate Audra.  Blake said it was an “easy pairing because they all are good singers.” With no help from the other judges Blake had to make a tough decision sending the Oklahoma natives home.

NBC Photo

NBC Photo

Usher Finally Steals

Usher has been waiting for something amazing. He finally pushed his steal button after Team Shakira’s battle round picking up Music Box.  Music Box is a mother who has overcome stage fright by using an alias.

Before the steal Shakira asks Usher, “who would you pick?”

“You will see in a second,” he responds. Usher knew he was going steal before Shakira chose the winner.

Music Box and teammate, Deja Hall sang “Eternal Flame.” Usher said Music Box’s “anxious voice was incredible” and has the potential to go far in the competition with good coaching.

Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Blake Steal Ex-NFL Cheerleader From Team Usher

Blake Shelton fell in love with Tess Boyer, ex-NFL Cheerleader, after singing Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” in her battle against Bria Kelly. Blake felt Tess did a better job than Bria and stole the show. The judges knew what Bria could do already and Blake was surprised with Tess’ performance.

Team Adam Electrifies Crowd With Pharrell’s Happy

The battle between Team Adam’s Austin Ellis and Josh Kaufman was full of energy. All the judges thought it was a great performance.

Usher called Ellis a “caged beast,” but gave the battle to Josh.

Shakira said the battle was one of the most oscillating battles while she moved back and forth amused by both artists.

Adam Levine picked Josh as the winner.

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Photcred: The Voice

My favorite part of The Voice is finally here: THE BATTLE ROUND.  Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton pit their artists against each other in order to find the best of the best.  The twist is that rejected artists can be stolen by the other judges!  Let the fun begin…

Round One – Team Blake – Casey v. Terry:  With the help of Blake and guest mentor Michael Buble, country singer Casey and Irish rocker Terry face off against each other with the song “Carry on Wayward Son” by Kansas.  While Casey showed growth and strength, Terry’s pure, controlled voice prevailed.  Blake definitely had trouble letting go of such a star.  He even tweeted, “How many country fans out there enjoyed @KCMuessigmann‘s performance tonight? He did an awesome job – wasn’t easy letting him go #TheVoice.”

Round Two – Team Adam – Bryan Keith v. Collin Mcloughlin: These young singers battled on the song “Santeria” by Sublime.  Coaching from Adam and celebrity mentor, Mary J. Blige, made both artists irresistible.  In the end, Adam chose Bryan Keith, but Blake was not about to give up on the chance to steal Collin.  So, at the end of this round Blake added another strong contender to his Team.

Round Three – Team Cee-Lo – JR Aquino v. Diego Val: YouTube star JR and Peruvian Diego were pitted against each other on the classic 80’s song “Jessie’s Girl.”  Cee-Lo employed Matchbox 20 member Rob Thomas to help him mentor his artists.  Even though Diego faltered a lot through rehearsals, he rose to the challenge and was chosen by Cee-Lo.

Round Four – Team Xtina – De’borah v. Nelly’s Echo: After coaching from Christina and guest mentor Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day, the two young, swagtastic artists tested each other on the Police song “Message in a Bottle.”  Both artists performed beautifully, but De’borah truly shined and earned herself another round on Team Xtina.

Round Five – Team Blake –  2Steel Girls v. Gracia Harrison: These powerful country ladies really delivered on the Dixie Chicks song, “Sin Wagon.”  However, Gracia’s stage presence and charisma caused Blake to choose her.

Round Six – Team Cee-Lo – Amanda Brown v. Trevin Hunte: Blowing the house down with their performance of Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love,” both Amanda and Trevin had all four judges on their feet in complete admiration of the performance.  Cee-Lo definitely faced the most difficult decision to have to choose between these two phenomenal artists.  All 3 judges were poised and ready to steal away the contestant who Cee-Lo didn’t choose.  In the end, Cee-Lo chose to be a part of Trevin’s journey, and Adam snagged Amanda for his team!