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Switchcam Takes Fan Shot Concert Footage to Another Level

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Switchcam is crowd sourced video platform that allows users to upload their concert footage and relive the moment all over again. The company is based out San Francisco, CA and was seeded by Dave McClure’s 500 Startups. For those who are not able to make it to the next show of your favorite band Switchcam allows you to be there without actually being there. I had a chance to check it out last week and I was very impressed with its functionality and organization of the shot concert footage. If Youtube had apps like Spotify, Switchcam would probably be their #1 app. Here is an interview I had last week with the company’s co-founder Brett Welch.

What is Switcham?
We automatically create a movie or concert by using YouTube clips.

What inspired the creation of Switchcam?
I’m a big fan of live music. I always go to shows and record on my phone or either a Flipcam. And, there are lot of people just like me doing the same. There were parts that I wished I could shoot, but I was a too far away from the stage, so I thought what if we could combine all this concert footage and put it back together? That way everyone could enjoy the fruit of the labor.

Is it a much better experience looking at a concert footage at multiple angles?
Well, Its not so much about looking at it from multiple angles. Our real focus is about helping people see these different concerts like Jay-Z in New York that they probably wouldn’t have been able to see anywhere else. We allow them to see it in a real coherent way. For instance, each concert has a set list and you navigate through all the songs on the set list from inside of Switchcam. You can add your favorite artists and you can share this great concert footage with your friends.

What are the major difference between Switchcam and Youtube?
From the fans perspective on Youtube you may be watching concert footage, but you are just two clicks away from seeing a random home video of a cat dancing. We not only show you videos from the concerts, but we show you the best ones. If one person is filming some really great concert footage and he stops recording we are able to continue playing the entire concert if there is enough footage.

What type of response have you gotten since launching? We’ve got a great response from the artists as well as the fans. With the fans, the average time on our site really high. We also have a lot of artists who have showed interest in using us to help them, because it’s a way to engage their fans more. If you look at it, if someone is recording their show they are doing it because they love it. That’s a strong indicator of how attached they are to the artists music.

How do you make sure the video are of a good quality?
We have technology that measures the quality of the video by the comments and likes, but at the end of the day it is fan footage. We aren’t sending out camera crews to the concert and a lot of people find that real authentic. They can see the video, people walking by and hear people screaming. Quality is not our #1 metric, if people wanted a high quality footage they would go and buy the DVD. It’s also a way to recreate the experience of a concert you saw or watching one you wished you were at.

Are you still in Beta mode?
Yes, We are still in beta. We are working real hard to have everything ready by concert season this summer

What is the overall experience, you want people to have when using Switchcam?
One of the reasons I made Switchcam is because I would record video footage and later on I would go home and watch them and get chills some time. I would be like wow, that was a really awesome moment. I want people to get that feeling and that feeling comes from being able to really identify with what they are watching on the screen. I would love for fans to use Switchcam and feel like like they were at the concert and be inspired to go to more concerts.