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Synthesize your Phone with Ethereal Dialpad for Android

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There are many different way to make music on your Android device, and Ethereal Dialpad by Adam Smith has a very unique way of going about that. You’re not going to spend time strumming a guitar or tapping your faux drums on-screen, instead you’ll “synthesize” your phone in a very interesting way.

 Ethereal Dialpad turns your phone or tablet into a synthesizer of sorts which lets you create music through touch by swiping or strumming your finger across the screen. The app comes with 4 different backgrounds – Flat, Draw, Swarm, and Moonblink’s Grid. Each screen looks different and acts a bit differently as well; Flat smoothly changes colors, draw follows you around the screen, and swarm is a cloud of particles. I really liked the grid one too as it’s almost like you have strings that you can pluck or strum. If you want more screens than what it comes with don’t worry they’ve got you covered. There’s a dialpad called Nightsky that you can download for free and another called Gravitone that you can get for $1.99. I haven’t tried Gravitone, but Nightsky is very cool and it supports muti-touch which is always nice.


The app also allows you to switch the synthesizing up a bit by letting you fool around with a few of the settings. You can adjust things like the pitch quantizer, octaves, delay effect, soft timbre, and soft envelopes. I have no idea what half those terms mean, but the app itself is very, very cool.I had a lot of fun playing around with Ethereal Dialpad, and I believe others will as well. You can make some very trippy sounds with the app, and it’s one of those applications that’s fun to let other people fool around with as well. It may not be your normal kind of musical app, but it sure is a lot of fun. You can check out Adam Smith’s Ethereal Dialpad on Google Play for free.

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