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Here are some updates on some of my favorite music tech start-ups:

Video start-up Switchcam will be launching artist concert pages which allow musicians to create their own interactive concert experience from YouTube videos. The pages will be customizable like a YouTube channel and they provide multiple angles which simulates a live concert experience.

Switchcam finds the concert videos your fans upload, groups them by show date and synchronizes them to reconstruct the show. The concert can easily edited, organized into a set list, and embedded into any website.

They are offering a free registration to the first 100 artists: Switchcam For Artists

Social ticketing platform Thrillcall recently rolled out their services in Los Angeles and announced a rich media tag that lets ticket buyers purchase tickets through interactive images. Next month they will also be making exclusive offers available to the New York area.

Another cool video start-up 45Sound, who were a finalist at this years SXSW Interactive are gearing for the release of their mobile app in a few weeks.

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Listening to mp3’s, streams and Soundcloud files are cool but in 2012 video is at the top of the “food chain pyramid” for online content consumption.

In 2012, any artists that doesn’t have a YouTube account is probably dead or hangs around Prince a little too much. While platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Ustream are the most popular video platform for musicians here are three that every artist needs to get familiar with quick.

45 Sound is a video start-up serviced based out of Dublin, Ireland that I had the pleasure of interviewing a few months ago. 45 Sound was a finalist at this years SXSW Music Accelerator and placed second place for their ability to drastically improve the sound quality of concert footage.

Have you ever recorded a really great show with excellent video quality, but the audio sound was shitty? This is an issue with a majority of the fan shot videos on YouTube.
45 Sound uses it’s state of the art editing technology to transform that horrible audio sound to studio quality and you don’t have to do any work! All you have to do is an upload your video and audio and they will send you a great video. The service is currently free so it’s definitely worth the test.

Cull.TV is what MTV use to be before we were invaded by The reality TV era that we are currently cemented in. Cull.TV is a great platform that promotes videos from breaking indie artists through their YouTube and Facebook timeline integration.

The platform is well designed and extremely easy to use. All you have to do is sign in via your Facebook account and you will automatically receive a recommended video list based on you and your friends Facebook activity. Cull is currently looking to partner with more indie artists to help promoted via their online platform and is poised to be the MTV of the online generation.

Switchcam is another next generation video platform that wants to make sure that you never miss another concert again. I had the pleasure of speaking with the 500 Start-up’s Co-Founder Brett Welch last month and I was extremely impressed how surreal the experience of watching a video on Switchcam was.

Swithcam automatically transforms YouTube videos into a concert by taking multiple fan shot videos and integrating them into one performance video seamlessly. Swithcam recreates the concert experience and is a great discovery tool for musicians of all genres. The start-up is currently in beta and is poised for break out this summer.

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And so I watch you from afar….

Many have tried it and failed but ASIWYFA have most certainly nailed it; the instrumental rock band is what I’m talking about, Wow! Goose bumps, shivers; all the great things you come to almost only expect from a vocal band; although this time ASIWYFA do it without the singing.

Hailing from Belfast the trio are unmistakably pushing the boundaries, and in the right way. I have heard many a great thing said about their live shows but until now have yet to witness their musical genius.

The band consists of Rory Friers on guitar, Johnny Adger on bass and Chris Wee on drums.

Arriving on stage in Dublin’s RDS at an unusually early ten past five ASIWYFA met an already pumped up intimate crew of hundreds, surely not what they were used to.

Songs included fan favourites such as the infamous ‘Set guitars to kill’ and ‘S is for salamander.’ The rockers most certainly gave the crowd what they wanted and packed all their best songs into the short 20 minute set.

For one rare occasion they even displayed vocals, albeit only using the subtle, “da, da, da;” just a snippet to show what they could (if they wanted to) in fact produce vocally.

There’s a great saying, “always leave the crowd wanting more” and that without doubt is what they did.

As a previous non believer in rock music without vocals I can definitely say now that ASIWYFA have in true style single handily changed my mind that instrumental on its own can simply work.

I am first and foremost all about the vocals, well this was ALL about the ‘Music.’

Following the set Rory Friers spoke about the bands excitement to be heading off to Texas in two weeks to play the South by Southwest festival, exclaiming, “We’re lucky, we just got our visas through, woo!”

He also exclaimed how overwhelming their last experience was playing the festival back in 2010, although through that event they got a record deal with Sargent House Records.

This time the trio come equipped with an album (Gangs) which they hope will do big things over there, and according to the fans over these waters it surely will

Take a look at the footage from the show which was uploaded via 45 Sound.

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iWow, what can I say.. This has been one of the most busiest week that I have had since launching SoSoActive on Christmas Eve of last year. I reached out to all 10 finalists of SXSW Music Accelerator program and got and got replies from six of them. So I have been in interview overload. I haven’t had a lot of time to surf the web for stories, but here is what I found.

Indie music king fears its getting harder To trust the internet-Social media is helping people find and access content that interests them, but there is so much noise out there that it’s becoming harder to find trusted sources of

‘Wildchords’ Leaves no Guitar Player Left Behind-Ovelin is a Finland based start-up that specializes in music education games and they have created an extremely popular I-Pad app game called WildChords.-SoSoActive

2012 Campaign Playlist by barackobama-President Obama joins Spotify. How cool is that?-Spotify

Paul McCartney to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame today-The former Beatle will also be streaming a live performance of ‘Kisses On The Bottom’ songs tonight-NME

45 Sound: Upload Your Video and We Will Make it Sound Great-45 Sound is a video service that replaces the original sound of concert footage with a high-quality recording of the exact same part-SoSoActive

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (Explicit)-Self Explanatory-Youtube/Vevo

Warner Music Losses Grow 44%, Revenue Flat Despite Digital Gains-Warner Music Group this morning reported that losses were up 44% to $26 million in their first fiscal quarter ending December 31, 2011.-Hypebot

Grammy Protestors Drop Off 23,000 Signatures at NARAS Headquarters-More than a dozen musicians, community leaders and supporters dropped off a thick stack of documents on Thursday (Feb. 9) with a reported 23,000 signatures at the Recording Academy

The Myspace Years (2003-2008)– no matter how popular sites like Facebook and Twitter have become, they’ll never come close to saying they did it like Myspace-SoSoActive

19 Hot Music Apps from SXSW Accelerator 2012-list of music and music-related apps from this year’s crop of finalists and alternates, which bridges the music and technology categories of SXSW Accelerator-EvolverFM

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with 45 Sound Co-Founder Cathal Furey. Without a doubt, Cathal is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Speaking with young companies like 45 Sound is an education process for me in itself and its nothing like talking to someone with the same love for music and technology.

45 Sound is a video service that replaces the original sound of concert footage with a high-quality recording of the exact same part. The startup’s goal is to eliminate the huge amount of poor quality fan-shot concert footage from YouTube and other online video services. Their motto is simple: “You upload the video and will send it back sounding better.”

Kelland: How long has 45 Sound been around?
Cathal`: The project has been going since August. Our team came together in August. Back in October, we had a very basic site which showed our back-end technology but that was about it lol. We actually went live last week. We have a Irish band that is currently touring Russia called ASIWYFA that we are using for a soft launch but we are officially launching at SXSW. We also just got a pretty nice deal with a large management firm on the East Coast that’s doing a pretty big European Tour in a few weeks they want to use it as well. People seem to like what were doing.

Kelland: Are you excited to be a music tech finalist at SXSW?
Cathal: Yes, were thrilled. I was at SXSW last year networking with people before we even created the platform. I spent the whole week there spreading the word telling people what we were gonna build. Our plan from the start was to build it, test it Ireland, and bring back to Austin.

Kelland: What inspired you to create the platform?
Cathal: What I found was when I started video work that I just really loved it, because you’re capturing a special moment where people can look back in twenty years and remember where they were. It could be a bands last show, their first show, or were someone met their wife. Also during the process of working with bands and recording live performances, I discovered that it was all about the audio. You can record a live show and have great footage but if the sound quality is bad it kind of defeats the whole purpose. I never made any money creating videos, I just loved to do it. If you think of what were doing its simple no one has to know Final Cut Pro. See I see video as the top of the Pyramid of online content. You can put up some great photos and video and all your friends will look at it and share it. You can write a really powerful blog post and some of your mates will look and others will just pass over it.

Kelland: Tell me about your team?
Cathal: I’m very fortunate to have a great team. Its four other guys on the team. Two of the guys are both audio specialists and work at universities doing research. One of the guys is a bass player and has toured overseas in the US and Europe. Dan has patent has a patent on audio and Sony actually used his patent on the Singstar game. We have two world-class audio engineers. John who is our lead programmer is actually finishing his P.H.D. in online communities, because we really see this as something really big. We have big ambitions. The core of our products is really simple, you upload your video and we will send it back to you sounding really great.

Kelland: Is there fee for your service?
Cathal: Right now there is no charge. I’m sure you understand Kelland you’re in a similar position? Your into music and you love it so much your blogging about it, but you want to develop into something you can live off of and that’s sustainable. Were just like a rock band. Every band that we know in Ireland that we know is struggling. Our vision is that we want this to be a tool where artists are actually making money. Live shows, tours and festivals are where fans come to pay homage to their favorite acts.

Kelland: How will 45 Sound earn bands money?
Cathal: Basically, every show that someone records we will upload to a dedicated YouTube channel. A channel full of new videos. Our vision is to make a way for fans to connect more with their favorite artists, because fans are starting to recognize that the live shows are the only way that most bands are really making money. What are trying to build is a way for fans to support live bands while they are on tour and also a way for the fans to thank bands with digital downloads. In the long-term what we are kind of producing is a tv show. Most musicians are not really getting their fair share from most digital music services. They are the ones that are creating the magic and they are only getting 2-3% per song. If the musicians aren’t creating magic then nothing is really happening. We want to create 45 Sound into something where once a year or every quarter artists or getting checks in the mail.

Kelland:How would an independent artist benefit from this service?
Cathal: For an independent artist all we ask is for them is to upload a good video and send us their high quality 320kbps mp3. It’s that simple! All we ask artists to do is make a recording that you are happy with and we will handle the rest.

Kelland:Where would you like to see 45 Sound in 2-3 years.
Cathal: Beyond that.. . In 5-10 years from now we want people to look back at videos and say I was there. That’s the concert where I met your mother. In 2-3 years from now I would like to sit down at night and see that 1,000 bands from Rio de Janeiro to Los Angeles have just uploaded a videos. I won’t be happy until we are generating money for artists. I want 45 Sound to be the go to app on your phone for music.